• DiversityWatch (April 19, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 19th 2024 4:06pm EDT

    ~~~ Emergency rooms refused to treat pregnant women, leaving one to miscarry in a lobby restroom The Left trots out the anecdotes to shock you into supporting abortion. This is their big issue for the upcoming election, and to anyone sane, this is a non-issue. Leave it up to the doctors. The fact is that […]

  • Parallels in Cosmos and Spirit

    Amerika.org - Apr 19th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Everyone needs an origin story. Not just a tribal one, of where we came from and where we are going to, but one for our species and by extension, for our world itself. We have theories but none match all the data, which forces us to either discard data or admit the mystery exists and […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 18, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 18th 2024 4:56pm EDT

    ~~~ Illegal migrant who protested with sign reading “Migrants are not criminals” pleads guilty to rape of 15-year-old girl Those of us who grew up in the most diverse places as I did are friends, colleagues, and neighbors with good people from every ethnic, religious, racial, cultural, and social class group. The migrants they are […]

  • Ultright (#3)

    Amerika.org - Apr 18th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Since we are on the topic of biology, we should ask what we as creatures struggle against. Time. Maybe entropy. Perhaps frustration itself; life becomes frustrating, and over time we become hair-trigger to the frustrations while taking the good parts for granted. Maybe the root of it all is repetition. When something is no longer […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 17, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 17th 2024 1:58pm EDT

    ~~~ Germany: Far-right leader on trial for using Nazi slogan When you get to the point of persecuting people for corrupting the morals of youths by asking political questions, your system has failed. It is all over but the tears. How European trash illegally ends up in Southeast Asia The first world exports its problems […]

  • Ultright (2)

    Amerika.org - Apr 17th 2024 7:32am EDT

    So what do we do, when we actually want to save civilization, and no one else will listen? It starts by knowing what we want. We can then visualize this, communicate it, and most importantly, sabotage and destroy anything that does not lead in this direction. However, first we have to understand it. The Ultright […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 16, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 16th 2024 12:37pm EDT

    ~~~ Kidneys Don’t See Color Mac Donald here points out that trying to match the ethnicities of doctors to patients will produce worse results; those of us who disagree believe that the feeling of security and purpose that comes from having someone of your own tribe helping you is more important than relatively minor differences […]

  • Ultright

    Amerika.org - Apr 16th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Absolutely no one is satisfied with the conservatives and this is normal. The conservative is the rearguard, trying to delay the enemy long enough for the rest of the soldiers to escape; this is an ancestral role that takes into account that, by the point that things go very badly wrong, most should not escape […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 15, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 15th 2024 4:28pm EDT

    ~~~ French actress refuses to file charges for home burglary after learning suspects were illegal immigrants The altruist pity parade continues. If you can status signal that you are an altruist, you can hide your narcissism. We expect that from actresses of course, but the real goal here is media coverage. You can get yourself […]

  • Assessing Anti-Poverty Altruism

    Amerika.org - Apr 15th 2024 7:32am EDT

    In every human society ever known, people have lamented the cruel, cold world and how it does not think of the suffering of individual humans. In each of those societies, people have been manipulated by people who promise to reject the world and think of human suffering, but in the process have made themselves powerful […]

  • Leap Into Life: “Disparate Impact” Made Affirmative Action Into Enforced Racial Socialism

    Amerika.org - Apr 14th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Heather Mac Donald, who has long written about diversity issues with an eye toward realistic assessment, although she stops short of realistic plans like ending diversity, has written about the crisis of disparate impact in American law as administered through Sec 1980, XE 10925, and the 14A: The most consequential falsehood in American public policy […]

  • Diversity Hires

    Amerika.org - Apr 13th 2024 7:32am EDT

    From The Cage by Bonnie Kistler: And if they laid off any of their diversity hires, at leasat three other clients would yank their business for failure to meet their requisite quotas. You, my dear, Joel confided, his hands spread helplessly, are a victim of affirmative action. I never knew if that was the real […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 12, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 12th 2024 11:02pm EDT

    ~~~ Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she ‘seriously hates’ people who support sending more aid to Ukraine: ‘Most repulsive, disgusting thing happening’ Why is she deflecting from the three-quarters of our budget spent on domestic entitlements? Republicans who make themselves Useful Idiots for Russia will find they are actually working for China. Migrants thank Biden […]

  • A Flaw In The Premise

    Amerika.org - Apr 12th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Very few people have had to debug code in their lives. Relatively few have had to diagnose machine faults. Not many yet know how to suss out problems in a garden. As a result, most people are analytically-challenged and can see only an event or object as it exists in the moment, disconnected from broader […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 11, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 11th 2024 5:09pm EDT

    ~~~ Dazzling artwork found at ancient city of Pompeii Originally Romans were Western Europeans. Their society was very similar to ours two centuries ago. When we discover how much smarter people were in the past than we expect, we should pause and wonder why we are so mentally addled. But it never occurs to us […]

  • Jobs Are Killing Us

    Amerika.org - Apr 11th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Underneath the many theories of civilization collapse, one fact stands consistent: people replace goal with methods. Instead of worrying about what they are trying to do, they try to do what everyone else does that is succeeding, and therefore society repeats itself like a superstition, even as results fail to be what is desired. This […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 10, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 10th 2024 11:22am EDT

    ~~~ Cro-Magnid Defense League The root of Europe is Western Europe. The root of Western Europe are the Nordic-Germanic races. The roots of those are the Cro-Magnids. When do we stand up for our rights and survival? Democrat congresswoman suggests black people be exempt from paying taxes as form of reparations You rarely hear the […]

  • What Really Sapped Testosterone in The West

    Amerika.org - Apr 10th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Modernity represents the worst of all possible mistakes: something that appears to be succeeding because it is popular, but then suddenly nosedives as it turns out that it is made of contradictions, therefore only when implemented does the disaster it manifests appear. For example, our agricultural revolution seemed like magic until it turned out that […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 9, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 9th 2024 3:31pm EDT

    ~~~ Capitalism No other economic system works, but human civilizations that want to survive also need stable political, legal, and social orders. Those only come from ethno-nationalism, culture, and hierarchy. Librarians fear new penalties, even prison, as activists challenge books These same librarians politicized school libraries by introducing adult politics as propaganda for children. Now […]

  • We Knew it Was Coming

    Amerika.org - Apr 9th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Many Americans seem shocked that there are soft traitors among us. They are not actively trying to subvert us, but they are acting as if we have already been subverted and will soon be a vassal state for the third world. They are doing this because people in groups follow the talisman-scapegoat dichotomy. This psychology […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 8, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 8th 2024 4:26pm EDT

    ~~~ Biden Not Only Reason for Dems To Panic The Republicans became pro-diversity in order to avoid being called Nazi or Confederate, and this made them a compliant party of dedicated losers who did nothing. That is changing, as are attitudes toward diversity. McKinsey’s Diversity Fog Latest McKinsey study claiming that diversity leads to success […]

  • How Wall Street Captured Washington

    Amerika.org - Apr 8th 2024 7:32am EDT

    One thing modern people seem incapable of realizing: we do not live in capitalism; we live in a government-commanded economy. Every time government makes a subsidy like the “Green New Deal,” writes a regulation, imposes a court decision, or provides a tax deduction, it has “created” jobs to implement those things and a profit center […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 7, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 7th 2024 3:04pm EDT

    ~~~ China says it conducted military drills in South China Sea on same day as US and allies Asia is the historical enemy of the West. Why? Mathematics: there can be only one on top, and these are the two high-IQ groups likely to rule. Only one can win. Three out of four British Muslims […]

  • Building a Post-Political Right

    Amerika.org - Apr 7th 2024 7:32am EDT

    If they simply emphasize the primary Right-wing philosophy, order, the far-Right stands to inherit the middle Right and through it, the future. Leftism has failed in practice and its reliance on diversity as its means of proving its quest for equality to be desirable has permanently soiled it. Across the developed nations, entitlements spending (“socialism”) […]

  • DiversityWatch (April 6, 2024)

    Amerika.org - Apr 6th 2024 4:17pm EDT

    ~~~ New York Attorney General’s Crusade Against VDARE Sparks Debate Over Free Speech and Ideological Targeting Diversity cannot coexist with free speech because diversity does not work at all and therefore people criticize it. Welsh villagers fear travellers could spark new Aberfan disaster as they dig up tons of earth in Valleys as 800 sign […]