• Timothy Burton gives an eloquent speech in Manchester

    Britain First - Oct 17th 2021 11:19am EDT

    At our recent Manchester regional meeting, Timothy Burton gave an articulate speech that outlined the dangers we are facing as a nation. Timothy is a staunch patriot who has been imprisoned in the past for locking horns with an extremist Islamic organisation.

  • Ashlea Simon gives fiery speech to patriots in Manchester

    Britain First - Oct 17th 2021 10:43am EDT

    At our recent Manchester regional meeting, party chairman Ashlea Simon gave a cracking speech to the assembled patriots that was full of passion. Ashlea announced that she was standing in the council elections next May and that she was going to fight to win. This is a great speech from a staunch patriot woman who […]

  • Paul Golding gives barnstorming speech at Manchester meeting

    Britain First - Oct 16th 2021 4:31pm EDT

    In the wake of our stunning victory over the Electoral Commission, party leader Paul Golding gave a speech at a regional meeting in Manchester outlining our political plans and ambitions. This is a passionate, barnstorming speech that all patriots must watch.

  • Britain First exposes the Ramada Hotel in Sutton Coldfield for housing migrants!

    Britain First - Oct 15th 2021 12:26pm EDT

    The Ramada Hotel in Sutton Coldfield has been commandeered by the Home Office to house illegal immigrants at public expense. This hotel boasts a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna and much more. When a Britain First team visited the hotel, they found plenty of illegal immigrants on site.

  • Britain First exposes the Metropole Hotel in Blackpool for housing migrants!

    Britain First - Oct 14th 2021 1:42pm EDT

    When Britain First saw regional news stories that the Metropole Hotel in Blackpool was housing illegal immigrants, we decided to visit the hotel and film a report. When our team arrived at the hotel, they interviewed several illegal immigrants, who all confirmed they were waiting in the hotel until they were given free houses. Powered […]

  • Never forget what our ancestors went through to keep this country British!

    Britain First - Oct 13th 2021 10:45am EDT

    Our grandparents went to hell and back to make sure that future generations have a country worth living in. Millions of our ancestors died in the most horrific conditions to ensure that Britain survived and prospered. Only Britain First is mounting a determined opposition and resistance to the political elite and their Marxist policies. Powered […]

  • Britain First, taking our country back!

    Britain First - Oct 13th 2021 10:42am EDT

    Britain First is a grassroots, people-powered patriot movement and political party. We love our country and we want to build a future for British children.

  • Britain First exposes the Holiday Inn Express in Colchester for housing illegal immigrants!

    Britain First - Oct 12th 2021 11:40am EDT

    Acting on a tip off, a Britain First team visited the Holiday Inn Express in Colchester and found that the hotel was packed with illegal immigrants. One illegal immigrant was interviewed, from Nepal, who claimed he was a “refugee”, despite Nepal being a peaceful country.

  • Britain First Battle Bus campaigns in Edinburgh! 2

    Britain First - Oct 11th 2021 12:29pm EDT

    Britain First is on the move in Scotland and what better place to hold our first activity than the amazing capital city, Edinburgh. Unfortunately for our activists, it was raining heavily, so we took the ‘Churchill’ Battle Bus around the city. For most of the afternoon, our ‘Churchill’ Battle Bus blared patriotic anthems out while […]

  • Britain First exposes the Madeley Court Hotel in Telford for housing Afghan migrants!

    Britain First - Oct 8th 2021 9:36am EDT

    The Madeley Court Hotel in Telford was a 16th Century Manor House, and is steeped in history with many original features and characterful decoration. According to its website, it has the “ambience of a beautiful Manor House in countryside surroundings”. When a Britain First team visited the hotel, they found it closed to the public […]

  • Paul Golding interviewed about politics by the Voice of Wales

    Britain First - Oct 7th 2021 6:26am EDT

    Britain First leader Paul Golding was interviewed about politics extensively by the Voice of Wales media team. Some of the discussion included the Election Commission battle, future electoral plans, continued street activism, hateful left-wing politics, the treacherous Tories, the patriotic political vacuum and our future plans.

  • Britain First leaflets local area around hotel where migrants are harassing local school girls!

    Britain First - Oct 6th 2021 6:00am EDT

    The Britannia hotel in Standish, near Wigan, is packed with migrants and there have been media reports and complaints of local school girls being harassed by these illegal immigrants. After a flash protest outside the hotel, our activists proceeded to the local estate to leaflet every house to raise awareness.

  • Britain First returns to migrant hotel where illegals are harassing local schoolgirls!

    Britain First - Oct 4th 2021 12:35pm EDT

    Britain First returned to the Britannia Hotel in Standish, near Wigan, to protest illegal immigrants who have been harassing local English girls. The support for Britain First in the local area has grown ten fold, as you can see when you watch this video report. Before Britain First even arrived, there was a huge police […]

  • Britain First exposes the Holiday Inn in Stoke-On-Trent for housing migrants!

    Britain First - Oct 1st 2021 9:22am EDT

    Britain First has exposed another huge hotel housing illegal immigrants, this time in Stoke-On-Trent. When Britain First arrived at the hotel, it was sealed off by security but illegal immigrants were walking around inside the grounds.

  • Britain First exposes the ‘Airport Inn’ near Gatwick Airport!

    Britain First - Sep 30th 2021 10:54am EDT

    When members of the public told Britain First that the ‘Airport Inn’, we decided to investigate. When our team arrived, they found illegal immigrants leaving the hotel. The staff at this hotel were the usual irritating jobsworths.

  • Britain First exposes a huge migrant hotel near Gatwick Airport!

    Britain First - Sep 29th 2021 10:46am EDT

    When a Britain First team visited the Russ Hill Hotel near Gatwick, deep in the countryside, they found hundreds of illegal immigrants from across Africa and the Middle East. This particular hotel is very plush inside, but nevertheless it is housing hundreds of illegals. Several of the illegal immigrants confirmed they were waiting for “houses”. […]

  • Britain First activists hit the streets of Caerphilly!

    Britain First - Sep 28th 2021 9:11am EDT

    Britain First activists in Wales held a recruitment drive in the beautiful town of Caerphilly, in South Wales. Led by regional organiser Carl Burgess, our activists distributed over one thousand leaflets. Very soon, both the Battle Buses will embark on a tour of every town and city in Wales.

  • Britain First protests at hotel housing migrants who are harassing local English girls!

    Britain First - Sep 25th 2021 2:38pm EDT

    Britain First held a flash protest at the Britannia Hotel in Standish, near Wigan, following media reports that the illegal immigrants staying there have been harassing local English girls. Our protest attracted enormous support from passing local residents, with some of them even talking to us on camera.

  • Britain First exposes a migrant hotel in Accrington!

    Britain First - Sep 24th 2021 9:18am EDT

    The Dunkenhalgh Hotel, in Accrington, in Lancashire, is a plush hotel that many British citizens would enjoy staying in. This hotel, however, is being used to house Afghan migrants. Britain First visited the hotel and found migrants being put up in cushy hotel rooms. Our team also found an on-site make-shift NHS facility covered in […]

  • Britain First vessel ‘Alfred the Great’ patrols the English Channel

    Britain First - Sep 22nd 2021 4:03pm EDT

    It has been a long time coming, but the Britain First vessel ‘Alfred the Great’ has finally started a series of excursions in the English Channel to report on illegal migrant crossings. A Britain First team spent most of the day criss-crossing the Channel today filming our useless Border Force and RNLI bringing back hundreds […]

  • Britain First is threatened by local Islamist in Oldham

    Britain First - Sep 21st 2021 11:01am EDT

    Britain First spent the afternoon campaigning in the town of Oldham, in Greater Manchester. At one point, Paul Golding was threatened by a local Islamist who told Paul to be careful he doesn’t get “decked”. Paul laughed at this threat and carried on campaigning. Our activists distributed almost 1,000 recruitment leaflets, with only a tiny […]

  • BFD holds second training day at dedicated gym

    Britain First - Sep 20th 2021 12:16pm EDT

    Our dedicated security department, “Britain First Defence” (BFD), held their second training day at their dedicated training centre in London. The training included boxing, Krav Maga, Aikido, knife defence and much more.

  • Britain First exposes illegal immigrant hotel in Wolverhampton!

    Britain First - Sep 18th 2021 9:45am EDT

    The Britannia Hotel in Wolverhampton has been in the local news recently because the government has “dumped” hundreds of illegal immigrants there against the wishes of the local council. When Britain First arrived at the hotel, there were several Afghan migrants loitering around outside. Paul Golding then had to put a member of staff and […]

  • Britain First exposes illegal immigrant hotel in Wigan!

    Britain First - Sep 17th 2021 8:03am EDT

    When a Britain first team visited the Britannia Hotel in Standish, Wigan, in the North West, they found a hotel inundated with illegal immigrants. All the illegal immigrants say they are waiting for “houses”. Every illegal immigrant is kept at public expense, meaning your taxes are paying for this.

  • Napier Barracks is still being used as an illegal immigrant camp!

    Britain First - Sep 15th 2021 3:25pm EDT

    Napier Barracks was supposed to be closed down, but it is still holding hundreds of illegal immigrants. In this video, the security try to shut Paul out to stop him filming, so he jumps on the bonnet of his car and carries on! He soon realises why they wanted to stop him filming. Powered by […]