• Justice and identity politics

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 2nd 2023 3:01am EST

    It can be useful to go back to first principles, so here is what one might come up with when going back to first principles regarding justice. After this come some thoughts on what is made of these principles by identity politics. When we think of justice, two things might come to mind, the first […]

  • Kissinger, the WEF, and Open Borders

    The Occidental Observer - Dec 1st 2023 6:16pm EST

    This article doesn’t get into Israeli issues, but a search on TOO yields quite a few references, including this by Patrick Slattery. By Seamus Bruner, at Breitbart Kissinger is a central character in my new book, Controligarchs: Exposing the Billionaire Class, Their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life, which unearths critical details […]

  • Fingernails and Fascism: The Nastiness and Noxiousness of Jewish Ethnocentrism

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 30th 2023 1:52pm EST

    Do you want ethnocentrism? I’ll give you ethnocentrism. Here’s a quote of note that is far less notorious than it should be: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” That was what a rabbi called Yaacov Perrin said in the eulogy he delivered at the funeral of an Israeli doctor called Baruch Goldstein […]

  • Cuomo Aide: How We Killed New York

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 30th 2023 10:59am EST

    I’ve just finished reading the hilariously terrible book “What’s Left Unsaid” by Melissa DeRosa, secretary to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (New York) that is so unself-aware, so arrogant, so embarrassing that I have to review it. I only read it in the first place because I wanted to interview Cuomo on my Substack, figuring that […]

  • Julius Evola dans le Troisième Reich

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 29th 2023 10:41am EST

    Par Alexander Jacob; Traduction Francis Goumain [FG: Julius Evola vaut la peine d’être connu pour son triptyque race – tradition – histoire, il s’est néanmoins fait retoquer par le Reich pour une question d’ordre de priorité: pour le Reich, c’est d’abord la race, puis la tradition puis, enfin, l’histoire; pour Evola, c’est d’abord la tradition, […]

  • Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) als kontrollierte Opposition

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 28th 2023 6:40pm EST

    untersucht die komplexe Rolle der deutschen Partei ›Alternative für Deutschland‹ (AfD) und ihren potenziellen Status als kontrollierte Opposition in der politischen Landschaft des Landes. Jedes Mal, wenn eine aufstrebende nationale Partei einige parlamentarische Zugewinne erzielt, geschweige denn in die Korridore der Macht eindringt, gehen ihre Anhänger davon aus, daß dem System das baldige Ende bevorsteht und […]

  • Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon on the Irish Riots

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 28th 2023 12:34pm EST

    The immigrant who did the stabbing had never had a job in 20 years—living on the dole, just like all the recent immigrants (subsidized by the EU). Bannon: Ruling class doesn’t trust the native working class in the West; throughout the West, speech is being criminalized or at least deplatformed. 15 million illegals to the […]

  • The Unfair City of Dublin

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 28th 2023 11:09am EST

    ‘In Dublin’s fair city’, runs the first line of the Irish folk song Molly Malone, ‘where the girls are so pretty’. Dublin lives up to that description, or at least it did. Since its prime, however, and victim as it now is to a nationwide political program in which its famously friendly people had no […]

  • Musk Caves

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 27th 2023 2:44pm EST

    Elon Musk, under fire for antisemitism on X, visits Israel and tours ravaged kibbutz with Benjamin Netanyahu Elon Musk and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visit Kibbutz Kfar Aza, which was attacked by Hamas on Oct. 7, on Nov. 27. 2023. (Screenshot from Israeli Prime Minister’s Office video) (JTA) — Elon Musk, the tech titan […]

  • ChatGPT Ponders the Trolley Problem

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 26th 2023 10:37am EST

    This is a major problem https://t.co/FRZnfV63y7 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 25, 2023

  • Germany’s AfD: Controlled Opposition

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 26th 2023 10:14am EST

    Björn Höcke (AfD, Der Flügel) Alice Weidel (Chairwoman, AfD) Each time an aspiring nationalist party scores some parliamentary gains, let alone enters the corridors of power, its followers assume that the System faces imminent death, announcing the dawn of a shining nationalist future. Over the last seventy years, such a self-serving delusion has framed the mindset […]

  • Leticia James vs. VDare.com

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 25th 2023 12:55pm EST

    VDARE Publisher (and President of the VDARE Foundation) Lydia Brimelow and VDARE Editor Peter Brimelow talk about New York State Attorney General Letitia James lawfare attack on VDARE. pic.twitter.com/NAbwsuWJZA — VDARE (@vdare) November 22, 2023 VDARE.com LAWFARE CRISIS INTENSIFIES—Federal Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin Dodges Protecting Our (And Our Writers’) 1A Rights From “Hyperpoliticized” NYAG […]

  • This Thanksgiving, Joy-Ann Reid Has Much To Be Thankful For

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 23rd 2023 9:27am EST

    [This column is adapted from one that originally ran Thanksgiving Week 2021.] Why such a sourpuss, Joy-Ann? On the whole, life and MSNBC are treating you pretty well. And yet, over the last 10 years, you have complained pretty much nonstop about how badly you, and “people who look like [you],” are treated in America. […]

  • New Book: Julius Evola in the Third Reich

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 22nd 2023 11:30am EST

    Alexander Jacob’s book on Julius Evola as seen by four intellectuals in the Third Reich. From the Amazon blurb: How was Julius Evola viewed in the Third Reich? This book presents assessments made by 4 leading intellectuals of the regime: Walther Wüst, Joseph Otto Plassmann, Wolfram Sievers and Kurt Hancke. Translated with an Introduction by […]

  • Interview with “Our Interesting Times”

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 20th 2023 12:26pm EST

    I did an interview on “Our Interesting Times.” Here’s their synopsis: Dr. Kevin MacDonald joins Our Interesting Times to discuss two of his recent articles: “Why Are Jews So Influential?” and “Will the Gaza War Threaten Jewish Power in the U.S. and Their Status as Occupying the Moral High Ground?” We talk about how organized […]

  • Swirled World War: Jews Carry on Lying about the Demographic Disaster They’ve Imposed on the West

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 19th 2023 11:19am EST

    In 2007 a White Canadian pedophile called Christopher Paul Neil tried to taunt the police. He released photographs of himself abusing Asian boys onto the internet, but he’d cleverly concealed his identity by distorting his face into an unrecognizable swirl. He thought he was being clever. He was wrong: he was in fact being very […]

  • Hamas-Israel War and the End of the Multicultural Dream

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 18th 2023 3:29pm EST

    Lots of Jews and Jewish allies like Jordan Peterson are reevaluating multiculturalism and cultural integration given all the pro-Palestinian sentiment, much of it the result of importing Muslims. This is not only a pivotal moment for Jewish power in the West, it’s a pivotal moment for the whole multicultural project. Here’s the situation in Denmark, […]

  • Candace Owens vs. Ben Shapiro

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 17th 2023 11:11am EST

    It turns out that Candace Owens is not quite the lapdog for Ben Shapiro that Jordan Peterson is. Surprising because her career has been boosted by Jews “Candace Owens Hits Back After Ben Shapiro Calls Israel Comments “Disgraceful”, Suggests She Quit Daily Wire” Shapiro was caught on a viral clip calling Owens “disgraceful” for her […]

  • Jordan Peterson Comes Out Against Multiculturalism: “Miracle of Stupidity”

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 17th 2023 9:35am EST

    News outlets have recently come out with an interview that Jordan Peterson had with Camilia Tomney in which he described multiculturalism as “so puerile and moralising and unsophisticated that it’s kind of a miracle of stupidity” (Ben Chapman, GB News, 11/5/2023). Jordan further stated that “multiculturalism is unlikely to succeed due to differing characteristics of […]

  • Central Park Rape: The Secret Files

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 16th 2023 9:42am EST

    In an article about the election of Yusef Salaam, of the “Central Park Five,” to the New York City Council last week, The New York Times’ Jeffery C. Mays indignantly cited the full-page ad Donald Trump had taken out at the time, which never mentioned the Central Park rape but decried crime in the city and called […]

  • The Battle Between the Eternal Roman and the Eternal Jew: Selections from Ernst Niekisch’s Die dritte, imperiale Figur (The Third Imperial Figure) (1935), Part 2 of 2

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 15th 2023 11:13am EST

    Go to Part 1. Chapter 11 The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation had been the sword of the eternal Roman; it was the position of honour that was given to the Germanic barbarian for entering into Rome’s service. The coronation of Charlemagne in 800 in Rome had made visible the symbolic power; every […]

  • The Battle Between the Eternal Roman and the Eternal Jew: Selections from Ernst Niekisch’s Die dritte, Part 1 of 2 imperiale Figur ((The Third Imperial Figure) (1935)

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 14th 2023 11:27am EST

    Translated by Alexander Jacob Ernst Niekisch (1889–1967) was a German writer who first belonged to the Social Democratic Party of Germany and was vigorously opposed to the Western powers represented by the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Treaties. In his belief that the strongest opposition to the decadent West would be an alliance of […]

  • What is the reason behind the increased attention of the United States to Kazakhstan?

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 14th 2023 10:08am EST

    Kevan S. Recently, the White House has been intensifying its diplomatic work towards Kazakhstan, aimed at separating Astana from Moscow. Shortly after the C5+1 Summit in Washington (1), which was attended by the Presidents of the United States, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of South and Central […]

  • Getrennte Wege: Jüdischer Vater und sein Antifa-Kind

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 14th 2023 8:24am EST

    12. NOVEMBER 2023 Der israelische Einmarsch in Gaza ist ein weiterer Beweis dafür, daß die Geschichte kein Ende kennt und daß die Grenze zwischen Freund und Feind immer wieder neu gezogen werden muß. Nach dem israelischen Angriff auf Gaza muß nicht nur das Gründungsjahr des Staates Israel überdacht werden, sondern die gesamte antifaschistische Geschichte nach dem […]

  • Updated: “Britain’s Synagogues Have Never Been Fuller,”

    The Occidental Observer - Nov 13th 2023 11:40am EST

    An article with this title was previously posted by mistake. I wanted to emphasize that Jewish ethnocentrism increases dramatically when there is perceived danger to Jews, and to Israel first and foremost, but also in the diaspora in the West because of all the pro-Palestinian protests and even attacks on Jews during the protests and […]