• Zakir Naik Denies That The Gospels Teach Jesus’ Resurrection, Becomes An Apostate

    TTOR - Apr 12th 2022 1:18pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby responds to Zakir Naik’s claim that the gospels do not teach that Jesus resurrected from the dead by not only showing that all four gospels claim that Jesus resurrected from the dead, but that Zakir Naik is disobeying Allah’s command to Muslims to believe what the gospels say about Jesus being resurrected […]

  • William Lane Craig Lies About Bible Interpretation, Augustine, And Origen

    TTOR - Apr 6th 2022 2:00pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby responds to a 2021 interview where old earth creationist William Lane Craig lied about not interpreting the Bible in light of modern science, and he lied about early church fathers Augustine and Origen supporting his view on origins and Genesis. William Lane Craig: What is His Response to Ken Ham?: Augustine City […]

  • Atheists Come From Rocks According To Evolution

    TTOR - Apr 2nd 2022 1:08pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby discusses how despite evolutionists claims to the contrary, evolution teaches that all human beings (including atheists) ultimately come from rocks. Did Kent Hovind prove that atheists do believe they came from rocks?: https://www.quora.com/Did-Kent-Hovind-prove-that-atheists-do-believe-they-came-from-rocks Corder GiveSendGo: https://givesendgo.com/corderfundraiser Corder Flattr: https://flattr.com/@Corder If you want to buy “Another Inconvenient Truth 2: Defending Young Earth Creationism”, […]

  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy: The Ukrainian Dictator That Nobody Will Talk About

    TTOR - Mar 30th 2022 12:32pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby discusses Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy going full-on Nazi dictator by banning all political parties and taking control of all the media in the country. Beware of Those Indiscriminately Cheering for Volodymyr Zelenskyy: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/gwendolynsims/2022/03/24/beware-of-those-indiscriminately-cheering-for-volodymyr-zelenskyy-n1583493 Why banning men from leaving Ukraine violates their human rights: https://archive.ph/ob6Xc Transgenders Fleeing Ukraine Told They’re Men by Border […]

  • Atheists & Evolutionists Lie About Abiogenesis And Evolution

    TTOR - Mar 29th 2022 2:03pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby responds to some of the atheists/evolutionists who commented on his recent video about Paulogia, and destroys their claims that abiogenesis has nothing to do with evolution by doing a simply Wikipedia search. Paulogia’s Stipulations For Debating Kent Hovind Are Self-Contradicting And Censorious: The Miller-Urey Experiment Debunked: If you want to buy “Another […]

  • The Wall Street Journal Tells Biden To Stop Speaking In Public

    TTOR - Mar 28th 2022 1:54pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby responds to the Wall Street Journal telling Joe Biden to stop speaking in public, and discusses how this is a complete departure from five months ago when the legacy media told us to stop criticizing Biden in order to save democracy. The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than […]

  • Greg Locke Says My Autism Proves That I Am Demon Possessed

    TTOR - Mar 24th 2022 5:16pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby responds to a recent Greg Locke video where Locke claims that autism is a symptom of being demon possessed or demon oppressed. Greg Locke Explains That Most Autistic Children are Likely Demon-Possessed: Tennessee preacher Greg Locke says demons told him names of witches in his church: Tennessee preacher Greg Locke says demons […]

  • Russia, Israel, And The Coming Gog & Magog War (Billy Crone)

    TTOR - Mar 22nd 2022 1:39pm EDT (Archive)

    The following sermon was given by pastor Billy Crone at Sunrise Bible Church on March 13, 2022. In this sermon, pastor Billy Crone discusses how the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Israel’s new-found natural resources could be leading to a fulfillment of the Gog & Magog prophecy found in Ezekiel 38-39 in our lifetimes. Original sermon: https://www.getalifemedia.com/video/russia-ukraine.htm […]

  • Paulogia’s Stipulations For Debating Kent Hovind Are Self-Contradicting And Censorious

    TTOR - Mar 19th 2022 1:12pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby responds to Paulogia’s stipulations that would have to be met in order for him to do a debate with Kent Hovind by showing that the stipulations not only are self-contradicting, but they also suppress open and honest discussion & debate about evolution. (If) I Debated Kent Hovind… Best Evidence for Evolution: Professor […]

  • BitChute Undoes Some Of Their Censorship After Losing Over 21K In Donations

    TTOR - Mar 16th 2022 1:20pm EDT (Archive)

    Apologist Justin Derby responds to BitChute’s decisions to fix the video uploader on their site so that it works perfectly for all users, and to undo the censorship of search results on their search engine that they had been doing for over a year. These decisions just happened to be made after BitChute lost over […]