• Inside the phrase “our democracy”Western Voices World News - May 24th 2022 3:39pm EDT

    The Lone Ranger is an enduring character in the American psyche, having originated in a radio series and then spread out through television, books, movies and even comic books. This character is the origin of many popular sayings, such as “Who was that masked man?” The Lone Ranger travels the American West accompanied by a […]

  • Wōden and the SerpentWestern Voices World News - Mar 31st 2022 8:46pm EDT

    When Wōden came back to the Perennial Sophia he did so in the shape of a snake. Penetrating the grotto which is Jörð’s womb, he underwent the motions that all seekers do. Since time immemorial the deathless Gods are regenerated through the Gifts of the Goddess, her fruit, or else her womb. It is all […]

  • Start Homeschooling Now!Western Voices World News - Jan 10th 2022 1:02pm EST

    Every once in a while, someone reveals the plans and attitudes of the Apostles of Epic Evil outright without any window dressing. And when that happens, we ignore them at our peril. There are a few institutions that serve as the official mouthpieces of these Apostles, and the New York Times is one such. Speaking […]

  • Download the New Book on Birth RatesWestern Voices World News - Nov 18th 2021 11:47pm EST

    At one time, The Odinic Rite published a Book of Blotar in spiral-bound A4 format. It just so happens that I have a copy, and the Blots that it contains, (a blot is similar in concept to Liturgy in Christian churches) are beautiful and moving. In one of the blots, a prayer sincerely asks that […]

  • Renegotiating the social contract in the age of dysfunctionWestern Voices World News - Nov 1st 2021 5:04pm EDT

    Just about all of us experience financial precarity.  It is the American way now. Financial precarity has toughened us up.  Scandinavia, in a flex on how advanced they are, eliminated precarity the way one eliminates a disease like small pox or polio.  Scandinavia cured financial insecurity, but it made them too civilized for their own […]

  • Why is the Flu Different Every Year?Western Voices World News - Oct 28th 2021 12:36am EDT

    How do we get all these different flu variants? Well, it’s interesting. Unlike most viruses, the flu has a segmented RNA genome. Flu A and B have 8 segments, and Flu C has 7. Flu A is what we usually worry about. Flu As can intermingle with other Flu As, but can’t cross with a […]

  • Step ZeroWestern Voices World News - Aug 30th 2021 11:03am EDT

    Everyone wants to skip step zero (infrastructure) and go to step one (movement). This is understandable for many reasons. Movements are exciting, they are immediately goal directed, they give instant feedback and so forth. They make us feel like we are doing something. Once someone gains an understanding of just how dire our situation is, […]

  • The Hill he Wants to Die On?Western Voices World News - Aug 12th 2021 11:34pm EDT

    So far, in the Iraq War, over 22,000 U.S. troops have been physically injured, over 1,600 have required amputations, over 4,400 have died directly. Approximately 1 in every 4 troops required additional medical care related to their service after they were released due to a variety of conditions. More than 45,000 veterans of the war […]

  • Weeds and NationalismWestern Voices World News - Aug 12th 2021 10:25pm EDT

    As a dude who gardens rather enthusiastically, I consider a weed to be “a plant growing where it’s not supposed to.” The issue at hand is NOT the intrinsic goodness or badness of the plant. Rather, the issue is a matter of when and where. I do not want stray mustard growing in the midst […]

  • We are More than our GenesWestern Voices World News - Jul 26th 2021 12:18am EDT

    People usually speak of race in a biological sense. It is easy to focus on the material, because it can be measured, quantified, and statistically analyzed. And biological race is a necessary prerequisite, but insufficient. Consider, for example, that the current out-of-wedlock birthrate for European-Americans (30%) is higher than it was among African-Americans (28%) in […]