• Riot and Revolution

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 17th 2024 4:41am EDT

    Speech by Rosa Luxemburg on Trial for Inciting to Riot (1906) Spoken: December 1906. First Published: Leipziger Volkszeitung of 13 December 1906. Source: Socialist Standard of January 1907 (abridged). Transcription/Markup: Adam Buick/B. Baggins. Copyleft: Luxemburg Internet Archive (marxists.org) 2003. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. On the twelfth of last month […]

  • The Ever Widening War

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 17th 2024 4:38am EDT

    British Foreign Minister Says “We must go after everything Russian.” “We will show Putin that we are completely behind Ukraine: we will chase the money and the oil, we will stop the gas, we will stop the ships,” declared British Foreign Minister Cameron. The UK is “hunting” companies that do business with Russia “all over […]

  • Remilia Quarterly Mandate

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 17th 2024 4:22am EDT

    Remilia Quarterly is a periodical publication focused on the new wave of net art and internet culture from the digital native generation. Remilia Quarterly is a critical journal of recent trends in online art movements, an archive of net happenings, and a curated catalogue of the new literary styles emerging from the network. Remilia Quarterly […]

  • Quantum Computers Are Like Kaleidoscopes − Why Unusual Metaphors Help Illustrate Science And Technology

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 17th 2024 4:16am EDT

    This image could give you a better grasp of how quantum computers work. Crystal A Murray/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA Sorin Adam Matei, Purdue University Quantum computing is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get. Quantum phenomena – the behavior of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic levels – […]

  • Letter To The Faithful

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 15th 2024 5:32am EDT

    Letter of St. Athanasius to Catholics Suffering at the Hand of Arian Heretics St. Athanasius (A.D. 296 – A.D. 2 May 373), known as the “Father of Orthodoxy,” was Bishop of Alexandria at the height of the power of the Arians who denied the two natures of Christ (i.e., they denied His Divinity). The Arians […]

  • Funny Stuff

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 15th 2024 5:26am EDT

    America is an autistic faggot perched on a custom chopper made out of legos with a gay nigger riding on the back destroying everything in its path while spraying body glitter, anal lube, AIDS blood, and vomit in all directions “You see, the problem with the Republican party is that its too provincial,” former Governor […]

  • Georgia Color Revolution

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 15th 2024 5:06am EDT

    The Ukraine is not a nation and has never been a nation. It has always been a province of empire, with its boundaries arbitrarily redrawn from time according to administrative convenience. It has always been ruled, then as now, by satraps of empire who regard themselves as imperials, and the locals as mere expendable provincials. […]

  • Toward A New Aristocracy

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 15th 2024 4:47am EDT

    Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson (1767–1824), Apotheosis of the French Heroes Who Died for their Fatherland During the War for Liberty, 1802 Translated by Greg Johnson Translations of this translation: Czech, Portuguese Their names continue to identify the boulevards of a unique though disfigured capital: Berthier, Murat, Jourdan, Masséna, Soult, Brune, Bessières, and others. By his decree of […]


    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 12th 2024 1:32am EDT

    Image Source The following rant is written by Eric Harris, as it appeared on his website (filename ‘http://members.aol.com/rebdomine/index.html’). The original source was the transcripts that are included in the Columbine Report and additional Columbine Documents, copied by a reader of this site and proofed by me to be sure the text appears exactly as it […]

  • The Kitschified Mass Soul: American War Advertisements

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 12th 2024 12:33am EDT

    Image Source Background: Das Reich was a widely-circulated Nazi weekly magazine. This article from August 1944 is part of a general propaganda campaign against the United States. It sees American war ads as a sign of the deficiencies of the U.S. The general claim is that the United States is a childish nation, unable to comprehend the […]

  • Mapping Illegal Immigrants By State

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 11th 2024 5:14pm EDT

    Image Source Tyler Durden U.S. President Joe Biden recently announced actions to bar immigrants who cross the US-Mexico border illegally. In this graphic, Visual Capitalist’s Bruno Venditti maps the number of unauthorized immigrants by state, based on 2021 estimates from the Pew Research Center based on calculations using U.S. Census Bureau data. Undocumented Immigrants Concentrated in Certain States The unauthorized immigrant […]

  • Targaryenism: Conquest Legacy in House of the Dragon- Part 2

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 11th 2024 3:07pm EDT

    The best moment in season one of House of the Dragon was when eleven year old Aemond Targaryen claims Vhagar- the largest dragon in the world- as his own. When a dragon rider dies, it can be claimed by another. Laena Velaryon was the previous owner, and it was expected that her daughter Baela would […]

  • New York Passes Online Age Verification Digital ID Law

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 11th 2024 2:21am EDT

    Image Source Didi Rankovic Lawmakers in New York have passed the Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids Act and the Child Data Protection Act. Assembly Bill A8148A and Senate Bill S7694A (that became the SAFE Act) were introduced as aiming to prevent social platforms from showing minors “addictive” (i.e., algorithmically manipulated) feeds, among a host […]

  • The Myth of Diversity

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 11th 2024 1:34am EDT

    Image Source Jared Taylor The idea that diversity is one of the country’s great strengths is now so firmly rooted that virtually anyone can evoke it, praise it, and wallow in it without fear of contradiction. It has become one of the great unassailably American ideas, like democracy, patriotism, the family, or Martin Luther King. The […]

  • Watch: Mob Loots AutoZone In South LA During Chaotic Street Takeover

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 10th 2024 11:23pm EDT

    The latest chaotic example of California’s criminal and social justice reforms backfiring erupted in South Los Angeles early Monday morning, where a street takeover resulted in a mob of looters ransacking an AutoZone store. Local media outlet KTLA reported that the Los Angeles Police Department received multiple calls of a street takeover at the intersection of Century Boulevard and Hoover Street around […]

  • Cost of Home Ownership in US is Up 26% Since Scamdemic

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 10th 2024 11:16pm EDT

    Image Source The cost of living in America is an absolute rip off and a scam. Take in point the cost of home ownership which is more expensive than ever. It has risen considerably since the fake pandemic hoax. Financial Post: The cost of owning a home in the United States has increased 26 per […]

  • Jerusalem Post Threatens Spain Will ‘Face Consequences’ for Recognizing a Palestinian State

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 10th 2024 11:09pm EDT

    Image Source Chris Menahan The Israeli paper the Jerusalem Post on Monday published a column threatening the country of Spain with “consequences” for daring to recognize a Palestinian state. From The Jerusalem Post (Archive): Spain is to face consequences for recognizing a Palestinian state – opinion By DAVID BEN-BASAT JUNE 10, 2024 03:51 […] By joining the […]

  • Tokyo Government Dating App Helps Residents Get Laid To Avoid Population Collapse

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 8th 2024 9:31pm EDT

    Tyler Durden Officials in Tokyo, Japan are launching a new dating app to help promote marriage and boost the collapsing national birth rate. The fee-based app from the Tokyo Metropolitan government will ask people to prove that they are legally single, and sign a letter confirming their willingness to get married. It will also require that people submit a tax […]

  • Conquest Legacy in House of the Dragon- Part 1

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 7th 2024 3:35pm EDT

    Season 2 of the Game of Thrones prequel show House of the Dragon airs in less than two weeks. Over the past decade the sporadic release of a new Game of Thrones season has been somewhat of a major cultural event- especially for white people. The finale of Game of Thrones had 20 million viewers […]

  • NYT: Israel Tortured, Sexually Abused Palestinian Detainees at Israeli Military Base

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 7th 2024 3:14pm EDT

    Image Source Chris Menahan The Israeli Defense Forces have been systematically torturing and sodomizing Palestinian detainees at a military base in southern Israel, according to testimonies from released captives shared in a new report from the New York Times. Dozens of Palestinians died in the camp and many described being stripped naked, tortured, sodomized with […]

  • UK: Majority of Young People Think Israel Shouldn’t Exist

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 7th 2024 12:42am EDT

    The youth around the world has had it with Israel. In the United Kingdom a majority of young people think Israel is totally illegitimate and shouldn’t exist. Majority of young voters in the UK now think Israel shouldn’t exist. Follow: @AFpost pic.twitter.com/4kpT0UDmey — AF Post (@AFpost) June 6, 2024   Israel is mostly only supported by boomer-aged people […]

  • Destroying Dogma – Freedom Of The Mind

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 7th 2024 12:34am EDT

    Image Source 21ELEMENTAL Dogma is belief that is not subject to self-criticism. It is for this reason that dogma must be continually tested and bombarded. Dogma would have us believe that it stands above criticism, that the very thought of criticism is blasphemy or blasphemy’s modern day cousin, politically incorrect. This is the nature of […]

  • Alexander the Great and the Mixing of Races

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 4th 2024 4:51am EDT

      Editor’s NoteIn Jewish director Oliver Stone’s in many ways excellent movie Alexander, Alexander the Great is misleadingly portrayed as an advocate of miscegenation. Alexander’s first wife, Roxane, the daughter of Oxyartes, a nobleman of Sogdiana in what is now northern Afghanistan, is played by Rosario Dawson, a mulatto, when in fact she was as […]

  • Dreams: What Are They Trying to Tell Us?

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 4th 2024 4:41am EDT

    Image Source What is your subconscious trying to tell you? One good way to find out is through your dreams. When we sleep, our subconscious doesn’t need to battle with our conscious mind. Our emotional side is not challenged by our logic, so it’s easy for our subconscious to break through barriers. But it isn’t […]

  • Old Photographs Of The Flatiron Building Under Construction In New York City, 1902

    Mind's Eye (Ramona Leone) - Jun 4th 2024 3:45am EDT

    Edward Steichen, 1904. The Flatiron Building is one of the most recognizable buildings in New York City and has been a defining feature of the Manhattan skyline for over a century. Its unique triangular shape and architectural significance have made it an icon of the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. In this article, we […]