• H.P. Lovecraft Themed Films! 8 Films That Will Break Your Mind

    Jay Dyer - May 22nd 2023 2:50pm EDT

    Jay and Jamie cover 8 or so HP Lovecraft themed films that break through to the other side – the dark side. Lovecraft films and others inspired by them are unique in Hollywood and independent arenas, and even our favorite Nic Cage emblazoned one of the most famous titles. Enjoy! Live Tonight at 8:15 PM […]

  • The True History of the Vatican: Pius IX, US Relations & More – Tim Gordon & Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - May 16th 2023 4:16pm EDT

    Tim Gordon rejoins me to cover the modern history of the Vatican, from the era of Pius IX and Vatican 1 and the interesting relations with the US government at the time. Tim covers the era of Lincoln, the Italian revolutionaries and more, as we dive into the era that set the stage for WW1, […]

  • Anglo-Saxon True History: Scott Manion on English History & More – Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - May 15th 2023 2:49pm EDT

    Scott Manion joins me to discuss his research into the real history of Albion, without any of the dross of w0ke nonsense. Since my background is Clan Maxwell and Clan Scott, I thought this would be a great topic to cover since we recently touched on this with CS Lewis’ interest in true English history […]

  • The Real Meaning of the Mission Impossible Films – Jay & Jamie

    Jay Dyer - May 14th 2023 2:38pm EDT

    In this analysis we will break down all 7 installments of the Mission Impossible franchise in anticipation of the coming 2 part conclusion (?) – Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning to the wildly successful series from Tom Cruise. What is the connection of the series to real intelligence operations and the CIA? Who is the basis […]

  • Institutional Capture Explained: The State Dept, CIA & Orthodox, Roman Catholic & Protestant Churches – Jay Dyer Pt. 1

    Jay Dyer - May 11th 2023 5:46pm EDT

    By: Jay Dyer An Introduction to the historical and geopolitical factors of state and private interference in ecclesial and religious affairs The notion of state interference in the life of the Church is well known to students of Church history: Arian Emperors, Imperial support for iconoclasm, the Frankish and Germanic control of the papacy, as […]

  • Mass Produced HUmAnOIDS – Quite Frankly & Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - May 11th 2023 1:31pm EDT

    Frank invited me on to discuss the overlap between our recent coverage of Brave New World, Tavistock and the 1976 film Network, which predicts mass produced “humanoids.” Big Live Event in Nashville June 3-4 before my Cali event! I’ll be speaking here! tix HERE Next up on our live tour is Los Angeles – July 6 […]

  • Total Control of the Mind: Analyzing Network (1976) – Bazed Lit Analyzer & Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - May 9th 2023 2:45pm EDT

    The 1976 film Network is one of the classics we have not yet come to in our analyses, but the timing is perfect for BLA to join us and breakdown the mockingbird mind management that made the American brain a test tube. Live tonight at 7 PM CST Big Live Event in Nashville June 3-4 […]

  • The Real Story of the Intelligence Agencies: OSS, CIA, MI6, & KGB – Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - May 8th 2023 4:58pm EDT

    Today we will do another breakdown of key history most are unaware of. The true story of the intelligence agencies is being the servants of of the robber barons. This removes the glitz and glamour of espionage which might be an honorable profession if it were in service to the nation, as opposed to service […]

  • Coronation: The Ancient Rites of Inversion & The Metaphysics of Geopolitical Chaos – Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - May 7th 2023 7:24pm EDT

    This is a clip from a recent livestream covering the mainline history of British Intelligence’s role in serving the designs of fabian socialism from the inner party elite. The full talk is available at my site or my R0kfin. The Coronation ceremony is what everyone is talking about, which is odd since this ancient Christian […]

  • War Propaganda, Tavistock & Energy Control – 21 Wire Panel

    Jay Dyer - May 6th 2023 1:26pm EDT

    Patrick Henningsen hosts a panel of academics and authors to cover modern war propaganda and psyops – making public opinion and consensus reality on war. Be sure and listen to the end with Freddie Ponton give his analysis of 5th generational warfare and energy control as the key issue in regard to Ukraine. Audio Discussion […]