• Poll Watch: 47% of Republican Voters Support a National Divorce

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 1st 2023 9:23pm EST

    H/T National Conservative Excellent news. Whether it is ending support for Ukraine, opposing anti-Whiteism and the Great Replacement or desiring a National Divorce, our “extremist” views are rapidly going mainstream. Washington Examiner: “Fresh polling on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) call for a red state-blue state national political “divorce” shows that a third of likely voters approve, […]

  • Catholic Church In Ireland Allows Muslim Prayers

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 1st 2023 9:26am EST

    The Catholic Church in Ireland has opened its doors for Muslim prayers and will even blast the azan on loudspeakers. You don’t even see this happening in churches in Muslim-majority countries. pic.twitter.com/y9zgc1tdAq — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) February 28, 2023 H/T Rod Dreher These people may present themselves as Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, […]

  • Transconservatives

    Amerika.org - Mar 1st 2023 7:32am EST

    To get famous in an egalitarian society, one needs to be “edgy” and provocative, but not so much that these statements undermine the dominant paradigm. Just enough controversy brings in the passive audience looking for a new savior or scapegoat, and then the money train begins rolling. This creates a situation where the audience defines […]

  • Andrew Schulze, Concordia Publishing House and “White Supremacy” In LCMS

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 28th 2023 12:31pm EST

    Did you know LCMS Black Ministry was established more than 140 years ago? As Black History Month ends, take time to read the history of this ministry and the many ways the church serves among people of African American descent and other ethnic cultures: https://t.co/BdfabKc4Ck. — Concordia Seminary (@ConcordiaSem) February 28, 2023 This Black History […]

  • LCMS, Race and American History

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 27th 2023 1:20pm EST

    I’m already starting to make some progress on my research questions. The following excerpt comes from Kathryn Galchutt’s book The Career of Andrew Schulze: Lutherans and Race in the Civil Rights Era, 1924-1968 “In the early 1920s, while Schulze was still a seminary student and assistant at Holy Trinity in Springfield, John Behnken already made […]

  • Antifa Praise LCMS President Matthew Harrison For Bold Stance Against “Racism”

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 27th 2023 9:31am EST

    Thank your for your courage!

  • Vladimir Putin Addresses Nation After a Year of War

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 26th 2023 2:59pm EST

    We are now entering Year Two of this.

  • “Unchristian Teachings”: The History of “Alt-Right” Beliefs In Lutheranism

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 24th 2023 10:58am EST

    I realize this is a pointless exercise. Wokeism is a plague of our own times. It is a fad that is running its course. This is a contemporary leftwing social movement that has infected nearly every institution in our society due to the tireless crusading of progressive activists. The rot can be found in all […]

  • Woke LCMS President Works With Antifa To Dox and Excommunicate His Own Members For “Racism”

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 23rd 2023 10:29am EST

    This is unbelievable. Does the average LCMS member know that their president is working with Antifa and “social justice” activists to dox and purge Lutheran congregations of members who are accused of “racism” and “white supremacy”? Religion News: “(RNS) — The president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has called for the excommunication of unrepentant white […]

  • Thomas Edsall: The Forces Tearing Us Apart Are Not What They Seem

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 22nd 2023 9:38am EST

    We have heard a lot about education polarization. Over the last decade, White working class voters have generally become more Republican while White college educated suburban voters have become more Democratic, which explains why Virginia and Colorado have become Blue States while Ohio and Iowa have become Red States. New York Times: “As recently as […]