• BREAKING: New York City Commits Financial Suicide With Insane Trump Ruling

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 12:58pm EST

    Alex Jones reports on how NYC is shooting itself in the foot with latest Trump ruling that will make companies consider doing business elsewhere. Alex Jones breaks down how New York City has killed its own golden goose.

  • After 10 Years Of Torture, Julian Assange Set To Be Extradited To The U.S.

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 12:57pm EST

    Extradition to U.S. puts WikiLeaks founder’s life at risk, claims Amy Peikoff. BitChute policy officer Amy Peikoff joins Alex Jones live to discuss the unjust treatment of Julian Assange, and how we can secure journalistic freedom for all.

  • COVID Vaxxed May Be Ineligible To Give Blood, Says Red Cross

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 12:25pm EST

    Red Cross cautions those who took experimental COVID jab that they may not be eligible to donate blood. Alex Jones breaks it all down! Alex Jones reveals that having taken the experimental COVID-19 mRNA vaccine may make your blood useless to the Red Cross.

  • Watch: Tucker Claims Boris Johnson Demanded $1 Million For Interview Over Ukraine

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 12:13pm EST

    “So this whole thing is a freakin’ shakedown,” Carlson says. Tucker Carlson claimed former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would only agree to a sit-down interview if the former Fox News host paid him $1 million. During an interview with Blaze TV host Glenn Beck on Tuesday, Carlson revealed that he reached out to Johnson […]

  • Hillary Already Planning Deep State Coup If Trump Wins 2024

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 10:42am EST

    The globalists aren’t going to let Trump save the country without a fight Alex Jones breaks down a recent CNN interview with Hillary Clinton where she demonstrates classic projection and inversion regarding Donald Trump.

  • Learn Why The Left Scrambles Genders And How Men And Women Are Different

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 10:26am EST

    It doesn’t take a scientist to know men and women are not the same Alex Jones responds to ridiculous mainstream media publications that claim scientists just discovered men and women are different.

  • Black Judge Arrested for Shooting Ex-Boyfriend in Head While He Slept

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 9:24am EST

    Magisterial District Judge Sonya M. McKnight suspended, faces up to 40 years in prison on attempted murder charges, bail set at $300,000. A black judge in Pennsylvania was arrested last week after she allegedly shot her ex-boyfriend in the head while he was asleep, then attempted to claim he himself fired the gunshot that caused […]

  • Video: Bearded Tranny Slams Girl’s High School Basketball Player Onto Court, Team Forfeits Over Injuries

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 9:15am EST

    Opposing team forfeited game at halftime, but claimed the biological male opponent wasn’t the reason Footage going viral online shows a biological male posing as a woman allegedly injuring a female basketball player during a recent high school girl’s basketball game. The male plays for KIPP Academy in Massachusetts and according to a Fox News […]

  • Soros Destroys America, Government Does Nothing

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 9:07am EST

    Why is George Soros now becoming the judge in every courtroom in America? Why is our government not banishing this cancer from existence? So why are we all sitting around like the left as the human hemorrhoid George Soros fuels our doom and misery? Why is George Soros now becoming the Judge in every courtroom […]

  • Anti-Trump Resistance ‘Burned Out on Outrage,’ NYT Warns

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 9:03am EST

    “People are tired. I think last election we were desperate to get Trump out of office, and folks were willing to rally around that singular call to action. And this election feels different,” says far-left activist. The anti-Trump resistance of the Left is running out of steam ahead of the 2024 presidential election due to […]

  • Watch: Top FDA Official Admits ‘Didn’t Do Good Enough Job’ Informing Americans of COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths, Injuries

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 8:14am EST

    Government bureaucrat says FDA didn’t provide accurate vaccine-induced death figures compared to publicly-reported VAERS data. An FDA director was chastised over the federal agency’s failure to inform Americans about deaths associated with Covid-19 vaccines. Last week, during a House Oversight Committee hearing on improving Vaccine Injury and Compensation Systems, FDA Director at the Center for […]

  • “We Never Locked You Down!” WHO Takes Gaslighting To Whole New Levels

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 7:53am EST

    These people have some nerve lying to our faces Harrison Smith hosts The American Journal and plays a clip of the head of the World Health Organization gaslighting humanity about the Covid lockdowns passed down from his group to nations that obey its orders.

  • Massive Money Printing Will Accelerate as Debt Soars

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 7:45am EST

    What does this mean for savers? Your US dollars will be worth less, real wages will continue to show poor growth, and, after tax, disposable income will decline. The U.S. federal government published a December deficit of $129 billion, up 52% from the previous year. The private sector recession is clear as expenses continue to rise […]

  • Peter Schiff: Household Debt Highest In Nation’s History

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 7:43am EST

    “Investors still don’t understand how bad it is.” In a recent interview, Peter Schiff was featured on Real America with Dan Ball.  In analyzing the current economic landscape, Peter shared a perspective that challenges the optimistic narratives surrounding key indicators. His skepticism extends to reported job growth, which he attributes to individuals taking multiple jobs amid rising […]

  • The Awesome Verbal Punching Power of Thomas Paine

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 7:40am EST

    He saw republican government as the solution to the British system, wherein “people would worship not some ‘hardened, sullen-tempered Pharaoh’ like George III, but law itself and the national constitution, ‘for as in absolute governments the king is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king.’” Most public-school graduates have heard that […]

  • Media Lies Exposed: Trump Supporter Labeled ‘Russian CEO’ Reveals True Identity

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 7:31am EST

    Media falsely accused Ukrainian immigrant and military veteran of being a ‘Russian CEO’ Earlier this week, dozens of mainstream media outlets falsely claimed U.S. military veteran Roman Sharf was a “Russian oligarch” after he bought a pair of signed Donald Trump sneakers at an auction. In a video posted to social media, Sharf exposed the […]

  • Pelosi Brings Back Debunked RussiaGate Hoax: ‘What Does Putin Have on Donald Trump?’

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 6:49am EST

    “I don’t know what Putin has on Trump, but I think it’s probably financial,” Pelosi claims. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tried to revive the debunked RussiaGate conspiracy theory on Monday, claiming without evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin is blackmailing former President Donald Trump. During her appearance on former Biden press secretary Jen […]

  • Watch: Climate Change Pitch Meeting

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 6:19am EST

    Globalist unveils UN’s carbon neutral agenda, 15-minute cities and eating ‘zee bugs’ to a skeptical audience, in new comedy skit. A globalist minion tries to sell the everyday man on climate alarmism and the need to plunge toward a “carbon-free” energy future, in the latest pitch meeting skit by Infowars’ American Journal host Harrison H. […]

  • Musk Reveals Neuralink’s First Human Patient Controls Computer Mouse With Mind

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 5:04am EST

    Neuralink implanted the first brain chip into a human in January In an X Spaces event, Elon Musk revealed the first human patient implanted with a brain chip from Neuralink has made a “full recovery” and “can control the mouse around the screen just by thinking.”  “Progress is good, and the patient seems to have […]

  • Illegals Attack NYPD At ‘Migrant’ Shelter, Throw Objects At Officers Making Arrest

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 4:55am EST

    New York City will soon be a Mad Max-level dystopia Wild footage out of New York City shows the moment a group of NYPD officers were assaulted by dozens of illegal aliens while they tried to make an arrest inside the state-funded Randall’s Island “migrant relief center.” Last week, around five police officers wrestled with […]

  • World Leaders No Longer Working Toward Peace – Serbian President

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 4:35am EST

    Munich Security Conference participants acted like “football fans” instead of looking for solutions, Aleksandar Vucic has argued The international community is no longer interested in ending conflicts, and instead views peace as an “unwanted” ideal, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has claimed in an interview with TASS published on Tuesday.   His comments follow last week’s annual Munich Security […]

  • 26 EU Countries Call For Immediate ‘Humanitarian Pause’ In Gaza (But Not In Ukraine)

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 4:31am EST

    Statement also urges Israel to halt planned assault on Rafah Almost all European Union countries issued a joint call for an immediate ‘humanitarian pause’ of fighting in Gaza on Monday. Hungary was the only country that didn’t sign on to the statement. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced that 26 of 27 EU states had […]

  • Report: Navalny’s Last Letters Questioned Joe Biden’s Health, Suggested “Trump Will Become President”

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 4:24am EST

    News of Biden’s deteriorating state even spread to Russian prisons Some of recently-deceased Russian political dissident Alexei Navalny’s last letters allegedly complained about Democrats running Joe Biden for president again and suggested Trump will take his place due to Sleepy Joe’s poor health. According to letters obtained by The New York Times, Navalny sent a letter […]

  • Evidence Shows Biological ID System Has Already Been Deployed

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 3:47am EST

    Fluorescent glow in the faces of the vaxxed under UV light. Evidence shows that humanity has already been infected with cutting edge surveillance nanotechnology. Emotionally, it is easy to dismiss the work of Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea for it is very disturbing. But her work is shown through scientific testing and backed up by government […]

  • Israel Sets Deadline on Rafah Invasion as US Drafts Ceasefire Resolution in Major Reversal

    Infowars - Feb 20th 2024 3:43am EST

    More than 29,000 Palestinians killed, 69,000 wounded since October 7 attack on Israel Israeli Knesset member Benny Gantz, who is also a member of Israel’s war cabinet, said over the weekend that the invasion of Rafah will begin on March 10, the Muslim holy day that marks the start of Ramadan, if the Israeli hostages […]