• Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor Return to TPC

    James Edwards - May 28th 2023 1:00pm EDT

    Here’s an hour by hour breakdown of the May 27 broadcast: Radio Show Hour 1 Peter Brimelow, editor of VDARE.com and author of the best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, returns to the program to sound an important alarm. Radio Show Hour 2 Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance and author […]

  • Hello, Summer

    James Edwards - May 28th 2023 3:00am EDT

    This weekend marks the beginning of summer and beach music is now the order of the day! Here’s my favorite from America’s band.

  • Listen to The Political Cesspool Radio Program LIVE Tonight / Saturday, May 27, 6-9 PM CT

    James Edwards - May 27th 2023 5:00am EDT

    Don’t miss what is guaranteed to be an engrossing evening of talk radio when two lions return to the broadcast. Kicking things off, Peter Brimelow of VDare.com will sound an important alarm. Afterwards, Jared Taylor of American Renaissance will be back to tell us all about his abbreviated trip to Europe – and much more! […]

  • U.S. Navy Enlists Drag Queen Ambassador

    James Edwards - May 25th 2023 5:00am EDT

    by Paul Craig Roberts The military can no longer recruit the traditional backbone of the fighting force – white Southern conservative heterosexual men. Few Democrats can be found in America’s armed forces – only 29%. White Southern males see serving their country as honorable. But when they see their country being taken away from them […]

  • Restless Souls

    James Edwards - May 23rd 2023 5:00pm EDT

    by Father Dabney Recently, I was privileged to be invited to contribute to a project, one which turned out to be a fantastic book. Many of you have already bought and read The Honorable Cause: A Free South, and I’d personally like to thank you. I honestly thought the book would be a disjointed collection […]

  • Twitter’s Free Speech Schizophrenia

    James Edwards - May 22nd 2023 1:00pm EDT

    by John Friend “Censor not, lest ye be censored,” Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Twitter, tweeted recently. Since purchasing Twitter, Musk has been vilified by the far left and liberal activist community for pledging to restore free speech on the platform, ostensibly allowing more conservative and right-wing voices space on one of the world’s […]

  • Another Great Broadcast

    James Edwards - May 21st 2023 1:00pm EDT

    Note – TPC’s second quarter fundraising drive is all set to kick off on June 1. We once again have an excellent assortment of incentive gifts prepared for our donors, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a letter from us to be delivered to your mailbox in just a few days! As […]

  • The Freddie

    James Edwards - May 21st 2023 3:00am EDT

    An old new dance for Jack Ryan to learn. Happy Sunday, y’all!

  • Radio Show Hour 1 – 2023/05/20

    James Edwards - May 20th 2023 10:14pm EDT

    Summer is right around the corner and we heat things up early when former State Representative and Gubernatorial nominee David Duke (R-LA) returns to the program for an extended discussion.

  • Radio Show Hour 2 – 2023/05/20

    James Edwards - May 20th 2023 10:12pm EDT

    Our conversation with this week’s featured guest continues.