• UK: Transport Police Removed Annual Running Test Because Some Women Couldn’t Pass It

    Daily Stormer - Feb 28th 2024 8:25am EST

    There seems to be a very strong overlap between Britain’s finest and Britain’s fattest Women are more responsible for the competency crisis than the blacks. The blacks don’t really try to get jobs, generally. These companies all want to hire blacks, and they can’t find any who want to work. Women, on the other hand, […]

  • OpenAI Accuses New York Times of Paying Someone to “Hack” ChatGPT

    Daily Stormer - Feb 28th 2024 4:37am EST

    They are not actually accusing them of “hacking,” they’re accusing them of manipulating the chatbot to give irregular responses that they will use in their case. The Guardian: OpenAI has asked a federal judge to dismiss parts of the New York Times’ copyright lawsuit against it, arguing that the newspaper “hacked” its chatbot ChatGPT and […]

  • Illegal Venezuelan Migrant Rapes Underage Teen in Virginia

    Daily Stormer - Feb 27th 2024 12:33pm EST

    Renzo Mendoza A challenger appears! Blacks are not going to be the only group of rapists that they once once. New York Post: Authorities in Virginia are vowing to seek justice after a Venezuelan migrant in the country illegally was charged with sexually assaulting a child as young as 13. Renzo Mendoza Montes, 32, was […]

  • Harvard Antisemitism Task Force Co-Chair Resigns After University Refuses to Obey Jews

    Daily Stormer - Feb 27th 2024 12:11pm EST

    Raffaella Sadun There’s just no stopping these antisemites who think Israel shouldn’t slaughter tens of thousands of children. They’re an unstoppable force. New York Post: The co-chair of Harvard’s new antisemitism taskforce abruptly resigned over the weekend — reportedly after she became frustrated that university officials refused to commit to making changes to make the […]

  • Germany: 39-Year-Old Iranian Chosen as Miss Germany

    Daily Stormer - Feb 27th 2024 5:19am EST

    Yuck Is this a joke? BNN: In a significant stride towards diversity and shattering traditional beauty norms, Apameh S., a 39-year-old Iranian-born architect, has been heralded as ‘Miss Germany 2024’. This victory is not merely a personal triumph for Apameh but stands as a beacon of progressive change, symbolizing a shift in societal norms, and […]

  • Chelsea: Brute Smashes Rando Woman’s Head With Baseball Bat (Race of Woman Unknown)

    Daily Stormer - Feb 27th 2024 12:59am EST

    The thing about the blacks is that they will randomly attack you on the street for no reason. You gotta watch out. The best advice I’ve heard is “never relax.” Chelsea used to be nice, no? New York Post: A stranger bashed a 25-year-old woman in the head with a baseball bat in an apparently […]

  • Staten Island to Hold Special St. Patrick’s Day Parade for Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Feb 27th 2024 12:00am EST

    A new parade is being created in Staten Island for St. Patrick’s Day that will allow anyone to march, including members of LGBTQ organizations. Tune in the PIX11 News at 6 and 10 p.m. For more on this story: https://t.co/EmzNSiT8rG pic.twitter.com/YckuwhpLm8 — PIX11 News (@PIX11News) February 23, 2024 This is supposed to be a compromise, […]

  • Illinois Judge Expelled From Bench After Reversing Fake “Sexual Assault” Conviction

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 2:04pm EST

    The system doesn’t work. You are being controlled by the whims of out of work journalists on Twitter. That’s the situation. The Congress is broken, the executive is broken, the judiciary is broken. The entire system is destroyed. If you get a fair hearing before a judge, they will just fire the judge. New York […]

  • Black Mom of 10-Year-Old Kid Jailed for Public Urination Suing City for $2 Million

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 9:51am EST

    Latonya Eason and her son Quantavious. A kid’s gotta piss, mayne. What you do telling them they can’t be piss? What they supposed pop? Gotta piss. New York Post: The mother of a 10-year-old Mississippi boy arrested last year for public urination is now suing the city and several police officers for $2 million in […]

  • Canada: University Removes Vending Machines After Student Discovers They’re Spying on People

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 9:48am EST

    Student from the University of Waterloo showing where he thinks the camera is No one should be surprised by this. Why wouldn’t the vending machine be spying on you? We live in a democracy, meaning that any abuse that is possible is destined to happen. Tech Spot: A hot potato: Collecting personal biometric data through […]

  • Memetic Monday: Monday, Bloody Monday

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 9:43am EST

    It’s real. It’s on time. Some of these are even fresh. We got a lot of Google Gemini images. That really is the meme of the year, thus far. This is the Editor’s Pick of the Week: And the Runner-Up: Here’s the primo collection:

  • AI Generated “Misinformation” Threatening American Democracy by Making People Question Things

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 8:49am EST

    In order for democracy to function, all information consumed by the public has to be officially approved by the government. Without total information control, democracy, the perfect system of government, collapses. People think that just because democracy is perfect it must be strong. But no. It is so weak that it can be destroyed by […]

  • Man Who Killed Multiple S**ts Having Sex With Many Different S**ts While Imprisoned

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 5:36am EST

    Joran van der Sloot The number one way to get huge amounts of pussy is to rape and kill women. You can go into the psychology, but it’s sort of irrelevant. Who gives a shit why women behave the way they do? I don’t care and think the solution is to beat them. Regardless of […]

  • US Soldier Sets Himself On Fire While Shouting “Free Palestine” Outside Jew Embassy

    Daily Stormer - Feb 26th 2024 4:49am EST

    Man sets himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in DC Allegedly he is a member of the US Air Force and shouted that he will “no longer be complicit with genocide” and repeatedly yelled “Free Palestine” after ignition He is currently in critical condition at a hospital pic.twitter.com/Eg9YcwDKgX — HOT SPOT (@HotSpotHotSpot) […]

  • Trump Beats Haley in North Carolina, People Act Like This is Some Huge Triumph

    Daily Stormer - Feb 25th 2024 8:45am EST

    I’m trying really hard but I can’t manage to give a shit. RT: Donald Trump has won the South Carolina Republican primary, comfortably defeating the state’s former governor, Nikki Haley, according to projections by multiple news agencies. Trump is leading with 60.1% of the votes with 60% of the ballots counted, according to the New […]

  • Bukele Attends CPAC, Says the Empire is on the Verge of Collapse

    Daily Stormer - Feb 25th 2024 8:20am EST

    It’s not just the financial policy. It’s the double whammy of the financial policy and the totally unhinged global conquest agenda. One can’t fall without the other falling. If either falls, they both fall. Then: we shall all be healed. RT: The US economy is based on the “farce” of printing unlimited amounts of money, […]

  • NYC: High School Newspaper Calls Out Genocidal Jews

    Daily Stormer - Feb 25th 2024 6:07am EST

    I have some issues with the word “genocide.” It’s just that it can basically refer to most military actions by the Untied States government. What do you call the bombing of Dresden? What do you call the bombing of Hiroshima? What do you call what Eisenhower did in the camps after the end of the […]

  • Mississippi: Black Female Cop Arrested for Shoplifting Shoes While On Duty

    Daily Stormer - Feb 25th 2024 3:21am EST

    Robin Conner What do you call a black person who made it through police school and was given a badge by the American state? New York Post: A Mississippi cop was arrested by her colleagues for allegedly shoplifting sneakers while on duty and in uniform — getting taken into custody in her own squad car. […]

  • Germany: Catholic Bishops Attack AfD, Say Not Flooding Your Country With Moslems is Anti-Christian

    Daily Stormer - Feb 24th 2024 10:00pm EST

    Mind you, these are the same German bishops who support shoving penises, fists, and other objects into the anuses of young boys. I don’t really think we should put too much on what they think about flooding the country with savage brown folk from the southlands. Deutsche Welle: Catholic bishops meeting in the city of […]

  • Hohols Signal Openness to Going to War with China

    Daily Stormer - Feb 24th 2024 7:58am EST

    With this whole Russia thing pretty much wrapped up, and the Ukrainians surrounding Moscow, the brave fighters are looking forward to the next war for neo-Nazi anal supremacy. RT: Kiev is ready to assist the US in a war against any enemy, be it Iran, North Korea, or China, a senior Ukrainian MP has said, […]

  • Black Mother Who Received $10,800 Because Her Family is Poor Blew It On Luxury Trip

    Daily Stormer - Feb 24th 2024 6:48am EST

    Canethia Miller I am not offended by this in any way. People should take whatever they can get from this corrupt government, and blow it on whatever they want. That said, it is a commentary on the negress mind. It’s also a look into what blacks will do when they finally get their “reparations.” A […]

  • Japan: Another Executive from Major Energy Company Loses Job for Sexual Harrasment

    Daily Stormer - Feb 24th 2024 5:37am EST

    How’s Westernization working out for you, Japan? Everything going good? AP: The head of a renewable energy subsidiary of Japan’s top oil company, Eneos Holdings, has been fired for sexual harassment, the companies announced Wednesday, as awareness of the #MeToo movement grows in the country. Japan Renewable Energy Corp. said in a statement it dismissed […]

  • Poland: Cunt Minister Banning Jesus Classes as Deal with the Devil Goes South

    Daily Stormer - Feb 24th 2024 3:24am EST

    These Poland niggers used to come around and harass me, telling me they were only using the USA military to make their country great, and they wouldn’t ever succumb to the anal, vaginal, anti-Christ agenda. They told me they were going to stay based and nationalist, straight heterosexuals with feminine women and no immigrants, and […]

  • VICE Media Lays Off Most Staff, Stops Publishing

    Daily Stormer - Feb 24th 2024 12:00am EST

    Meanwhile, at the Daily Stormer, CEO Andrew Anglin is preparing to steadily consume a bottle of Maker’s Mark and listen to a fully remastered version of the Grateful Dead live at Roosevelt Stadium in 1976. It’s four hours long. The extraordinarily successful media mogul will not be firing anyone, though he may fire his gun […]

  • Switzerland Tells UN to Look Into Current Technologies to Block Sunlight

    Daily Stormer - Feb 23rd 2024 9:12am EST

    The governments of the West have just turned into comic book villains. They want to mutilate the genitals of children and block out the Sun. Dr. Doom never did anything like this. The Guardian: Switzerland has initiated a global debate on whether the “risks, benefits and uncertainties” of dimming the sun should be studied by […]