• Economist Kevin Freeman on Coming Total Economic Collapse, Role of Gold-Backed Currency Legislation to Avert Catastrophe

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Sep 25th 2023 12:11pm EDT

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  • Ed Dowd Reveals Astonishing Death Rates in the UK

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Sep 22nd 2023 2:43pm EDT

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  • Saddest Interview Yet: Mass Death in the UK

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Sep 20th 2023 7:29pm EDT

    https://twitter.com/naomirwolf/status/1704254517729247316 I don’t often lose my composure when I am conducting an interview. I was given very thorough media training at the start of my career — indeed, when I was just 26 — by a woman who was a legend in the world of media training – the late Barbara Browning. In a book-lined […]

  • Genocidal Ancestral Memory

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Sep 14th 2023 8:39pm EDT

    I promised God, as you recall, after I got a second chance to be alive, that I would write the things I most feared to write. This essay is in that category. We are in a time — a manufactured time, I would argue – in which it has become taboo to talk about, let […]

  • I Am Pleased to Announce My New Book: “Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age”

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Sep 14th 2023 11:14am EDT

    Dear Friends, The corporate, mainstream media is trying to convince millions of Americans—through their endless promotion of recent smears and hit pieces —that our opinions about the global assault on liberty, and the compelling evidence we present about crimes of tyranny, are no more than a “conspiracy rabbit hole.” I need your help today to […]

  • Expressionless Babies, Bored Lovers – Have Humans Been Zombified?

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Sep 8th 2023 1:17pm EDT

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  • An Appeal

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Sep 5th 2023 9:02am EDT

    Dear Readers, A new wave of national and global attacks is upon me and my colleagues. These attacks notably come after my reporting on the findings of the extraordinary WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, working under the able leadership of Amy Kelly. The stories that that team broke, and my relentless reporting on those stories, […]

  • Expressionless Babies, Bored Lovers

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Sep 4th 2023 4:03pm EDT

    I feel that I make notes every day on mourning a world that has passed – and at times on noticing a new world that is barely stirring. So I mourn, and at times I hope. I’ve been traveling, and now I am home; so I have observed my fellow humans recently in airports, and […]

  • “The Covenant of Death”

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Aug 26th 2023 5:45pm EDT

    Please forgive my recent silence. I am locked in an apartment in Brooklyn, copyediting a new book (out in November with Chelsea Green), titled Facing the Beast. You can guess what it is about. But I have also had to take a breath for a week or two to manage my own emotions, because what […]

  • Dr. Robert Chandler Explains: Spike Protein, Heart Inflammation Still Present One Year After mRNA-Injection

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Aug 15th 2023 6:23pm EDT

    Dr. Naomi Wolf and Amy Kelly join Dr. Robert Chandler to discuss Report 79: mRNA COVID Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis at One Year Post-Injection: Spike Protein, Inflammation Still Present in Heart Tissue. https://dailyclout.io/report-79-covid-mrna-vaccine-induced-myocarditis-at-one-year-post-injection/

  • Dr. Robert Chandler Explains: Spike Protein, Heart Inflammation Still Present One Year Post mRNA-Injection

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Aug 15th 2023 5:08pm EDT

    Report 79

  • On Hearing President Trump In Person — And Not Hating It

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Aug 15th 2023 2:55pm EDT

    Today is a new low for an America that is being dragged through every humiliation, in its re-christening as a thoroughgoing Banana Republic. I’ve long argued that symbolic degradation of the US is part of the psychological war being waged against us. No President checks his watch multiple times at a military funeral without that […]

  • “Happy Indictment Day!”

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Aug 3rd 2023 11:23pm EDT

    I am in a deep blue small town in a deep blue state, here on the West Coast. The natives are jubilant today. “Happy Indictment Day!” shouted the neighbor of my host, as my host and I sat out on a balcony. The neighbor was emerging from a car, three stories below us. The building […]

  • Geneva Bible Genesis 40-50

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Aug 2nd 2023 9:12am EDT

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  • Geneva Bible Genesis 40-50: Joseph Finds His Brothers

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jul 26th 2023 12:29pm EDT

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  • Soup

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jul 21st 2023 8:46pm EDT

    I was supine on the couch, as I have been for a couple of weeks now, recovering from my very near brush with the Void. I’ve given myself, with my doctor’s blessing, permission to be in a state of “rest” — that retro condition — without guilt, for a while at least; which seems at […]

  • This Jewess Says RFK Jr is Right

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jul 19th 2023 10:01am EDT

    It’s legacy media hysteria time again: news outlets from The Washington Post to The Atlantic hyperventilate about what they spin as the latest scandale. Presidential candidate RFK Jr made comments at a dinner about ethnically targeted bioweapons. Mainstream media commentators claim that these comments are in themselves anti-Semitic. Some articles are going back in time, […]

  • Energies, Continued

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jul 7th 2023 10:12pm EDT

    I promised God, as you recall, in the hospital where I lay nearly dying, that, if I was allowed to live, I would write the things which I most feared to write. So here we are: starting. I sought my entire career to secure a reputation as a serious, academically-trained intellectual in the post-Enlightenment tradition. […]

  • Not Dead Yet

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jul 4th 2023 12:50pm EDT

    Dearest Readers (I feel by now as if I am addressing beloved friends out there, like a letter-writer in an Austen novel) — I am home at last from the second hospital — the “vortex hospital,” the hospital of near-no-return — and, per the title of this update, I am: Not Dead Yet. I can’t […]

  • Dearest Readers

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jun 26th 2023 12:37pm EDT

    Beloved readers, I’ve been silent for some time, and I feel I owe you an explanation. Last Monday I suffered, in ways I won’t trouble you by describing, and our wonderful friend and the gifted healer Dr Henry Ealy advised me to check in to the local ER. I was found to have a ruptured […]

  • Dear Readers: Five Reasons

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jun 12th 2023 5:26pm EDT

    Dear Readers, I cherish you as my family of interlocutors. Our journey on Substack together, with my series of essays, Outspoken, has been precious to me. I hope it has been meaningful to you too. The culture overall, and journalism especially, is in a time of darkness. But together we are indeed making a difference. […]

  • Metaphysical Energies: The Last Taboo

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jun 11th 2023 10:23pm EDT

    I was talking to my new friend Ora Nadrich, the gifted author of books about mindfulness and spirituality. We were mulling over the disturbing state of the world. Given that she is at home in the more mystical realms, I let down my guard a bit. “I feel,” I blurted out, “as if in the […]

  • Apocalypse Lunchtime

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jun 9th 2023 5:26pm EDT

    Has our species been trained now not to react to catastrophic danger or even extra super weirdness? And do we know what really happened on Wednesday in New York City? Last Wednesday I was in Brooklyn, New York, at about ten am. I had stayed in the borough overnight, as I was preparing to meet […]

  • The Geneva Bible Genesis 36-40

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jun 7th 2023 11:19am EDT

  • How Not to Become a Sociopath: The “Rest of America” and the Role of Joy

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jun 2nd 2023 10:36pm EDT

    Does having fun in your life protect you from becoming a sociopath? Since 2020, we have witnessed charming, well-educated, “civilized” people all around us — especially from what my husband calls (as others do) “the laptop class” — reveal, during ‘lockdowns” and medical tyranny — a side that is, bare teeth and all, nakedly sadistic. […]