• A New Concept Of The Universe – Walter RusselEsoteric Awakening - Nov 16th 2021 6:52pm EST

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  • Plant ConsciousnessEsoteric Awakening - Nov 15th 2021 4:57pm EST

    Plant-Consciousness Download Link Original Publisher: Escola Superior de Agricultura – Universidad São Paulo

  • Alex Jones Exposes Three Centers of Evil In New York CityEsoteric Awakening - Jul 6th 2021 1:25pm EDT


  • Giant Humanoids with 6 Fingers and 6 ToesEsoteric Awakening - Jun 12th 2021 7:11pm EDT


  • Planetary Orbits Influence On ConsciousnessEsoteric Awakening - Apr 17th 2021 8:50pm EDT

    Exploring Planetary Orbits and Consciousness: This article is the second part in a two-part series about how the planets influence and relate to the conscious and unconscious mind. There are four planets that represent the conscious mind are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.These are also known as the “inner planets” in astronomy. The four planets that represent the unconscious mind are: […]

  • CHOICESEsoteric Awakening - Feb 13th 2021 3:37am EST

    We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with an impure mind And trouble will follow you As the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. […]

  • What Is A Vibrational Assist And How Does Monatomic Help?Esoteric Awakening - Feb 11th 2021 12:25pm EST

    All living beings have an energy field that surrounds them that reverberates at specific frequencies; this is called an aura. The aura comes from the vibrations put off by our cells, but when the cells can’t vibrate at the same frequency, your energy field can be blocked or thrown off. How Do Energetic Vibrations Affect The Body? […]

  • Secret City: A film about the City of London, and the Corporation that runs itEsoteric Awakening - Jan 24th 2021 3:22pm EST

     To learn more visit my Esoteric Law playlist here.

  • The Corruption of the Priesthood of AmenEsoteric Awakening - Jan 19th 2021 2:25pm EST

    Our talk about the taxation of Egyptian farmers and the lack of taxation of temple lands sparked my interest.  This got me thinking about the growing power, and eventual corruption, of the temples and priests that was mentioned.  I did some research and found that the corruption spanned many rulers, all of which had some […]

  • The HyksosEsoteric Awakening - Dec 29th 2020 8:26pm EST

    The Hyksos or Hycsos ( or ;[3] Egyptian heqa khaseshet, “ruler(s) of the foreign countries”; Greek Ὑκσώς, Ὑξώς) were a multiracial people from Middle East who took over the eastern Nile Delta, ending the Thirteenth Dynasty of Egypt and initiating the Second Intermediate Period.[4] Important Canaanite populations first appeared in Egypt towards the end of the 12th Dynasty c. 1800 BC, and either around that time or c. 1720 BC, formed an independent realm in the […]