• How sloppy studies and ignorant scientists discredit vitamin D.

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Oct 15th 2022 9:54am EDT

    Vitamin D is an immunoregulating hormone. Having 25(OH)D3 bloodserum values of 50-100ng/mL highly reduces the risk of being affected by almost all existing diseases, including allergies, cancer, and depression. However, there are two significant interrelated problems regarding Vitamin D. Most MDs and researchers have no expertise in nutrition, let alone clinical or functional nutrition. And […]

  • The dubious ethics of Prof. Peter Hotez

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Oct 13th 2022 8:56am EDT

    Peter Hotez and I share an unpleasant two-year history. When I was not yet banned on almost all social media platforms, I confronted leading coronists with their own contradictions. After Hotez spoke out in favour of universal vaccination of children, my collar burst, and I dubbed him “Dr Evil.” His response was as follows: Prof […]

  • European Commission Hearing: Pfizer admits to having lied to the public.

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Oct 11th 2022 8:43am EDT

    During a hearing before the European Commission, Pfizer admitted that they did not test the vaccine to stop the virus’s transmission before it entered the market because they had to “really move at the speed of science “. Again: Pfizer justified testing that gene therapy on all of us and lying about its efficacy because […]

  • The Cancel Culture Noose is tightening.

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Oct 8th 2022 4:12pm EDT

    Within the last two days, I saw many Tweets coming by stating that Paypal might be able to charge you 2,500 USD if you oppose the current thing. Saifedean Ammous @saifedean Paypal will take $2,500 from your account if you publicly disagree with pharmaceutical advertisements. dailywire.comNew PayPal Policy Lets Company Pull $2,500 From Users’ Accounts […]

  • Seven signs that they’re taking us for a ride.

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Oct 4th 2022 2:26pm EDT

    The last two years have been riddled with illogical rules and policies. It is a mystery to me how some people can actually still buy this narrative. So here are my top arguments against a dangerous pandemic. When you entered a restaurant, you had to wear a mask. You could take it off as soon […]

  • Resist the Nerd Sweater!

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Oct 3rd 2022 11:24am EDT

    The man who’s quietly buying up farmland all over the world is bragging about how much money he will make with his investments in artificial meat companies. Of course, everything Bill Gates does is under the guise of climate change and global health. Dr. Simon is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support […]

  • Eric Topol spreads dangerous medical misinformation.

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Oct 1st 2022 1:11pm EDT

    This article that Prof. Eric Topol wrote for the LA Times is full of dangerous and misleading nonsense. I read this pseudo-intellectual diarrhoea for you, so you don’t have to. Thank me later. Subscribe now ▶️ “There are 400 to 500 Americans dying of COVID each day” — well, Eric, “of” ≠ “with”. Without the […]

  • Ten tips to avoid becoming sick in the long term.

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Sep 30th 2022 2:31pm EDT

    Public health advice can be confusing. Within the last 20 months, we have learned that official statements are usually misleading. Also, many studies regarding optimal dietary patterns are often biased. It is not uncommon that scientists write studies in a way that they satisfy the expectations of the funder and/or support the current thing. Dr. […]

  • Governmental health advice?

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Sep 29th 2022 8:07pm EDT

    Almost all governments worldwide came up with similar health advice within the last 2.5 years. Of course, every healthy-minded people knew from the beginning that their claims were extremely irrational and unscientific. But let’s take a look at them (click on the links to read papers that prove the absurdity of the measures). Spoiler: Knockout […]

  • “You’re not sick whenever you’re healthy!”

    Dr. Simon Goddek - Sep 29th 2022 3:34pm EDT

    “These positive results [made people think], ‘Hey, I feel healthy, but I’m sick,’ but you’re not sick whenever you’re healthy. You’re not sick whenever you feel healthy. You’re only sick whenever you lay in bed, and you can move anymore. Then you’re sick. If you have the sneeze, you’re not sick …”