• Poll Watch: Trump Up 10 Points Over Joe Biden

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 24th 2023 11:07am EDT

    ? BREAKING: New Washington Post/ABC Poll shows Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by 10 POINTS. Trump – 52%Biden – 42% pic.twitter.com/tRi9dy2tRZ — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) September 24, 2023 ?? NATIONAL POLL: ABC/WP (A) PRES:(R) Trump 52% (+10)(D) Biden 42% Independents(R) Trump 52 (+13)(D) Biden 39%——GOP PRES: Trump 54% (+39)DeSantis 15%Haley 7%Pence 6%Scott 4%Christie 3%Ramaswamy 3%——ABC/WP […]

  • Senator Robert Menendez Indicted on Bribery Charges

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 23rd 2023 10:32am EDT

    Did you hear the news yesterday? Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey has been caught again. This isn’t the first time that his sleaze has been dragged out in public view. Last time, he was accused of having sex with underage prostitutes in the Caribbean.

  • Poll Watch: Americans’ Dismal View of the Nation’s Politics

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 23rd 2023 10:09am EDT

    Read the whole thing. I have included a few highlights below. As I have argued in recent weeks, “The Collapse” began a few years ago. We are currently living through it. The system is breaking down and losing legitimacy. Overwhelming cynicism and pessimism about politics is the norm. The people who still have faith in […]

  • The Atlantic: The Patriot

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 21st 2023 11:31am EDT

    I can’t even … In what f***ing universe is Donald Trump the dangerous warmonger and Joe Biden – who has spent upward of $100 billion dollars on a proxy war with Russia, which has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths on both sides – a steady pair of hands? The Atlantic: In normal times, […]

  • Rupert Murdoch Steps Down At FOX News

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 21st 2023 10:47am EDT

    Here’s how Fox News announced the news about Rupert Murdoch pic.twitter.com/eSSYslHg50 — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) September 21, 2023 Tucker Carlson was the only reason I watched FOX News. After Tucker was fired, we pulled the plug on cable television. Nothing else was worth watching. I can always get the weather online.

  • NY Mag: The Breakup

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 21st 2023 9:44am EDT

    This is great. Read the whole thing. NY Mag:

  • Indiana Conservatives… Study in Extremism

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 20th 2023 3:26pm EDT

    Another Presidential election year is upon us (our “election year” is more like 2 years and people are still disputing the last 4 presidential election outcomes. ) There seems to be a disturbing tradition of Indiana Conservative extremists being pushed along in GOP presidential and Vice Presidential circles – very extremist Indiana Conservatives like Dick […]

  • Breaking Points: Will Republicans Trigger a Government Shutdown Over Ukraine Aid?

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 19th 2023 2:57pm EDT

    The long term has arrived. It is September which means it is time to fund the government again. As I expected, public opinion has swung against further Ukraine aid on the Right. MAGA Republicans now control the House. Zelensky has arrived in Washington to beg for more funding after his failed counter offensive. Note: It […]

  • Joe Biden: Donald Trump Is Determined To Destroy American Democracy

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 19th 2023 1:32pm EDT

    If Trump wins the election, it will be the end of American democracy.

  • Donald Trump Names The Liberal Jews Who Voted To Destroy America

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 19th 2023 8:09am EDT

  • Donald Trump on Meet the Press

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 17th 2023 6:34pm EDT

    President Trump on Biden’s weaponized DOJ: “These are banana republic indictments… We have a movement the likes of which has never happened in this country before, and you see it with the polls!” pic.twitter.com/mKaKPvenH3 — Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) September 17, 2023 House Speaker Kevin McCarthy: “President Trump is stronger today than he was in […]

  • Democracy Defenders Take On The Constitution

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 17th 2023 9:07am EDT

    As I have explained, my belief is that the remnants of the Constitution are mostly a good thing that vex people like this, but the Constitution has been disfigured by Lincoln, the Radical Republicans, the Progressives, FDR and others and doesn’t have much to do with how we are governed. Note: Defending Democracy is arresting […]

  • Retired White Cyclist Murdered In Las Vegas

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 16th 2023 10:56am EDT

    This retired police Chief (64) was run over “for fun” by two black guys last week, when he was out cycling. The victim’s name was Andreas Probst. His killers live-streamed their indescribably evil hit-and-run. Watching it will make your stomach turn, but because the victim is… pic.twitter.com/TpkmI3Dw0v — Eva Vlaardingerbroek (@EvaVlaar) September 16, 2023 If […]

  • Jack Smith Seeks Gag Order To Silence Donald Trump

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 15th 2023 9:53pm EDT

    Our King is tearing down the justice system on Truth Social. Axios: Special Counsel Jack Smith requested a “narrowly tailored” gag order on Friday for former President Trump to limit his public statements in regard to the 2020 election interference case. The big picture: Smith’s office said in a filing that Trump has tried “to undermine confidence in the criminal justice […]

  • Donald Trump Has Never Been More Popular

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 15th 2023 7:45pm EDT

    Here is something we haven’t seen before.

  • British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Launches Vicious Racist Attack on American Pitbull Community

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 15th 2023 4:54pm EDT

    Britain is banning American pitbulls. pic.twitter.com/iRBF2yCLQE — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) September 15, 2023 This is the most racist action that I have ever seen from a head of state.

  • Tom Nichols: When Americans Abandon The Constitution

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 15th 2023 12:02pm EDT

    If you squint hard enough, you can convince yourself we are still governed by the Constitution and “the rule of law.” The Atlantic: “But enough about the hollow men of the GOP. Think about what Romney is saying: Millions of American citizens no longer believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. This […]

  • Florida Arrests Neo-Nazi Demonstrators

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 15th 2023 10:13am EDT

    I was concerned that something like this would happen. USA Today: BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida man was arrested Tuesday for his participation in a neo-Nazi demonstration over the summer, where members of extremist groups hung banners with swastikas and hate messages over an overpass. Jason James Brown, 48, of Cape Canaveral, Florida, is accused […]

  • Mitt Romney: A Very Large Proportion of My Party Really Doesn’t Believe In The Constitution

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 15th 2023 9:22am EDT

    “A very large portion of my party really doesn’t believe in the Constitution.” –Mitt Romney Do you believe in the Constitution? It is complicated. I have mixed feelings about it. Which Constitution are you asking about? There have been several constitutions. The Articles of Confederation, for example, was technically never repealed. The Confederate Constitution is […]

  • Tucker Carlson Interviews Javier Milei

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 14th 2023 6:12pm EDT

    Ep. 24 Argentina’s next president could be Javier Milei. Who is he? We traveled to Buenos Aires to speak with him and find out. pic.twitter.com/4WwTZYoWHs — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) September 14, 2023 “Argentinian Trump” Presidential candidate Javier Milei leaves reporter in STUNNED silence— WATCH REPORTER: “Why do you call Leftists shit?” MILEI: “BECAUSE THEY ARE […]

  • Mitt Romney Is Retiring

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 13th 2023 4:46pm EDT

    The haters and losers are leaving politics.

  • Ancient Aliens Displayed In Mexican Congress

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 13th 2023 9:29am EDT

    BREAKING: Alleged mummified alien corpses displayed at Mexico’s Congress today, suspected to be 1,000 years old. UFO enthusiasts celebrated a remarkable event today in Mexico City’s Congress, led by journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan. This official gathering unveiled two… pic.twitter.com/Mba2hDpQ0C — KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) September 13, 2023 United States: “We allegedly recovered non-human biologics.” Mexico: “Watch […]

  • Vladimir Putin: Joe Biden Is Persecuting Trump

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 13th 2023 7:56am EDT

    ?#BREAKING: Vladimir Putin Calls The Case Against Trump A “Persecution of a political rival.” ???? Thoughts? pic.twitter.com/DRyvuPquGF — Censored Men (@CensoredMen) September 12, 2023 Vladimir Putin is thrilled by the actions of the Democracy Defenders who are discrediting “liberal democracy” at home and abroad.

  • House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Announces Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 12th 2023 2:45pm EDT

    NOW – Speaker of the U.S. House Kevin McCarthy announces a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. pic.twitter.com/SfuKltLnpM — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) September 12, 2023 Republicans must unite around the Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden. The American people deserve to know the truth about his decades of corruption. No matter how long it takes, accountability will […]

  • Marge: States Should Consider Seceding From The Union

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 11th 2023 8:34pm EDT

    If the Biden admin refuses to stop the invasion of cartel led human and drug trafficking into our country, states should consider seceding from the union. From Texas to New York City to every town in America, we are drowning from Biden’s traitorous America last border policies. — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene?? (@RepMTG) September 11, […]