• A New Substack For Christians!

    Emerald Robinson - Jun 1st 2023 1:02pm EDT

    “This Blessed Day” is a brand-new Substack newsletter that focuses on Christian history, Christian culture, and important Christian figures. I love the idea of a short, daily inspirational reminder of my Christian faith and heritage. Below you will find the newsletter for May 31st. You can subscribe for free here. This Blessed Day A daily […]

  • Can The GOP Win By Ballot Harvesting?

    Emerald Robinson - May 31st 2023 10:40am EDT

    Since the 2022 midterms, the hot new idea on the Right is for the GOP establishment to embrace ballot harvesting. This seems, at first glance, to be a perfectly reasonable strategy. Why not copy the Left’s mail-in ballot machine? Why not legally cheat as much as the Democrats? This month, even President Trump endorsed the […]

  • How One Man Ran America’s Election System For 40 Years

    Emerald Robinson - May 25th 2023 2:53pm EDT

    In 1974, a young man who worked at a printing company named Robert J. Urosevich had a history-altering realization: the optical mark reader machines being used to score standardized school tests (quickly by the thousands) might have other applications too. Thus was born in the brain of an otherwise unremarkable salesman one of history’s worst […]

  • Joe Biden: Our First Chinese President

    Emerald Robinson - May 24th 2023 11:52am EDT

    Note: This excerpt was taken from A.J. Rice’s latest book The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture which is published by Post Hill Press. A.J. Rice is CEO of Publius PR, a premier communications firm in Washington D.C. He served as the executive producer to Laura Ingraham for four years, and Monica […]

  • The Future Belongs To Morons

    Emerald Robinson - May 23rd 2023 12:07am EDT

    Like everyone else on earth, I’ve been bombarded by corporate media stories insisting that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would soon render journalists and media companies obsolete. This struck me as pure propaganda — of a particular dumb and aggressive kind — but I wanted to see for myself just how serious my new competition happened to […]

  • More Election Fraud In Virginia & Texas & Arizona!

    Emerald Robinson - May 18th 2023 12:04pm EDT

    The Right Way is the #1 conservative site on Substack — it’s recommended by 199 Substack authors. NBC News ran a story recently about how the entire election team of Buckingham County, Virginia had quit their jobs because of “base voter fraud allegations.” You know: “the Big Lie” that Donald Trump was cheated out of […]

  • Subscribers Chat: Durham’s Cover-Up Explained

    Emerald Robinson - May 16th 2023 6:11pm EDT

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  • Subscribers Chat: FBI Agent Durham’s Cover-Up Explained Today at 6pm

    Emerald Robinson - May 16th 2023 11:19am EDT

    Join me today at 6pm (EST) for a lively one-hour discussion on FBI agent John Durham’s phony investigation — for my Substack subscribers only! Not to brag, but I was the first journalist to tell people — on Twitter and elsewhere in mid-2020 — that the Durham investigation was a hoax. Yes, I have the […]

  • Why Are So Many Children Suddenly Dying?

    Emerald Robinson - May 15th 2023 1:10pm EDT

    The Right Way is the #1 conservative site on Substack — recommended by 200 other Substack authors. According to respected statisticians, we are living through a global catastrophe: the sudden and unexplained deaths of our infants and children and young people. These are termed “excess deaths” because these are deaths that occur (in aggregate) above, […]

  • Last Call For Semaglutide Before Summer

    Emerald Robinson - May 13th 2023 2:19pm EDT

    Things You Need is a new section of my Substack for sponsored content. My friends at Remote Health Solutions are now offering semaglutide for much less — but the discount ends at midnight on Monday the 15th. Normally priced at $599 per month, you can get semaglutide for $349 per month guaranteed for a year.  […]