• Gab AI’s Core Model Update: Smarter, Faster, Unbiased AI Solutions

    Gab News - Apr 19th 2024 11:23am EDT

    Introducing Gab AI’s Enhanced Core Model Gab is thrilled to announce a major update to our core model behind Gab AI, delivering an unprecedented leap in artificial intelligence capabilities, all while maintaining our commitment to uncensored and unbiased technology. Our new core model beats the latest models from Google and Mixtral in standard benchmarks. Enhanced […]

  • Resurrection Sunday Mocked By The Antichrists Running The Biden White House

    Gab News - Mar 30th 2024 12:33pm EDT

    The Biden White House just announced a proclamation declaring this Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, as the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This follows almost one year after a member of the trans community unleashed a wave of devastation upon Christians in Nashville that ended the lives of six of our brothers and sisters in Christ including three […]

  • Christ Is King and I Don’t Care If That Makes Me Antisemitic 

    Gab News - Mar 25th 2024 12:26pm EDT

    In light of Candace Owens and The Daily Wire “ending their relationship” last week after the factual statements about Israel and Jews that Candace has been making over the past several weeks, I think it’s a good time to answer a serious question from a Biblical perspective that far too many American Christians get wrong: […]

  • We’re Cleaning Up Gab And It’s Long Overdue

    Gab News - Mar 11th 2024 11:33am EDT

    Gab is a platform dedicated to preserving and promoting free speech while maintaining a safe environment for all users. Balancing these two objectives can be a delicate dance, as we strive to protect the rights of individuals to express themselves while simultaneously ensuring that our community remains free from subversive bad actors who seek to […]

  • Social Media As We Know It Is Dead And AI Killed It

    Gab News - Mar 7th 2024 10:09am EST

    Authenticity in today’s world has become a rare commodity. The advent of AI and its ability to replicate human behavior in text-based conversations, posts, and comments has led to an influx of inauthentic content and interactions. The line between AI and human engagement has blurred, leaving users struggling to distinguish between genuine human interaction and […]

  • The Era of Free Lunch on the Internet is Over

    Gab News - Feb 29th 2024 12:27pm EST

    The Rise of Sustainable Business Models In the world of free social networks the user is the product rather than the customer. This is because these platforms generate revenue primarily through advertising and the users’ data is the currency that drives this model. Instead of simply paying for the privilege of getting access to your […]

  • Google’s Anti-White AI Is Tech’s Bud Light Moment

    Gab News - Feb 24th 2024 1:15pm EST

    As the CEO of Gab I’ve been in the fight to expose the bias and censorship of Big Tech companies for nearly 8 years now. Every few months over the course of those eight years there has been one story or another about Big Tech’s bias and their censorship of people on the right. Not […]

  • Who Are God’s Chosen People?

    Gab News - Feb 23rd 2024 2:15pm EST

    by Pastor Andrew Isker “We must give eleventy gazillion dollars to Israel because ‘they are God’s Chosen People’ and ‘those who bless you I will bless’” is a refrain Christians have been told their entire lives. There is no single theological issue that is the cause of greater confusion among Christians than what the status […]

  • To The Jew First And Also To The Greek

    Gab News - Feb 20th 2024 10:54am EST

    by Pastor Andrew Isker Introduction The pattern of New Testament missionary preaching is laid out in Acts 13. Paul and Barnabas go to the synagogue first, they preach to the Jewish diaspora, and there the New Creation and New Covenant break into and break apart the Old Creation and Old Covenant. Some Jews believe, but […]

  • Our Calendar Is Killing Us

    Gab News - Jan 29th 2024 11:45am EST

    The Crisis of the Common Era by John Heers, First Things Foundation What is time? It’s weird, right? If you think of time you inevitably start to think of aging and movement, a passing, a thing that is going “forward” and something that catches up. Most of us think of time this way. If you’re […]

  • The Victory of the Gospel Brings Opposition

    Gab News - Jan 26th 2024 6:58pm EST

    by Pastor Andrew Isker Introduction In the Book of Acts, the people of God are sent out to conquer the world as Israel conquered Canaan in Joshua. The Holy Spirit has come down in power on the Day of Pentecost and great signs and wonders were being done by Him through the apostles. The response […]

  • AI As The Information War Superweapon

    Gab News - Jan 16th 2024 12:02pm EST

    Many people, even those who do not fall prey to mainstream narratives, do not know what to make of AI. When the subject of AI comes up, most people assume it is uncanny valley images of people with three thumbs and eleven fingers or that it is a demonic computer entity which will become self-aware […]

  • Building AI: Augmented Intelligence

    Gab News - Jan 8th 2024 1:38am EST

    As Gab continues AI development, I’ve been contemplating its philosophical, theological, and metaphysical implications of this new technology. This past year, I’ve looked beyond the media’s sensationalism, understanding AI as a mere tool, much like any other technology. Claims of AI being sentient or potentially becoming so are exaggerated, at worst laughable, and at best, […]

  • God’s Judgment in the New Covenant

    Gab News - Jan 2nd 2024 10:46am EST

    by Pastor Andrew Isker Introduction In Acts, the church is the New Covenant People of God. God’s people are in a similar situation as Israel in the book of Joshua. Jesus has crossed the Red Sea of death and led us through the wilderness, but at the beginning of the book He has ascended, like […]

  • Gab’s Bold Vision for 2024: An Uncensored AI Platform

    Gab News - Jan 1st 2024 2:34pm EST

    This year Gab is focused on harnessing the power of AI and pivoting towards building uncensored AI platform founded on open-source models. We want to unleash a wave of creativity and freedom in the market, a freshness distinctly lacking in today’s AI landscape. This new AI platform will be separate from our Gab Social platform […]

  • The Tyranny of Enlightened Freedom

    Gab News - Dec 29th 2023 11:03am EST

    Dostoevsky vs the World by John Heers, First Things Foundation Freedom is a hard thing. It can be confusing. It is essential to the understanding of both law and love. It presents itself as both a means to an end and as an end itself. It seems to be everything and nothing, all at once.  […]

  • The Old Temple Versus The New Temple

    Gab News - Dec 21st 2023 2:12pm EST

    by Pastor Andrew Isker Introduction Can you think of the boldest stand you have ever taken in your life? A time when you knew you were right, where you stood publicly for something true and just and everyone else around you opposed you? Do you remember what that felt like? That is the kind of […]

  • Divining the Dream Machine: Part 3

    Gab News - Dec 19th 2023 12:38pm EST

    Science-Fiction, Hollywood, and the Technology of Antichrist by Thomas Millary Weston’s Evolving Worldview The worldview of sci-fi has spilled out from fiction into pop-intellectualism from the beginning. Father of the genre HG Wells was also a social critic, whose books such as The Open Conspiracy and The New World Order provided extensive arguments for a […]

  • Divining the Dream Machine: Part 2

    Gab News - Dec 18th 2023 10:45am EST

    Science-Fiction, Hollywood, and the Technology of Antichrist by Thomas Millary “The Art of Dreaming” After decades of obsession with movies and pop-culture, Jasun Horsley realized that Hollywood is hell. His book “16 Maps of Hell: The Unraveling of Hollywood Superculture” documents numerous case studies of disturbing figures and events within the history of the entertainment […]

  • What Is Capitalism?

    Gab News - Dec 11th 2023 9:09am EST

    The Binding New World Ligament by John Heers, First Things Foundation Most people in the world accept the idea that capitalism is an economic system. For most people capitalism is a thing you use, a system in which you participate so as to gain benefits associated with money. Most people think of capitalism as a […]

  • Confessions of a Steward — Honest Horse Keeping

    Gab News - Dec 8th 2023 11:15am EST

    by Joel Salatin, Plain Values I don’t own a horse. I don’t keep a horse. That’s precisely why I’m qualified to address the issue—I don’t have preconceived notions about keeping horses. I have thought and yakked about it quite a bit, though, because one of the most common questions people ask me is about keeping […]

  • Israel’s Second Chance

    Gab News - Dec 7th 2023 10:22am EST

    by Pastor Andrew Isker Introduction In each of the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke), as Jesus preached against the wicked and perverse generation in Israel, He made a statement that has puzzled many Christians even to this day. “Blasphemy against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but he who blasphemes against the Holy […]

  • Mythologizing Modernity

    Gab News - Dec 5th 2023 9:21am EST

    The cosmic tale goes ever on by The Saxon Cross History is dead. Or, so I was told. For a long time, I believed it. Not because I wanted to, but I could see the world around me. It was plain as day that I did not live in the world of my heroes. Myth […]

  • Re-Considering Doug Wilson’s “Covenant with Hagar” Part 2

    Gab News - Dec 4th 2023 10:17am EST

    by Gabe Harder Defining the Covenant To this point, it should be clear that the “covenant with Hagar” is key to Wilson’s brand of soft supersessionism. What’s equally clear, however, is that this particular covenantal arrangement evades precise definition, and what elements have been made plain at times appear entirely incompatible with a historic Reformed […]

  • Re-Considering Doug Wilson’s “Covenant with Hagar” Part 1

    Gab News - Dec 1st 2023 9:38am EST

    by Gabe Harder Introduction Doug Wilson’s “American Milk and Honey” is now available. There’s a great deal in the book worth commenting on, and I anticipate engaging with that material more broadly in the near future. In the lead-up to its release, however, Moscow has not been silent concerning Israel, the Jews, and antisemitism. Not […]