• Letter from Cheyenne: We Make History re Clean Elections

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Feb 15th 2024 1:48pm EST

    Yesterday, here in lovely, spacious, friendly Cheyenne, Wyoming, was a day I will always remember. State Senator Tim Salazar, to the left, had responded to our call on WarRoom, in which we asked state legislators from across the country, to invite me to their statehouses so that I could present the CleanElections Model Bill that […]

  • What is a Culture?

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Feb 11th 2024 11:47am EST

  • What is a Culture?

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Feb 11th 2024 11:31am EST

    And here is my presentation of these findings to Steve Bannon, with credit to Ben Bergquam for being among the first, if not the first, reporter to break this crucial story of the border invasion of the United States, with all of its implications. If you appreciate my original independent reporting, please remember to support […]

  • What is a Culture?

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Feb 6th 2024 10:42pm EST

    These days, I dread, under certain circumstances, getting into New York City taxis. Cultures around the world vary of course. (That should not be a taboo sentence.) And there are some cultures in this world which women have no voice at all, and are treated with complete disrespect. I don’t wish to name that culture, […]

  • Phill Kline and Naomi Wolf — AVA/DailyClout — Create a Model Clean Elections Bill in Time to Pass for Nov 2024

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Feb 3rd 2024 12:25pm EST

  • AT LAST! American Voters’ Alliance and DailyClout — with Phill Kline and Me as Authors — Launch a Dream Clean Elections Model Bill! Just in Time for 2024

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Feb 3rd 2024 11:49am EST

    Phill Kline of American Voters’ Alliance, and I at DailyClout, teamed up to draft, with AVA’s lawyers, this model bill to clean up our elections. In my considered opinion, it solves most of the major issues with our current corrupted elections process. This bill, written (this was important to me) in clear and simple English […]

  • Letter from Charlottesville

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jan 27th 2024 5:52pm EST

    I’ve been traveling in America, that poor beleaguered superpower, for the last week or so. This is a postcard for you from the war. I left Brooklyn, New York, a week ago. On January 10, 2024, James Madison High School, up the road from where we are staying, had been commandeered by New York City’s […]

  • The Vitamin Wars

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jan 17th 2024 8:49pm EST

    Who pays for your media? This essay seeks to inform you about the importance of building a parallel independent media economy, and to tell you how to do it. I feel a need to help people become literate about the economics of a free press, at this critical time in history, due to two recent […]

  • Glimpses from a Season of My Life, For Real

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Jan 12th 2024 10:48pm EST

    A video version of my essay essay about the scary realities involved in performing real journalism for you every day, in the era of the global coup, under fire.

  • Glimpses from a Season in my Life, for Real

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Dec 29th 2023 7:49pm EST

    Photo by Marcus Woodbridge on Unsplash Dear friends, I want to share some scenes from the last few months of my life, as my last letter to you of 2023. I will end this letter with a request for you to please, for the New Year, upgrade your subscription to “paying,” if you possibly can. […]

  • Not Offended by Christmas

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Dec 23rd 2023 10:15am EST

  • Not Offended By Christmas

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Dec 23rd 2023 10:03am EST

    Here is the video version of my essay on why I am not offended by Christmas — and how the war on Christmas and Hanukah began. Do you feel a slow darkening of the holidays over the last few decades? You are not imagining it — it is real and it is intentional. The essay […]

  • Not Offended by Christmas

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Dec 19th 2023 11:48pm EST

    The thing is, I remember Christmas. I mean, real Christmas. I was born in 1962. Which means that by 1966 or 1967 or so…I was aware that something magical happened to the world, at least to our world in America, in the middle of Winter. By the time I was in kindergarten, I had some […]

  • DailyClout Wholly Erased All at Once from Facebook, Instagram; Users Receive Threatening Messages

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Dec 11th 2023 4:43pm EST

    DailyClout contributors and readers discovered yesterday, Dec 10, 2023, that Facebook has removed all of DailyClout’s content, both articles and videos, or marked it all as Spam. This scorched-earth erasure was applied to DailyClout — and to my own — content, posted as far back as September 2022.  Facebook also blocked readers from sharing DailyClout […]

  • Excerpt From ‘Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age’

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Nov 30th 2023 3:47pm EST

  • Has Neuroscience Found the Key to What Caused Zombie Nation?

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Nov 27th 2023 3:06pm EST

    The Indoctrinated Brain How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom By Dr. Michael Nehls Foreword by Dr. Naomi Wolf The fact that the brain is plastic—modifiable—has become much better understood by the public in the past few decades. General readers understand by now that the human brain can be altered; […]

  • Is Naomi Klein “Othering” Me Due to Family Ties’ Multi-Millions in Vaccine Money?

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Nov 22nd 2023 7:35pm EST

    The writer, Naomi Klein, wrote a whole book, Doppelgänger: A Trip Into the Mirror World, weirdly, I gather, centering on me. I have intentionally not read it yet, and I had hoped not to have to do so. But I may have to; because I uncovered such a stunning conflict of interest — the Klein […]

  • Among the Rich

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Nov 17th 2023 5:20pm EST

    I stepped back into Manhattan and Brooklyn last week, down to the city from my life in the deep upstate woods. I was revisiting the world of privilege that had ousted me in 2021, and that had been so confident and even smug right up until and into the “pandemic.” It’s haunting, what that world […]

  • Thanksgiving Gathering

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Nov 13th 2023 5:10pm EST

    In November 2022, I traveled to Florida, to do research for a new book. I stayed in a hotel for almost a week, in a modest, touristy town, a few miles from the beach. We were able to be in Florida at that time because for the second year, we had not been invited to […]

  • Cities

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Nov 12th 2023 10:30am EST

    I’m writing on the morning of my 61st birthday — a phrase that does not trip off the tongue, or emerge easily on the keyboard! I am the only one awake yet — Brian is still asleep, and Loki, his fluffy fur having grown back after his late-summer grooming, is snuggled again him, napping too. […]

  • Neomarxism and The End of Language

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Nov 7th 2023 10:17am EST

  • Neo-Marxism and the End of Language

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Oct 30th 2023 6:16pm EDT

    Language is changing in America; indeed, probably throughout the West. And the changes are not good. The changes I see being introduced into English speech in America, are designed to kill off the practices and assumptions of individual freedom and responsive representation that have also been embedded for generations in us as a people. The […]

  • Grief Enough for All

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Oct 23rd 2023 7:04pm EDT

    Predictably, the world has flown apart after October 7th, tribalism in both directions is driven by escalating emotions. When I post neutral accounts of horrific events on both “sides” of the divide, someone always interprets what I have done as partisanship on my part — as if I am adhering to one or the other […]

  • The Geneva Bible: Exodus 4

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Oct 19th 2023 4:25pm EDT

    More on DailyClout: https://dailyclout.io/the-geneva-bible-exodus-4-god-helps-moses-show-miracles-speaks-for-him/

  • Grace’s Dad Tells Heartbreaking Story of His Daughter’s Murder at Hospital

    Dr. Naomi Wolf - Oct 19th 2023 10:48am EDT

    Dr. Wolf interviews Scott Schara, who is also known as “Grace’s Dad.” He and his family lost their lovely, ebullient, formerly perfectly healthy 19-year-old daughter Grace at Ascension Hospital after she was admitted with COVID and an unlawful “Do Not Resuscitate” notification was placed, against her family’s will, in her records. Grace’s family was told […]