• Moloch vs. Lucifer with Ian Ferguson (Ep.114)

    Irida TV - Sep 14th 2023 11:27am EDT

    Ian Ferguson from whitelotusoflight.com joins us to discuss a nuance you probably never considered before. Who is Moloch, the Canaanite god from the Old Testament, and what’s his relationship to Lucifer? Does the term “Satan” describe Lucifer or something far more sinister? Get ready for a wild ride in this conversation! Notes: Ian Ferguson’s website:… […]

  • Usury and Self-Oppression (Ep.113)

    Irida TV - Sep 9th 2023 6:31pm EDT

    Some thoughts following up a great conversation with Dr. E Michael Jones on usury, banking, and business. How do we identify where the SYSTEM is oppressing us vs. where we are suppressing ourselves? Adjusting ourselves is always easier than adjusting others, so how do we identify those cases to put our energy into the best… […]

  • Economics Requires Moral with Dr E Michael Jones (Ep.112)

    Irida TV - Aug 29th 2023 7:16pm EDT

    Dr. E Michael Jones joins us at IridaTV to discuss his pivotal work on economics, Barren Metal. What is the most fundamental and important aspect of an economy? Who should benefit from and what is the value of labor? How do you extract value from others’ labor without doing any work? Dr Jones answers within!… […]

  • Banking Without Usury: A Thought Experiment (Ep.111)

    Irida TV - Jul 22nd 2023 11:35am EDT

    In a financial system where we have a banking system that generates money out of nothing, what is the purpose of borrowers paying any interest at all? What is the societal purpose of banks to begin with? If usury is wrong at any level, even at a 1% interest, how could we have a banking… […]

  • What’s Wrong with the Official Banking Narrative? (Ep. 110)

    Irida TV - Jul 14th 2023 8:44pm EDT

    We discuss the mainstream narratives of banking and economics and examine glaring flaws in it, referencing an analysis by economist Prof. Richard Werner. Notes: Shifting from Central Planning to a Decentralised Economy https://professorwerner.org/shifting-from-central-planning-to-a-decentralised-economy/ Find all our content at https://irida.tv Check out our forbidden news aggregator at https://dissentwatch.com The post What’s Wrong with the Official Banking […]

  • Power, Evil, & Courage (Ep.109)

    Irida TV - Jul 13th 2023 8:07pm EDT

    Power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. Or does it? How is good possible without power? What comes with power and why do we fear it? Labour not the harvest of your weakness! Find more of our content at https://irida.tv/ Check out our forbidden news aggregator at https://dissentwatch.com/ The post Power, Evil, & Courage (Ep.109) […]

  • Saving Western Civilization Through Children (Ep.108)

    Irida TV - Jul 6th 2023 10:20am EDT

    What is the West and why is it so valuable? We all know that the education system in the West is teaching children to hate their own civilization and their own culture. How do we reinject and excite children to want to learn of their own culture, the opportunity that is presented to them because… […]

  • Controlling People by Controlling Responsibility (Ep.107)

    Irida TV - Jun 26th 2023 5:56pm EDT

    Pride month got me thinking about how to effectively disarm the forces who control us with words. We are objectively responsible for our actions, but we subjectively choose to believe that or not. If we can control someone else’s belief in what they are responsible for, we can control actions. How do you defend yourself… […]

  • Fixing Washington State – Interview with Gubernatorial Candidate Semi Bird (Ep.106)

    Irida TV - Jun 22nd 2023 7:23pm EDT

    Dylan Moore of Irida TV interviews Semi Bird who is running for Governor in Washington State for 2024 on the Republican ticket. Dylan and Semi discuss hot issues in Washington State, the details of the path to victory, and the nuance of how to actually run the State from the governor’s seat once you’re in… […]

  • The 4 Circuits of Human Interaction – INTELLECTUAL SELF DEFENSE

    Irida TV - Jun 11th 2023 3:28am EDT

    Human beings are dealt cards to a game that they don’t know how to play. This video will begin to teach you the rules to that game. You have spent most of your life being manipulated and bullied because you don’t even know how to recognize it. Understanding these basics of human interaction will radically… […]

  • Teachers Unions – A Case Study for Understanding the Predictability of History (Ep.104)

    Irida TV - May 31st 2023 2:49pm EDT

    Irida TV invites Eloise Smith from the Freedom Foundation back to discuss historian Carroll Quigley’s hypothesis on natural progression for social organizations to lose sight of their original goals. This is a continuation of our Evolution of Civilizations series, where we explore Quigley’s hypothesis to see if we can apply scientific thinking to historical analysis.… […]

  • Stop Being Reasonable

    Irida TV - May 27th 2023 11:37am EDT

    Breaking down how reasonable people allow themselves to be manipulated, how to spot it, and how to avoid it. Your life won’t be the same once you get this. Notes: Find more of our content at https://irida.tv/>https://irida.tv/ Follow our forbidden news aggregator at The post Stop Being Reasonable appeared first on Irida TV.

  • The Consequences of Confusing Cause and Effect (Ep.102)

    Irida TV - May 23rd 2023 7:46pm EDT

    Most people confuse cause and effect in order to deceive themselves into shirking their responsibility, seeking an way to actively suppress their own free will. What are the consequences of engaging in this form of self-deception? Find more of our content at https://irida.tv/ Follow our forbidden news aggregator at https://dissentwatch.com/ The post The Consequences of […]

  • National Sales Tax – What You’re Missing!

    Irida TV - May 22nd 2023 7:15pm EDT

    Dylan of Irida TV goes over the good, the bad, and the ugly of replacing income taxes with a national sales tax, and proposes a better solution from an MMT perspective. Notes: -Old Desantis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hfybA5_FVc&t=0s&ab_channel=MAGAInc.WarRoom -Follow our forbidden news aggregator at https://dissentwatch.com/ The post National Sales Tax – What You’re Missing! appeared first on Irida […]

  • How to Starve Woke Curricula In Schools with Eloise Smith (Ep.100)

    Irida TV - May 15th 2023 2:42am EDT

    Eloise Smith from the Freedom Foundation joins Dylan of Irida TV to discuss her organization’s amazing work. Since a 2018 Supreme Court decision, teacher (and all public sector workers) cannot be forced to pay union dues. Eloise describes how her organization helps teachers stop paying their union dues and finds them better options for liability… […]

  • The First Republic Collapse: Systemic Causes & Cures

    Irida TV - May 7th 2023 5:58pm EDT

    The First Republic Collapse: Systemic Causes & Cures We discuss the recent collapse of First Republic Bank, its systemic, institutional causes, and what could be done to resolve these issues overnight. Notes: Analysis: U.S. banks face trillion-dollar reverse repo headache https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/us-banks-face-trillion-dollar-reverse-repo-headache-2022-08-02/ First Republic, he added, “lost so much in deposits, they have to replace that… […]

  • Irida TV Guest Appearance: Tommy Nation Politics (Ep.97)

    Irida TV - Apr 29th 2023 6:47pm EDT

    Dylan Moore from Irida TV joins Tommy Nation Politics to discuss where the right and the left have a lot less to fight about than they think they do. Economics, Trump 2024, why the far right are a bunch of LARPers, why there is no silver bullet, Dominian lawsuit settlement and why voting machines violate… […]

  • Did Ron DeSantis Kill Free Speech In Florida? (Ep. 98)

    Irida TV - Apr 29th 2023 5:14pm EDT

    We discuss Florida House Bill 269 which Governor Ron DeSantis just signed into law in Israel. Some people argue that it threatens free speech in the sunshine state, in particular speech criticizing the Jewish community. We take a look at the bill and discuss its implications on Floridian’s First Amendment rights. Notes: Florida House Bill… […]

  • Blackpillers and Determinists Are Your Enemy (Ep.96)

    Irida TV - Apr 22nd 2023 2:38am EDT

    On this show, we discuss how being blackpilled and accepting determinism are forms of cowardice and the most effective weapons of your enemy. If someone wishes to defeat you, the easiest, least expensive way to do so is to convince you that you cannot win and that all is hopeless. Of course, the only reason… […]

  • Why The Dollar Refuses To Fail (Ep.95)

    Irida TV - Apr 18th 2023 11:10pm EDT

    We discuss international currency market mechanics and why the US Dollar habitually defies the doomsayers’ predictions. Notes: Gloomy outlook issued for US dollar https://www.rt.com/business/574287-us-dollar-gloomy-outlook/ “No Reason” For Malaysia To Rely On US Dollar, PM Warns As Yuan Influence Grows https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/no-reason-malaysia-rely-us-dollar-pm-warns-yuan-influence-grows China, Brazil Strike Deal To Ditch Dollar For Trade https://www.barrons.com/news/china-brazil-strike-deal-to-ditch-dollar-for-trade-8ed4e799 Mike Norman: Is everybody dumping… […]

  • ADL and SPLC Acquiring Legislative Powers (Ep. 94)

    Irida TV - Apr 9th 2023 10:57am EDT

    Mark Herr from the Center for Self Governance joins Dylan Moore of Irida TV to discuss the alarming issue of private entities, like the ADL and SPLC, training executive branch agencies to respond to words with definitions made, not by any legislative authorities, but by the ADL and the SPLC themselves. Words like “domestic violent… […]

  • The SVB Collapse & Banking Basics Explained (Ep.93)

    Irida TV - Apr 7th 2023 6:01pm EDT

    We delve into a detailed discussion into how banking works and what happened during the lead-up to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. A lot of self proclaimed experts are coming out of the woodwork to proclaim another 2008 banking crisis. If you want to make sense of the fog and confusion you should most… […]

  • FTX Collapse & The Case For Bitcoin Maximalism (Ep.92)

    Irida TV - Apr 3rd 2023 10:23pm EDT

    We discuss the arguments for Bitcoin Maximalism and comment on an article making the case for it, written in 2022 by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Notes: In Defense of Bitcoin Maximalism https://vitalik.ca/general/2022/04/01/maximalist.html Find all our content at https://irida.tv The post FTX Collapse & The Case For Bitcoin Maximalism (Ep.92) appeared first on Irida TV.

  • THE RED WAVE YOU MISSED IN 2022! (Ep.091)

    Irida TV - Feb 18th 2023 5:20pm EST

    Still depressed by the red wave that never happened in 2022? The results at the federal level may have been depressing, but there was a red tsunami all over the country in a place that you probably weren’t looking. The Erin Volz, vice-chair of the Lewis County Republican Party in Washington State, and Lacey Clark… […]

  • North Dakota with Rep. Christensen: No Rights for Nature, Inanimate Objects, AI, or Corporations (Ep.90)

    Irida TV - Feb 15th 2023 6:12pm EST

    North Dakota State Representative Cole Christensen joins Dylan Moore of Irida TV to discuss the groundbreaking and historic bill that he has sponsored into the North Dakota legislature. As of recording, the bill has passed the state house 86 to 7, which limits the definition of “Personhood” to only include human beings, and to specifically… […]