• What is Toxic Masculinity?

    Gab News - Sep 26th 2023 12:36pm EDT

    Is There a Standard for Being a Jerk by John Heers, First Things Foundation Toxic men are in the news again. Again. In fact, it is clear that they will always be in the news, because men are so often doing things men shouldn’t do. But still, this term toxic seems to have meaning beyond […]

  • Porch Time | One Minute with Marlin

    Gab News - Sep 25th 2023 12:11pm EDT

    By Marlin Miller, Publisher of Plain Values On a recent trip, we spent a few evenings with a wonderful family who lost a young child only a few years ago. We quickly became fast friends as we connected on a deep level, sharing the good and the hard as our kids ran and played. As we […]

  • An Amazon Alternative For The Parallel Economy

    Gab News - Sep 22nd 2023 3:01pm EDT

    The concept of the Parallel Economy has gained significant traction in recent years largely thanks to Gab’s multi-year effort to mainstream the concept. A Parallel Economy is network of businesses and consumers who prioritize values, ethics, and principles over sheer commercial interests. People are no longer content with merely boycotting brands that don’t align with […]

  • Christian Nationalism and Christian Political Power

    Gab News - Sep 20th 2023 11:47am EDT

    by Pastor Andrew Isker Introduction 2 Samuel 22 is a Psalm of David, almost identical to Psalm 18. The fact that it is repeated here at the close of the book of Samuel isn’t just God trying to up the word count in the Bible like a student writing a term paper. It’s placement here […]

  • Sowing Seeds

    Gab News - Sep 18th 2023 12:25pm EDT

    by Rory Feek, Plain Values Last night, Indiana and I spent the evening in the garden weeding, watering the many rows of vegetables, and checking on how the seeds we’ve sowed this spring are doing. The broccoli and cabbage that were abundant a month ago are almost gone, and Brussels sprouts will be soon. Most of the […]

  • The Parallel Economy Goes Mainstream

    Gab News - Sep 15th 2023 10:51am EDT

    This week a comprehensive article in progressive magazine The New Republic delved into the emergence of the parallel economy with a particular emphasis on Gab’s role in spearheading it. It seems that what ultimately grabbed the interest of our enemies was the broader adoption of the Parallel Economy concept by the Conservative establishment gatekeepers. As […]

  • The Healing Land — Time for What’s Important Families

    Gab News - Sep 14th 2023 9:58am EDT

    By: Shawn and Beth Dougherty, Plain Values A child comes in the back door with a full milk can; the screen door slaps shut behind him. There is the sound of a bucket being set on the bench, the clang of a bail handle against the side of the milk can. In the kitchen someone is frying […]

  • Introducing the All-New Gab User Interface: More User-Friendly and Customizable Than Ever

    Gab News - Sep 13th 2023 10:56am EDT

    At Gab we’re committed to providing you with the best possible user experience and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our all-new Gab User Interface! With this update, we’ve taken user-friendliness and customization to the next level. Here’s what you can expect from the latest Gab experience: Customize Your Experience with Display Accent Colors […]

  • Upholding Free Speech Amidst the Censorship Machine

    Gab News - Sep 7th 2023 12:07pm EDT

    Dear Gab Community, In a digital age where online platforms seem to bow to external pressures and censorship demands, Gab proudly stands as a bastion of free speech. We’ve weathered storms, faced adversity, and stood firm in our commitment to protect your right to speak freely. Recent events, highlighted by the #BantheADL movement, have once […]

  • Lost and Found — Roots + Wings

    Gab News - Aug 22nd 2023 9:21am EDT

    By Rory Feek, Plain Values Each spring for the last couple of years, I’ve hosted a father/child campout for the dads and kiddos from the schoolhouse to spend an evening together, getting to know each other better, and making memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. But this year’s campout, held this past Saturday night, […]

  • Embracing The Boniface Option: Charting a Course for Christian Counteroffensive

    Gab News - Aug 21st 2023 8:55am EDT

    It is with great excitement and conviction that I introduce you to our latest offering from Gab Press, a book that holds the potential to ignite a transformative movement in a world deeply divided, manipulated, and re-engineered. The Boniface Option: A Strategy For Christian Counteroffensive in a Post-Christian Nation, penned by the nationally bestselling co-author […]

  • Gab Stands Firm Against Censorship Demand From New Zealand Government

    Gab News - Aug 18th 2023 10:50am EDT

    Dear Gab Community, We want to keep you informed about an important development involving Gab and its commitment to preserving the principles of free speech and open discourse. Our platform, which is based in the United States, has recently received a censorship demand from a foreign country – New Zealand. We feel it is our […]

  • Rich Men North of Richmond and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

    Gab News - Aug 17th 2023 12:03pm EDT

    by Pastor Andrew Isker Over the last week, a genuine viral phenomenon took place with Oliver Anthony’s Rich Men North of Richmond. A video of him singing the tune was shot by a local country station, and the unknown singer was instantly propelled into national fame. His song is a lament of the political and […]

  • Celebrating 7 Years of Gab: A Journey of Resilience and Free Speech

    Gab News - Aug 15th 2023 11:58am EDT

    Hello Gabbers, Today we celebrate a remarkable milestone: Gab’s 7th birthday. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since those early days and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the challenges we’ve overcome, the battles we’ve fought, and the victories we’ve achieved together. From the very beginning Gab was built on […]

  • Small Efficiency — Confessions of a Steward

    Gab News - Aug 15th 2023 9:55am EDT

    By Joel Salatin, Plain Values For decades, I’ve been direct marketing our farm’s production directly to retail customers as a direct-marketed, branded product. That means our farm embraces the role of middle-man and we have a logo. We practice craft rather than commodity. The Harvard Business Review analyzed the difference and found that although businesses […]

  • Free Speech Wins: Research Study Shocks Academics by Revealing Gab’s Edge Over Facebook

    Gab News - Aug 13th 2023 6:46pm EDT

    In the world of social media the battle between preserving free speech and maintaining a “civil online environment” has been a subject of intense debate for years. Traditional platforms like Facebook have taken a heavily censored approach, while alternative platforms like Gab.com have positioned ourselves as champions of free speech. Recent academic research has shed […]

  • Gab Emerges as the True Speech Platform, Contrasting The ADL’s Strategy For X/Twitter

    Gab News - Aug 11th 2023 10:10am EDT

    Newly surfaced undercover video has revealed a concerning truth: the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) seems to be exerting a significant amount of influence over the policies of X (formerly known as Twitter.) The video implies that the ADL may be calling the shots at X with the primary objective of preventing users from joining alternative platforms […]

  • Hopeless Causes and the Glory of God

    Gab News - Aug 10th 2023 8:18am EDT

    by Pastor Andrew Isker Introduction We live in an age of constant despair. It seems for so many that things are bad and will never get better. But these are circumstances that God does not leave us in. He takes us down to the depths to lead us out. This is so often the case […]

  • The Roundtable | Amish Insights on: Big Families | Pt. 1

    Gab News - Aug 8th 2023 10:48am EDT

    By: Emily Hershberger, Plain Values This Month’s Question:Springtime is a busy time of the year for homesteaders. How do you keep such large families seemingly so organized during busy seasons? Answered by: Emily Hershberger Emily: “Out with the cold and in with the spring” is what comes to mind as the sun shines these days. […]

  • What’s a Human Right, Anyway?

    Gab News - Aug 7th 2023 10:00am EDT

    Or more accurately, what is a human? by John Heers, First Things Foundation What is a human right? To answer this question I propose that we investigate first things first. What is a human?  From the Isle of Mann in the sea between England and Ireland, sometime around the 7th Century AD, we find this […]

  • Gab Tells Governments Who Demand Censorship To Get Lost, Facebook Censors On Behalf Of The Biden Admin

    Gab News - Aug 5th 2023 9:50am EDT

    The “Facebook Files” recently made public have shed light on how White House officials exerted pressure on the social media giant for special access to tools to target vaccine-hesitant users. They also criticized Facebook employees for not sharing enough data, contradicting White House claims during that time. At Gab we stand firm in our commitment […]

  • Yes, You Can Legislate Morality

    Gab News - Aug 4th 2023 10:08am EDT

    Any time a conservative Christian proposes laws to address issues of public morality, he is always told “you can’t legislate morality.” This is a mantra that is deep in the bones of liberal, democratic society. You hear it all the time. Want to pass laws to stop abortion? “You can’t legislate morality.” Want to eliminate […]

  • The Roundtable | Amish Insights on: Restoration | Pt 2

    Gab News - Aug 1st 2023 9:44am EDT

    By: Ivan Keim, Plain Values This Month’s Question: What does restoration look like in your community? Answered by: Ivan Keim, a minister in his local Amish church Ivan: He inquired about his fellow brethren back in Jerusalem. He asked about their well-being. The answer that he got, “[They] are in great affliction and reproach: the […]

  • Simplifying — Roots + Wings

    Gab News - Aug 1st 2023 9:41am EDT

    By Rory Feek, Plain Values On our recent trip to Amish country in Ohio to spend time with the team at the Plain Values office, Marlin put together a small gathering of folks from the community, and I sang a few songs and shared a few stories with them. But I think my favorite part […]

  • Moving Animals Around Pt. 2  —  Confessions of a Steward

    Gab News - Jul 31st 2023 2:00pm EDT

    By Joel Salatin, Plain Values Last month I laid the foundation for the patterns and whys of animal movement. Failure to systematically and routinely move domestic livestock is perhaps the single biggest failure in animal agriculture. But how? Fortunately, we have infrastructure today that makes learning ancient herding techniques unnecessary. In extremely remote and unpopulated […]