• Radical Agenda S06E064 – Sissy

    Christopher Cantwell - Apr 13th 2024 3:59am EDT

    I spent three hours talking to a cross dressing bisexual man from Grindr, and the results were not what anyone would expect. Tonight I’ll intro the show live. I’ll say a few things, and then I’ll play that recording. At the end, I’ll come back on live and take a few calls. I’ll have much […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E053 – Dead Air

    Christopher Cantwell - Apr 9th 2024 12:59am EDT

    I’ve long said that radio is the medium of the Right. Left wing talk radio has never been successful because it is not a thinking man’s medium. You cannot blame Leftists for taking issue with that. It does not speak highly to their values or their competence. They think NPR is great and that we […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E063 – News & Chat

    Christopher Cantwell - Apr 5th 2024 11:49pm EDT

    We are nearing the conclusion of Radical Agenda Stage Six. There are no plans for Stage Seven. This is not to say you will have heard the last of me anytime soon. SurrealPolitiks will continue. I will produce uncensored content in some other fashion separately from that branding. Some of it will be members only […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E062 – Grinding

    Christopher Cantwell - Apr 2nd 2024 12:49am EDT

    A special Monday airing tonight of the Radical Agenda, because we’ve got material too hot for SurrealPolitiks! Last week on the SurrealPolitiks member show I unveiled the first of what I expect to be many phone calls between myself and users of the GPS based all male dating app known as Grindr. Today, for the […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E061 – Talking to Strangers

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 29th 2024 11:50pm EDT

    In the absence of new callers into the show, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to spark interesting interactions with people not initiated into our social circles. I tried this first with game streaming, with very limited success. Most people in the games I am competent at, do not have chat enabled. In […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E052 – News & Phones

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 25th 2024 11:00pm EDT

    Due to circumstances circumstances I won’t trouble the reader with today, I ended up doing an off schedule episode of SurrealPolitiks Sunday in our otherwise normal 9:30pm US Eastern time slot. Tonight we will do a quick appearance beginning at 9:30 anyway, just because I’m the hardest working guy in media and love you all […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E060 – AI / OME

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 23rd 2024 12:05am EDT

    On the most recent SurrealPolitiks and associated member show, I unveiled some of the Artificial Intelligence stuff I have been making some progress on regarding image generation. The output on that front has been pretty impressive, and in parallel I’ve been working on text generation. I currently have a functional chat bot, not entirely dissimilar […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E050 – Totally Unscripted II

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 18th 2024 11:33pm EDT

    I’ve been enduring a fairly persistent writer’s block and as the hours tick by I am certain I’ll not be preparing a monologue before this evening. So tonight, it’s news and phones, maybe a little live OmeTV. SurrealPolitiks airs live every Monday at 9:30pm US Eastern on Rumble, and on Odysee, and on the GetMeRadio […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E059 – More Like Haiti

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 15th 2024 11:43pm EDT

    One of the more startling moments of my intellectual journey can be attributed to Dr. William Luther Pierce. A recording from him titled “The Lesson of Haiti” gave a brief description of that country’s horrifying racial history. Like other places blacks reside in large numbers, Haiti is not in any natural sense “poor”. Every non […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E049 – Totally Unscripted

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 12th 2024 12:51am EDT

    I had sent out an email show teaser today with a snippet from a monologue I was in the process of preparing. Sparing the details, I was unable to complete that monologue before airtime, and to read it in part would have been to do it no justice. So today I went completely unscripted, touched […]

  • Republishing: Fash the Nation 535: Some Garbage Podcast

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 9th 2024 4:49pm EST

    On March 9th 2024, it came to my attention that this episode of Fash the Nation, which aired in January of 2023, had been removed from the website hosting it. This being an important part of history, I could not stand to see it fade from the Earth. So, it is with the utmost respect […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E058 – Slay of the Union

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 9th 2024 12:15am EST

    There is so much I want to get to today. Kessler Cringe Posting, the End of Nikki Haley… A recent story about Matt Drudge was also pretty interesting, and had the effect of pointing toward something I missed at the end of last year. Mediaite’s “Most Influential in News Media 2023” – a list of […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E048 – In The Legal Weeds w/ Augustus Invictus

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 4th 2024 11:24pm EST

    Augustus Invictus returns to the program to discuss a variety of issues. Mr. Invictus is an attorney operating out of Florida, and has become familiar with a courtroom in the capacity of a Defendant more than once. He is currently awaiting trial in Charlottesville, Virginia for these ridiculous “Burning to Intimidate” charges brought by a […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E057 – Antelope Hill Publishing

    Christopher Cantwell - Mar 2nd 2024 12:51am EST

    Today we are joined by Kurt Seidel and Paul Gualtieri from Antelope Hill Publishing for, at least, the first hour. Antelope Hill publishing emerged while I was in prison, and has made a bit of a name for themselves, thanks in part to the SPLC describing them as a “White Nationalist publisher”. I’ve heard their […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E047 – S Be You

    Christopher Cantwell - Feb 27th 2024 12:36am EST

    It’s clearer than ever that what I’ve been saying about Ukraine is absolutely correct. We now have admission of this from none other than the New York Times, citing numerous named and unnamed sources in a lengthy piece title “The Spy War”, which was summarized also by ZeroHedge. According to the New York Times, during […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E056 – No Equivalent

    Christopher Cantwell - Feb 24th 2024 12:22am EST

    A headline today at Revolver News warns that conservatives will get “wrecked” by a new law under consideration in Florida. The piece linked cites former Trump Administration official Stephen Miller, warning that the bill, which aims to modify and expands libel laws, will not have the effect it pursues, because “There is no Florida equivalent […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E046 – OmeTV Debut

    Christopher Cantwell - Feb 19th 2024 11:47pm EST

    Here I come to save the day! Well, not exactly, but I did what I could. Today I decided to give OmeTV, the apparent successor to Omegle, a shot. I recorded the session, and I’ll edit out the worthless segments to provide you with an enjoyable viewing experience this evening. I’ll begin the show live, […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E055 – Black History, of the Future

    Christopher Cantwell - Feb 17th 2024 12:22am EST

    February, as you surely know, is Black History Month. It’s a time to celebrate diversity in America, by dedicating 28 days to the contributions black people have made to society. This is no small task, of course. Trying to find such contributions without lying proves very difficult, in fact. There are plenty of fairy tales. Most […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E045 – Book It!

    Christopher Cantwell - Feb 13th 2024 12:20am EST

    I am proud to announce that your favorite Podcaster has just published his first of what are sure to be many books! Most of you will be familiar with the text of the work published. It is the transcript of the monologue I titled “Beauty Revisited”. At a mere 26 pages, it is shorter than […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E054 – Competent Leadership

    Christopher Cantwell - Feb 9th 2024 11:55pm EST

    A staggering contrast emerged recently which says much about our politics in the world today. A Special Counsel investigation into Joe Biden’s illegal handling of classified records, opted not to prosecute the President for the crimes he obviously committed, in part, because; We have also considered that, at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E053 – Plenty

    Christopher Cantwell - Feb 3rd 2024 1:22am EST

    There is so much going on today it presents a challenge for creating a singular show theme, though it will surely make easy work of creating a jam packed episode. We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight, I hope you’ll join us for the live show. On the Wednesday SurrealPolitiks Member Show I discussed […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E044 – Foreseeable

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 29th 2024 11:46pm EST

    Fox News is in full war propaganda mode, airing the worst of their “Senior Military Strategists” and the likes of Lindsay Graham in calls for the United States to make Word War III more or less official by attacking Iran. This comes on the heels of a drone strike on a US Military Base in […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E052 – Dominoes

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 27th 2024 1:31am EST

    Though doubts frequently enter the picture, I am driven in no small part by the conviction that the truth of our cause will in due course assure our victory. To win, ultimately, we need only sustain the fight long enough for the other side to fail. Their failure is inevitable because their goals are at […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E043 – Caving In

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 22nd 2024 11:15pm EST

    The United States Supreme Court, predictably, sided with the Biden administration today against Texas Governor Greg Abbot. Abbot had kicked Border Patrol out of Eagle Pass because they were being instructed to cut razor wire that Texas had put up to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol, to the shock of many, […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E051 – Foreign & Domestic

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 20th 2024 2:12am EST

    I took a bit of time where I cared not to pay any attention to the news. It was boring, repetitive, and far from plausible. What comes across the wires, airwaves, and printing press, still defies belief in large part, but perhaps in some measure as a consequence of the now in full swing presidential […]