• Advice to Aspiring Writers

    Counter Currents - Dec 7th 2023 4:08pm EST

    109 words Want to become a better writer? Then tune in to Counter-Currents Radio this Saturday, June 9th. Greg Johnson welcomes accomplished authors John Derbyshire, Fred Reed, Jim Goad, James O’Meara, and a few surprise guests to share their advice to aspiring writers on such topics as: The basic habits of successful writers Avoiding distractions […]

  • Heigh-ho the Merry-oh, Deporting We Will Go

    Counter Currents - Dec 7th 2023 3:19pm EST

    1,479 words Interesting times, methinks. We have Mr. Trump, per the Washington Examiner,  vowing to rid the country of illegal immigrants by rounding them up, storing them in concentration camps, and deporting them at “millions per year.” Saith Mr. Trump to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday: Under my leadership, we will use all necessary […]

  • How to Divide White People

    Counter Currents - Dec 7th 2023 2:20pm EST

    1,126 words White people have always been a global minority, but in the past that didn’t impede them from ruling the globe. Not so long ago, it was astounding what whites — despite their national, religious, and ideological differences — were able to achieve merely by viewing themselves as a unique racial group that was […]

  • Remembering Pentti Linkola (December 7, 1932-April 5, 2020)

    Counter Currents - Dec 7th 2023 1:14pm EST

    1,230 words Czech version here Like other Nordic countries, Finland has a strong conformist mentality. The Law of Jante is in force to keep too headstrong or conflict-seeking individuals leashed. In this respect, it is strange that one of the modern Finnish cultural icons is a character as extreme as Pentti Linkola. Throughout his career […]

  • Israel, Gaza, and the War for Your Mind

    Counter Currents - Dec 6th 2023 11:09am EST

    993 words The human mind is perhaps the most intricate system we know of, and yet we humans are paradoxically quite simple for some gifted enchanters to understand and manipulate. A century ago, Edward Bernays was able to singlehandedly transform the habits of an entire society at the behest of corporations through his pioneering work […]

  • Polish-Style Territorial Defense Could Be the Answer to the Risk of Civil War in France

    Counter Currents - Dec 6th 2023 10:08am EST

    Toufik-de-Planoise during this summer’s riots in France, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons. 2,588 words If a civil war breaks out, the French native population will be somewhat defenseless, even if they are (still) a majority. The country’s armed forces have been shrinking in size over the years, down to a little over 200,000 military […]

  • Toward a New Spiritual Revolution

    Counter Currents - Dec 6th 2023 9:40am EST

    2,726 words Jesus Revolution (2023) Directed by Jon Erwin & Brent McCorkle Starring Kelsey Grammer, Joel Courtney, Jonathan Roumie, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, & Anna Grace Barlow Written by Ellen Vaughn, Greg Laurie, & Jon Gunn The story in the Book of Acts is unique in that the events described therein have been recreated across many ages, […]

  • Introducing the Counter-Currents Book Club

    Counter Currents - Dec 5th 2023 4:49pm EST

    You can buy Greg Johnson’s The White Nationalist Manifesto here. 235 words Beginning in 2024, on the first Saturday of each month, the Counter-Currents Radio livestream will be devoted to the new Counter-Currents Book Club. Each stream will be devoted to a particular book from Counter-Currents or allied publishers. Each stream will be hosted by […]

  • The Fear of Writing

    Counter Currents - Dec 5th 2023 1:50pm EST

    Pieter Claesz, Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill (1628) 1,994 words I was carrying out a literary exercise of quite a different kind: this was the making up of a continuous ‘story’ about myself . . . — George Orwell, “Why I Write”  Litera scripta manet. (That which is written, remains.) — […]

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Counter Currents - Dec 5th 2023 1:05pm EST

    1,424 words Disney’s six-part miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi is so bad I was certain it was the work of Jar Jar Abrams. But no, it is the creation of someone named Deborah Chow. Disney’s first Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, got off to a promising start. But I feared it was running out of ideas when […]

  • The Worst Week Yet: November 26-December 2, 2023

    Counter Currents - Dec 4th 2023 12:27pm EST

    Derek Chauvin 2,362 words FBI Informant Stabs Derek Chauvin 22 Times, and There’s Absolutely Nothing Suspicious About That In last week’s column I informed you that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin — who enabled George Floyd’s death by failing to leach out every last particle of fentanyl from the rubber-lipped felon’s bloodstream — was […]

  • Using Politics to Segregate the Sexes

    Counter Currents - Dec 3rd 2023 11:25am EST

    38 words / 8:35 Jim Goad has produced a short film to accompany his latest essay, “Using Politics to Segregate the Sexes,” where he asks whether men and women being pulled apart by being artificially divided into Left and Right. See below. https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/Goad-UsingPoliticsToSegregateTheSexes.mp4  

  • Imagine Jim Goad Singing “Imagine”

    Counter Currents - Dec 1st 2023 6:28pm EST

    379 words One sign of a healthy subculture is the emergence of doughty new traditions like Millennial Woes’ Millenniyule (I will be appearing there again this year), Frodi Midjord’s Decameron Film Festival, and now . . . Jim Goad’s Karaoke Challenge. From now until New Year’s Eve, Jim is offering his karaoke talents to help […]

  • The Union Jackal, November 2023

    Counter Currents - Dec 1st 2023 4:28pm EST

    RIP Shane MacGowan 2,868 words Tice work if you can get it Scanning the European political landscape from their north London homes, the British media are clutching one another and shrieking like minor characters in a 1950s sci-fi movie when the aliens show up. Europe’s voters, albeit at glacial speed, are finally realizing that it […]

  • Christmas Special: Merry Christmas, Infidels!

    Counter Currents - Dec 1st 2023 1:15pm EST

    1,424 words / 9:56 Translations: Czech, French, German, Swedish Audio version: To listen in a player, click here or below. To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save target or link as.” It was about thirty years ago when I first noticed that the greeting “Merry Christmas” was being replaced by the bland, neutral […]

  • Little Free Library Book Giveaway!

    Counter Currents - Nov 30th 2023 12:58pm EST

    405 words Have you ever stumbled across one of those birdhouses for books in nice neighborhoods? Little Free Libraries are a way neighbors anonymously offer new reading material to each other while following one simple rule: “Take a book. Leave a book.” The Little Free Library website itself features photos of blacks and Hispanics proudly […]

  • Using Politics to Segregate the Sexes

    Counter Currents - Nov 30th 2023 11:27am EST

    1,109 words / 8:28 It seems like a million years ago that men and women would have sex and start popping out babies without ever thinking about politics. Nowadays, men and women hardly talk to one another because politics gets in the way. If you’ve been unlucky enough to find yourself anywhere near a computer […]

  • It’s White Wednesday! Shop Our Sale Now

    Counter Currents - Nov 29th 2023 11:57am EST

    520 Words There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, and now White Wednesday. In coordination with our friends at other pro-white businesses, we present White Wednesday. Strategically use your gift-giving resources for the cause! (At a discount!) We are offering 15% off our entire stock, including new titles. Use the code “WHITECHRISTMAS” […]

  • Giving Tuesday at Counter-Currents: Help Us Meet Our Match!

    Counter Currents - Nov 28th 2023 4:24pm EST

    369 Words To balance out the unbridled materialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, charities all over the world participate in Giving Tuesday — a day of generosity where everyone donates to their favorite cause. What cause could be more noble than saving the white race? We are the only webzine and publisher that analyzes […]

  • “A Few More Steps and We Were . . . On Some Edge of Things”: Staircases That Lead Nowhere, Part 1

    Counter Currents - Nov 28th 2023 2:16pm EST

    Unknown artist and date 3,498 words Part 1 of 2 I’ve recently become bogged down in several areas — working, writing, etc. — and only my continued inspiration from Napoleon the Great and the Counter-Currents community has kept up my spirits. No self-pity or fishing for sympathy here; these moods happen to us all, and […]

  • The Blacks Next Door

    Counter Currents - Nov 28th 2023 12:53pm EST

    1,070 words Growing up in a suburban commuter colony of Canada’s federal capital in the 1980s was good, for the most part. The first house that I lived in was an attached garden home in a brand-new neighborhood. Houses were in rows of five or six units. Every unit had a modest, fenced backyard; our […]

  • Where the Dissident Right Triumphs

    Counter Currents - Nov 28th 2023 12:27pm EST

    1,101 words Sites such as The Unz Review and Counter-Currents are maligned by the mainstream media for promoting extreme views. But are these outlets more impartial and diverse than elite outlets? Unlike the establishment media, these publications broadcast a broader spectrum of ideas and are likely to engender civil discourse. Though dissident publications are outside […]

  • The Worst Week Yet: November 19-25, 2023

    Counter Currents - Nov 27th 2023 12:02pm EST

    Conor McGregor 2,368 words After Migrant Stabs Three Irish Children, Ireland’s Gay Indian Leader Declares War on the Irish; Dublin-Born MMA Superstar Conor McGregor Accepts the Challenge The Irish occupy a unique place in white-identity lore: so feisty, foul-mouthed, and seemingly ill-bred that many uppity Nordicists don’t consider them to be white at all. But […]

  • The Anti-Black Plague “Black Death” of 1347-1351 Kills Half of Europe . . . Black Women Most Affected

    Counter Currents - Nov 26th 2023 1:14pm EST

    40 words / 10:48 Jim Goad has produced a short film to accompany his latest essay, “The Anti-Black Plague,” on a purported new study which shows that black women were disproportionately affected by the Black Plague in thirteenth-century London — due to RACISM! See below. https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/Goad-TheAntiBlackPlague.mp4  

  • We Get the Crime We Deserve

    Counter Currents - Nov 24th 2023 2:25pm EST

    Mitch Lundgaard, who was murdered by a black criminal whose life he had just saved moments before. 1,245 words Something extremely unusual took place in Appleton, Wisconsin in May 2019: A firefighter died in the line of duty. This hadn’t happened there in many decades, and was quite a shock to the local residents. A […]