• MOVIE NIGHT: R.O.T.O.R. Riff & Commentary (100k Party is Way Late) – Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - Apr 13th 2023 5:06pm EDT

    I’m way late but things got so crazy with our most intense couple months ever from Jan-Feb 2023. In that time, we ended up doing some of our biggest interviews ever, including Timcast, Lord Voldemort Special, Tucker Carlson Special, Dr Turley, Elijah Schafer and Shaun Attwood. Now, we can settle back into a more normal […]

  • Red Pill, Black Pill, Orange Pill, Black Ops – Jay on AM Wake Up

    Jay Dyer - Apr 12th 2023 5:52pm EDT

    I join Steve and TLAV and Pasta on the AM Wake Up Show. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at Choq.com using promo code ‘JAY50‘ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my books in the Shop!  The post […]

  • Jamie Kennedy + Jay Dyer + Jamie Hanshaw LIVE – Philosophy & Comedy Show

    Jay Dyer - Apr 10th 2023 1:50pm EDT

    An evening of philosophy, comedy, lectures & Q n A with Jay Dyer & Jamie Hanshaw with headliner standup from Jamie Kennedy 630-7PM! The KGB sorcerer is at it again with a new, 5 hour live event featuring an hour of absurdity and nonsense cringe, followed by Jamie Hanshaw on Hollywood symbolism, then an hour […]

  • Aldous Huxley Reveals the Entire Plan – Brave New World & Berkeley Speech Analysis – Jay Dyer (Half)

    Jay Dyer - Apr 9th 2023 2:10pm EDT

    Since Frank and I did the recent breakdown of every chapter to Brave New World I decided we would analyze the famous Berkeley Speech where Huxley gives key insights into the text. I will break down the talk piece by piece with comparison to the rest of the writings of the elite we have covered. […]

  • Trump Arrest & Indictment: Operation Nonsense & The Art of Distraction – Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - Apr 7th 2023 1:38pm EDT

    Today we cover what will be a never ending circus we will hear about endlessly for weeks, perhaps even years – the indictment of a president – for his past indiscretions with floosies. Although this is a spicy news story, it really means nothing and functions as a huge political weapon and distraction. As the […]

  • Future War: 5th Generational Warfare & Information War Explained (Partial)

    Jay Dyer - Apr 5th 2023 6:31pm EDT

    Military analyst JW joins me again to cover in a full 2 hour discussion concerning today’s news and geopolitical situation while reflecting on the origins of modern warfare from the Cold War. The full talk is available at my site or my R0kfin. Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at Choq.com […]

  • 2 New Live Jay Dyer Events – Tickets Here!

    Jay Dyer - Apr 4th 2023 5:27pm EDT

    Event 1: SUNDAY, APRIL 16 | 2PM-3PM PST Technocracy, Social Engineering & Toxic Culture Creation  For most, popular culture is an organic phenomenon that follows the creative genius of the artists that ebbs and flows with trends and fads. In reality, many these forces are ideologically driven by the powers that be, transcending the dialectic […]

  • How the Elite Control Structure Works: Tavistock & The Committee of 300

    Jay Dyer - Apr 2nd 2023 7:29pm EDT

    C0urtenay Turner joins me and Jamie to cover a classic from former British Intelligence operative Dr. John Coleman who wrote his prophetic text in the early 90s that warned of so much of what is happening today. This is the first half of the discussion while the second half is available for subscribers to my […]

  • Neo-Masculinity, Economic Collapse, Bitcoin & A New System – Cameron MacGregor

    Jay Dyer - Apr 2nd 2023 12:54pm EDT

    Cameron Macgregor, the son of Col. Douglas MacGregor, joins me to cover his recent series Men and the City concerning our reasons for hope: we don’t need to be black pilled. His site: https://www.knighttraveller.com His twitter: https://twitter.com/ceamac Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at Choq.com using promo code ‘JAY50‘ Subscribe to […]

  • The Vatican, Intelligence Agencies & Organized Crime: Gladi0 Text Analysis – Jay Dyer (Half)

    Jay Dyer - Mar 31st 2023 3:39pm EDT

    This evening we will cover the first half of the Paul Williams Gladi0 text, which is an info-packed mind-bender expose. I was left reeling after this text, and I am someone who reads and studies geopolitics and religion constantly. To see the level of corruption in the religious sphere of this magnitude boggles the mind […]