• Morning Manna – June 09, 2023

    TruNews - Jun 9th 2023 6:00am EDT

    Today is our fifth lesson in the Parables of Jesus. Dr. Raymond Burkhart and I wrap up our discussion of the Parable of the Sower and move on to the Parable of the Tares. Doc Burkhart will open today’s Bible lesson by reading from the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to […]

  • USS Liberty Remembered: Part 1

    TruNews - Jun 8th 2023 5:00pm EDT

    Today is June 8, 2023. It is the 56th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. The US government, news media, and historians call it an incident. The official narrative is that the attack on the USS Liberty was accidental, a case of mistake identity in a time of war. If you ask […]

  • Morning Manna – June 08, 2023

    TruNews - Jun 8th 2023 6:00am EDT

    Today is our fourth lesson in the Parables of Jesus. Dr. Raymond Burkhart and I will continue our discussion of the Parable of the Sower. Dr. Raymond Burkhart is here to read the Word of God. He will begin with the thirteenth chapter of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew, verses 1-9. […]

  • Medvedev: It’s Time Russia Crushes Ukraine

    TruNews - Jun 7th 2023 7:25pm EDT

    Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev posted a scathing message on Telegram today urging the Russian government to crush Ukraine. Mr. Medvedev was responding to the destruction of a vital dam that was severely damaged on Monday, resulting in flooding of towns and villages. We will tell you later in today’s TruNews what Mr. Medvedev said. […]

  • Morning Manna – June 07, 2023

    TruNews - Jun 7th 2023 6:00am EDT

    My mission in 2023 is to organize hundreds of Daniel 11 micro-churches.  What is a micro-church? It is 5-10 families or individuals who meet in their homes to worship God, study the Holy Bible, and to prepare to survive in the time of tribulation.  I host another program each weekday that will keep you informed […]

  • Ukraine or Russia? Who Blew up Massive Dam?

    TruNews - Jun 6th 2023 7:25pm EDT

    A huge dam in southern Ukraine, near the border with Russia, has been destroyed, flooding homes and sending water rushing downstream. Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up the Kak-hov-ka reservoir, while Russian officials blame Ukrainian military strikes in the contested region. The destruction could have widespread implications: flooding homes, streets and businesses; depleting water levels […]

  • Morning Manna – June 06, 2023

    TruNews - Jun 6th 2023 6:00am EDT

    Our Bible study theme for the next several weeks are the parables of Jesus. Jesus said the parable of the sower is the master key to understanding all the parables. Dr. Raymond Burkhart and I will pick up where we left off in yesterday’s Morning Manna lesson. We will start today’s discussion by reading from […]

  • President Trump Defends His Operation Warp Speed for mRNA Gene-Therapy Operating Systems

    TruNews - Jun 5th 2023 6:50pm EDT

    Former President Donald Trump isn’t backing away from his administration’s push to develop and rollout to the public the experimental mRNA gene-therapy operating systems that were injected into the bodies of hundreds of millions of people. He was asked about the pseudo vaccines during a campaign event in Iowa. We will show you his response […]

  • Rick Wiles Interviews AI

    TruNews - Jun 5th 2023 3:25pm EDT

    TruNews host [Rick Wiles](https://www.trunews.com/about) has conducted close to 5000 interviews over a span of 25 years. However, his latest conversation with AI (Artificial Intelligence) is unlike any other. In this unique exchange, Rick poses thought-provoking questions and receives some surprising responses. The conversation is truly remarkable and we highly recommend both listening to the audio […]

  • Morning Manna – June 05, 2023

    TruNews - Jun 5th 2023 6:00am EDT

    I love studying Jesus’ parables. No matter how much I learn about the parables there’s always something new to discover. Our Morning Manna Bible lessons this week will be from the parables. Jesus used objects in this world to teach us principles in Heaven. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Mark, we […]