• Polling Shows Ohio has Gone Full MAGA

    Laura Loomer - Nov 28th 2023 5:46pm EST

    Emerson College polling shows Trump leading Biden by 12 points in the state of Ohio. However, the same poll shows every declared 2024 Republican Ohio U.S. Senate candidate is losing to Democrat incumbent U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. Republicans struggle to win Ohio when Trump is not on the ballot. No Republican presidential candidate has won […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Nikki Haley Presidential Run Being Funded By Radical Left Wing Donors Who Funded Hillary Clinton In 2016

    Laura Loomer - Nov 28th 2023 1:14pm EST

    As the establishment wing of the Republican Party has tried so desperately to take away the 2024 Republican nomination for President of the United States away from President Trump, many candidates have found themselves in, then out of favor with the establishment donor wing of the Party. For a while, maybe two weeks, absentee Florida […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Nikki Haley’s Presidential Bid Funded By Radical Leftist Donors Who Backed Hillary Clinton In 2016

    Laura Loomer - Nov 28th 2023 1:14pm EST

    As the establishment wing of the Republican Party has tried so desperately to take away the 2024 Republican nomination for President of the United States away from President Trump, many candidates have found themselves in, then out of favor with the establishment donor wing of the Party. For a while, maybe two weeks, absentee Florida […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump Administration Official Kelly Craft Caught Funding Haley, DeSantis, Christie, Pence, Suarez

    Laura Loomer - Nov 27th 2023 10:28pm EST

    Kelly Craft was President Trump’s choice to serve as the 30th Ambassador to the United Nations from 2019 to 2021. The Kentucky native was approved by Mitch McConnell’s Republican Senate by a vote of 56-34, and was officially sworn in to her position in September of 2019. Before serving as Ambassador to the United Nations, […]

  • FEC Records Show BlackRock’s Hold on the House and Senate GOP Establishment

    Laura Loomer - Nov 27th 2023 5:15pm EST

    FEC records from 2020-2023 show that the BlackRock Funds Services Group LLC Political Action Committee has made several donations to key House and Senate GOP members in essential leadership positions. BlackRock is the world’s largest assets manager and has been the leader in pushing ESG into the American Market. ESG essentially incentivizes companies to go […]

  • Nikki Haley Ramps up Anti-Trump Donations and Fundraising Ties

    Laura Loomer - Nov 27th 2023 1:02pm EST

    Presidential candidate Nimarata Nikki Haley has ramped up her anti-Trump fundraising ties. FEC records show the President and COO of Koch Companies Public Sector LLC recently donated to Nikki Haley for President INC. The Koch Network, notably comprised of the organizations Club for Growth and Americans For Prosperity Action, has pledged to spend millions to […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Deputy Campaign Manager Retains Firm Of Anti-DeSantis Democrat Lawmaker To Sue Insurance Company Amid Florida’s Growing Insurance Crisis

    Laura Loomer - Nov 24th 2023 6:36pm EST

    As Ron DeSantis prepares for his upcoming debate with California Governor and likely 2024 Democrat Presidential candidate Gavin Newsom in Georgia on November 30th, DeSantis will yet again make the case to Americans as to why he should be President by comparing his self perceived record with that of Gavin Newsom’s. For years, DeSantis has […]

  • Loomer Exposes The Lincoln Project Hired Democrat Powerbroker Lawfirm

    Laura Loomer - Nov 21st 2023 2:58pm EST

    Loomer exposed that The Lincoln Project hired Ellias Lawgroup, a law firm run by Democrat powerbroker Marc Ellias. In the past, Ellias pushed the discredited Steele dossier, which was used to help launch the bogus Trump- Russia Muller Probe. Ellias Lawgroup has represented the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Ellias also served on the board of […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Fails to Stop Masked Jihadis from Breaking Florida Law

    Laura Loomer - Nov 20th 2023 10:42pm EST

    The weakness of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was on full display over the weekend as investigative journalist Laura Loomer received exclusive footage of masked, mostly peaceful Hamas protesters terrorizing Florida residents in Tampa Bay and West Palm Beach. Florida Law states that it’s illegal for protesters in the Sunshine State to cover their faces during […]

  • Georgia Judge Finds Sufficient Evidence of “Cybersecurity Deficiencies” in Voting Machines

    Laura Loomer - Nov 20th 2023 5:05pm EST

    Judge Amy Totenberg, Senior Judge of the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, has issued a decision regarding the security of voting machines used in the 2020 election. Judge Totenberg found “sufficient evidence” of “cybersecurity deficiencies that unconstitutionally burden Plaintiffs’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights and capacity to case effective votes that […]

  • House Republicans Take Early Recess Amid Dysfunctional Session

    Laura Loomer - Nov 20th 2023 5:02pm EST

    It’s been a chaotic year in the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy was removed as Speaker of the House in October, Mike Johnson eventually replaced him, fights are breaking out in the halls of Congress, and, as usual, nothing of substance is getting done. While the rest of us wait for November 23rd for our […]

  • The Antemortem Eulogy of An Illegitimate President

    Laura Loomer - Nov 20th 2023 3:00pm EST

    Instead of dwelling upon Biden’s treasonous behavior and failed policies, let’s place our political ideologies aside and celebrate the life of our illegitimately elected President of the United States of America, who is 81 years old today, if he could only remember his age. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was born on November 20, 1942 in […]

  • Stacey Abrams’ Brother-in-Law Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges

    Laura Loomer - Nov 18th 2023 4:23pm EST

    Jimmie Gardner, the brother-in-law of Stacey Abrams, was arrested Friday on human trafficking charges related to sexual assault and battery of a minor. Gardner is married to Stacey Abrams’ sister, Leslie Abrams-Gardner, a federal judge in Georgia. Abrams-Gardner was on Biden’s shortlist for the United States Supreme Court. President Trump highlighted that Abrams-Gardner played a […]

  • Loomer’s Reporting Key in Freeing Trump from Engoron Gag Order

    Laura Loomer - Nov 18th 2023 9:22am EST

    New York appellate division Judge David Friedman freed President Donald Trump from Judge Engoron’s gag order Thursday. Loomer recently exposed Judge Engoron’s family’s bias against Trump and his attorney via their social media posts created during Trump’s civil trial, which Judge Engoron presides over. Loomer’s exposure revealed that those in Judge Engoorn’s orbit had the […]

  • Laura Loomer - Nov 17th 2023 3:20pm EST

    Today I am breaking the news that the stepson of conservative talk radio host Mark Levin, David Milstein, has been working for Ron DeSantis’ Presidential campaign during the 2024 Election.Milstein has been paid at least $22,000 by absentee Governor Ron DeSantis for “political consulting”. Mark Levin never once disclosed this to the public. WOW! Did […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis Campaign Paid For Endorsement Of Swimmer Riley Gaines

    Laura Loomer - Nov 17th 2023 3:07pm EST

    In June of 2023, swimmer Riley Gaines, who rose to semi-prominence after losing to a transgender named Lia Thomas in a swimming competition and speaking out about transgender men in women’s sports, endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis for President of the United States. Gaines claimed that endorsing DeSantis was the “right thing for women”. This statement […]

  • Elon Musk Comments On Laura Loomer’s ZeroHedge Debate

    Laura Loomer - Nov 16th 2023 10:06pm EST

    On Monday, X owner and billionaire Elon Musk commented on the ZeroHedge debate featuring investigative journalist Laura Loomer and libertarian comedian Dave Smith that aired yesterday. “Cool that you’re doing live debates on this platform,” Musk posted in response to Zero Hedge’s announcement about the debate. Musk, the owner of X has an astounding 162.9 […]

  • General Flynn Echoes Vivek Ramaswamy’s Call for GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel to Resign

    Laura Loomer - Nov 16th 2023 10:02pm EST

    Clips from my interview with Vivek Ramaswamy are going viral. Former National Security Advisor and Trump ally General Mike Flynn shared a clip from the discussion on X where I asked Vivek to suspend his presidential campaign and run for chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and replace Ronna McDaniel. Loomer Unleashed “got to […]

  • Biden and Newsom Host Xi Jinping in San Francisco for APEC CEO Summit

    Laura Loomer - Nov 14th 2023 4:35pm EST

    Tuesday marks the beginning of the APEC CEO Summit in San Francisco, California. APEC is the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, an inter-governmental forum headquartered in Singapore promoting free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This year marks its 30th annual conference. It’s being held this year for the third time in the United States and for […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: Harmeet Dhillon and Husband Are Prolific Donors To Anti-Trump RINOS Around The Country

    Laura Loomer - Nov 14th 2023 3:02pm EST

    As pressure continues to mount against Mitt Romney’s niece, current RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, several individuals have declared their own interest in taking McDaniel’s place should she be ousted from her position. One of those individuals is Harmeet Dhillon. Dhillon is a lawyer, and also the former Vice Chair of the California Republican Party. Earlier […]

  • 70 House Republicans Vote in Favor of Funding $300 Million FBI Building

    Laura Loomer - Nov 14th 2023 10:21am EST

    In a recent vote on an amendment to a spending bill, 70 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted in support of funding a new headquarters building for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with an estimated cost of $300 million. Representative Matt Gaetz (FL-01) proposed an amendment to the spending bill in question that […]

  • Washington Post Headquarters to Host Fundraiser for Trump-Hating Fulton County DA

    Laura Loomer - Nov 14th 2023 9:57am EST

    Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani T. Willis is holding a fundraiser on Wednesday, 11/15, in Washington, D.C., about 650 miles from her Atlanta office. The fundraiser is for her re-election campaign so she can continue to persecute President Donald Trump in Fulton County. I’ve obtained an image of an invitation revealing the fundraiser’s location […]

  • DeSantis Mega-Donor Ken Griffin Spotted with George W. Bush at Cowboys Game

    Laura Loomer - Nov 13th 2023 10:58pm EST

    Hedge fund manager Kenneth C. Griffin was seen seated next to President George W. Bush at the Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sunday. While the Cowboys destroyed the New York Giants like George Bush decimated Fallujah, rumor has it Griffin and Bush discussed the path forward in funding the 2024 […]

  • 24% of Americans Know Someone Killed by COVID Shot, No Accountability for Big Pharma

    Laura Loomer - Nov 11th 2023 7:16pm EST

    A surprising new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that 24 percent of Americans “believe someone they know died from COVID-19 vaccine side effects.” 69 percent say they don’t know anyone who was killed by the shot, and the remaining seven percent are unsure. This data was gathered via a telephone and online survey conducted in […]

  • EXCLUSIVE: NYC Judge Engoron, Who Gagged Trump, Exposed As “Free Speech” Hypocrite

    Laura Loomer - Nov 7th 2023 2:19pm EST

    On October 3, 2023, New York City Judge Arthur Engoron issued a gag order against President Trump in his Civil Fraud case. As recently as this week, that order has now been extended to Trump’s lawyers, who are now also gagged from speaking about the case outside of the courtroom. While being the leading candidate […]