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    Patriot Front - Sep 17th 2022 11:55am EDT (Archive)

    National demonstrations. Marching in Washington, DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago. Hiking the tallest peaks in America.

  • Tallest Peaks, read more

    Patriot Front - Sep 17th 2022 11:55am EDT

  • Third National March, read more

    Patriot Front - Sep 17th 2022 11:55am EDT

  • Third National March

    Patriot Front - Jun 15th 2022 6:11pm EDT (Archive)

  • Tallest Peaks

    Patriot Front - Jun 15th 2022 6:11pm EDT


    Patriot Front - Jul 6th 2021 11:27pm EDT (Archive)

    Activists held a march through downtown Philadelphia on the eve of Independence Day in true recognition of the day of our national independence, and asserting the right of Americans to assemble and voice the will of the nation’s cause. The march crossed notable landmarks across downtown, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, City Hall, […]


    Patriot Front - Jun 24th 2021 11:58pm EDT (Archive)

    Activists held joint memorial marches in San Antonio, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. These observations of Memorial Day stand in contrast to the commonplace, degrading gestures given by state office or those who find American life valuable enough to honor once it has past in conflict, but not so valuable that we must wage our battles […]


    Patriot Front - Jun 15th 2021 12:31am EDT (Archive)

    Activists conducted a march through downtown Salt Lake City, and past the grounds of the State Capitol. In the spirit of western expansion, this action constituted the largest and most visible action the organization has taken collectively in the region to date. The western reaches of our continent once bore witness to the great deeds […]


    Patriot Front - Jun 15th 2021 12:26am EDT (Archive)

    Activists held joint marches in Chicago and Washington DC in observance to the Pro-Life rallies and marches that occur annually at these sites. In an unprecedented act of unrepentant tyranny, state and city governments decided to meddle with the affairs of these marches until their veritable cancellation was assured. In Chicago, a crowd of thousands […]

  • Patriot Front Chicago Pro-Life March Jan 2021

    Patriot Front - Feb 17th 2021 3:33pm EST (Archive)

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