• Musk to sue major companies over advertising boycott

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 7:57am EDT

    The move comes after a congressional report exposed a coalition of companies allegedly controlling online speech in the US   Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter), announced on Thursday that he plans to take legal action against an alliance of the world’s biggest companies involved in what he described as an “advertising boycott racket.”   […]

  • Decoding the Modi-Putin summit: What message did India and Russia just send to the world?

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 7:09am EDT

    All is well in India-Russia ties. Diplomacy succeeded on both sides in finding common language on some sensitive issues in the final communique – with the West, no doubt, disappointed by its blandness Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia was not intended to produce spectacular results. This is largely because the visit took place within […]

  • UK disputes Zelensky’s long-range strikes claim – Telegraph

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 6:21am EDT

    Ukrainian attacks deep inside Russia with donated Storm Shadow missiles are “not going to happen,” a source has told the newspaper Claims by Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky that the UK has cleared him to order attacks deep inside Russia with British-supplied weapons are not true, according to The Telegraph. After a meeting with Prime Minister Keir […]

  • Ukrainian strikes on Kremlin would ‘make no sense’ – Biden

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 6:12am EDT

    The US president has refused to further loosen restrictions on attacks deep inside Russia using American-made weapons The US sees no reason to allow Ukrainian strikes deeper inside Russian territory despite pleas from Kiev for permission to launch such attacks, President Joe Biden has said. Washington approved Ukrainian cross-border attacks using US-supplied weapons against Russian […]

  • China accuses NATO of ‘groundless’ allegations

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 5:37am EDT

    Foreign Minister Wang Yi has responded to the military bloc’s claims that Beijing is shoring up Russia’s defense industry Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has hit out at NATO for making “groundless accusations,” after the bloc targeted Beijing in its declaration at a summit in Washington this week. In the document adopted by NATO members […]

  • Moscow temporarily nationalizes packaging giant’s assets

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 5:28am EDT

    Russian plants owned by Silgan Holdings Austria have been taken under state management   Russia has temporarily nationalized the assets of metal packaging manufacturer Silgan Holdings Austria. According to a decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, the Russian assets of the company have been transferred under state supervision. All of the shares […]

  • US officials ‘frustrated’ by ‘terrible’ optics of Putin-Modi bear hug – WaPo

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 4:59am EDT

    Washington reportedly pushed India to reschedule its leader’s visit to Moscow, which coincided with a NATO summit Washington tried to persuade India to reschedule a visit to Moscow by Prime Minister Narendra Modi so that it would not coincide with a summit of NATO leaders in the US this week, the Washington Post has claimed. […]

  • Orban meets Trump to talk ‘peace mission’

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 3:50am EDT

    The Hungarian prime minister says he is sure the Republican will “solve” the Ukraine crisis Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has met with GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump as part of the former’s effort to settle the Ukraine conflict. The Hungarian leader, who has repeatedly criticized the West’s approach to the hostilities and called for […]

  • To infinity and beyond: stargazing in the Caucasus mountains

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 3:00am EDT

    For thousands of years humans have looked to the stars searching for answers. In Russia’s Nizhny Arkhyz, scientists continue that tradition, getting information from galaxies far, far away — and this data may help humanity survive in the future. Inland Visions heads to the Special Astrophysical Observatory in the Caucasus mountains for a tour of several unique […]

  • CrossTalk: NATO’s greatest fear

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 1:59am EDT

    Outgoing NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg claims a Russian victory in the Ukraine conflict is the biggest risk the US-led military bloc faces. This is all the more reason Russia will achieve its goals in this proxy war. CrossTalking with Ray McGovern, Wilmer Leon, and David T. Pyne.

  • No NATO-Israel cooperation until there’s peace in Palestine – Türkiye

    RT - Jul 12th 2024 1:57am EDT

    West Jerusalem’s military methods run counter to the bloc’s core values, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has argued Türkiye will not support any cooperation between Israel and NATO while the Jewish state continues its military operation in Gaza, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.   Speaking after the NATO summit in Washington on Thursday, Erdogan accused Israel […]

  • New UK PM praises Biden’s mental state

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 11:51pm EDT

    Keir Starmer has said that he doesn’t believe that the US leader is “senile” Newly appointed UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer has brushed aside concerns over US President Joe Biden’s age and mental fitness, praising his behavior during a bilateral meeting in Washington, DC. The leaders met at the White House on Wednesday and discussed […]

  • Israeli defense minister calls for October 7 probe

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 6:24pm EDT

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted on ending the Gaza war first Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has called for setting up a commission of inquiry into the October 7 Hamas attack, contradicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s position. Netanyahu has repeatedly argued against any investigations while the Gaza war is ongoing, insisting that this would […]

  • Biden will ‘never recover’ and must drop out – aides to NBC

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 5:31pm EDT

    The US president is reportedly facing a mutiny within the campaign US President Joe Biden has no way to recover from the debate disaster and needs to drop out of the race, multiple campaign aides have told NBC News.  The 81-year-old Democrat has been under increasing public pressure from the media, senior party members, donors, […]

  • Sarkozy’s ex-supermodel wife charged in Libya corruption case

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 3:43pm EDT

    Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is accused of helping the former French president silence a witness Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, a former supermodel and wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, has been charged with witness tampering and conspiracy to commit fraud for her alleged role in covering up claims that her husband’s campaign was financed by Libyan leader Muammar […]

  • Second NATO country publicly opposes Ukrainian membership

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 2:14pm EDT

    Slovakia has followed Hungary in objecting to Kiev’s proposed accession to the bloc Ukraine joining NATO would guarantee a third world war, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has said, publicly expressing opposition to the idea. Fico released a short video message on Thursday while the leaders of NATO countries were meeting in Washington. The draft […]

  • Russia can help achieve peace in a long-running Middle East conflict

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 1:21pm EDT

    Moscow is likely to play a significant role in the budding dialogue between Türkiye and Syria It has been almost 12 years since relations between Türkiye and Syria took a dramatic turn for the worse. Once good friends, Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan (who was prime minister back then) and Bashar Assad quickly became sworn enemies, […]

  • WATCH two planes almost collide in US

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 12:55pm EDT

    Two jets carrying 159 people came seconds away from disaster above Syracuse Airport The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has opened an investigation after two commercial jetliners came perilously close to a mid-air collision in upstate New York on Monday. Dashcam footage captured the moment the planes crossed each other’s paths. The incident took place […]

  • Challenging The Status Quo & Escaping the Two-Party Divide

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 12:02pm EDT

    In this episode of Direct Impact, Rick Sanchez critiques the current political landscape in the United States, highlighting widespread dissatisfaction with both major parties. He questions the portrayal of President Biden by Republicans, contrasting earlier depictions of him as a savvy negotiator with current claims of mental decline. Rick is also joined by presidential candidate Dr. […]

  • NATO more nervous about Biden than Trump – Politico

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 11:27am EDT

    The bloc’s members are fretting over the US president’s gaffes while ignoring the implications of a win by the GOP candidate The frail state of US President Joe Biden seems to have worried NATO officials at the key Washington summit far more than how the bloc could be drastically changed if Republican frontrunner Donald Trump […]

  • German party leader promises to cut benefits, send Ukrainians home to fight

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 11:03am EDT

    The Christian Democrats would put the country’s own citizens first, CSU chief Markus Soder has vowed The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) government, should it come to power in Germany, would stop paying Ukrainian nationals social benefits on par with German citizens and would send fighting-age men back to their homeland, a senior party official has […]

  • ‘World on edge of abyss’ – leading political scientist

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 10:01am EDT

    The loss of global influence during the Ukraine conflict may push the West to take “reckless” steps, Aleksandr Dynkin from the Russian Academy of Sciences has warned The world is “standing on the edge of an abyss” as it undergoes a major transformation, leading Russian political scientist Aleksandr Dynkin has warned, referring to the standoff […]

  • ‘Gay furry hackers’ attack conservative think tank

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 9:55am EDT

    The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Howell called the hacktivists ‘degenerate perverts’ and threatened to ‘out’ them in response A group of self-proclaimed “gay furry hackers” has claimed responsibility for breaching the data servers of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank whose ‘Project 2025’ manifesto calls for a radical right-wing reshaping of the US government under […]

  • Germany explains decision to host US long-range missiles

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 8:32am EDT

    Defense chief Boris Pistorius says the recently announced deployment will give Berlin time to develop similar weapons of its own The deployment of US long-range missiles to Germany will allow Berlin time to develop similar weapons of its own, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has said. Berlin and Washington announced after the NATO summit in the […]

  • ‘Tesla of euthanasia’ banned in Switzerland – media

    RT - Jul 11th 2024 7:52am EDT

    A futuristic device that reportedly offers a “euphoric death” was due to be deployed for the first time this month Switzerland has banned a new assisted suicide device dubbed the “Tesla of euthanasia” shortly before its first use, citing a lack of reliable information about the method being employed, according to the local media outlet […]