• Poll Watch: Ukraine Aid Views Are Shaped By Cold War Memories

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 22nd 2024 8:17pm EDT

    Speaker Mike Johnson, on NEWSMAX promoting his war funding bill: “For those of us who are believers, it’s a Biblical admonition to stand with Israel” pic.twitter.com/oBNJxkIQtg — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) April 20, 2024 Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly dropped to his knees in prayer for guidance on how to handle the Ukraine matter. Always fascinating when […]

  • House Approves $95 Billion Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan Aid

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 21st 2024 11:08am EDT

    “Ukraine” chants on the House floor… pic.twitter.com/wmimCXKGiM — ALX ?? (@alx) April 20, 2024 Ukrainian flags fly in the chamber of the UNITED STATES House of Representatives as they vote to send more of your hard-earned money to a corrupt foreign regime. And just like that they shout “UKRAINE! UKRAINE!”while happily working to secure Ukraine’s […]

  • Is There a Right Wing after Postmodernity? “Euronormativity” and Biopoliticized Resistances to the “Counterhegemonic” Left

    Counter Currents - Apr 19th 2024 3:06pm EDT

    Discobolus, a Roman copy of the Greek original from the fifth century BC. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons. 2,899 words From a liberal perspective, there exists a logical (and also emotional) resistance to the use of concepts, terminologies, and ideas that are foreign to modernity, since for liberalism, being born detached from the latter, such […]

  • Charlie Kirk: The Civil Rights Act ‘Created A Beast’ That ‘Turned Into An Anti-White Weapon’

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 17th 2024 3:16pm EDT

    I will reiterate my advice. Don’t become an internet edgelord. Just call yourself a conservative populist. Focus on your own personal life and career path. “Become Who You Are” by becoming the policy wonk with the credentials to be hired to work on something like immigration policy or unraveling the civil rights bureaucracy. Eyes on […]

  • Truthout: Collapse of White Nationalist Party Offers Lessons for Anti-Fascist Strategy

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 17th 2024 12:58pm EDT

    Shane Burley, one of our longtime Antifa enemies and the author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How To End It, has a new article out about the collapse of the National Justice Party. Truthout: “2024 began with a declaration of failure from within the white nationalist movement: The National Justice Party (NJP) is […]

  • Ultright

    Amerika.org - Apr 16th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Absolutely no one is satisfied with the conservatives and this is normal. The conservative is the rearguard, trying to delay the enemy long enough for the rest of the soldiers to escape; this is an ancestral role that takes into account that, by the point that things go very badly wrong, most should not escape […]

  • Presidential Harassment! Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case Begins In Manhattan

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 15th 2024 10:23pm EDT

    “Would Trump have lost the 2016 Presidential election if Stormy Daniels had gone public with her story? Prosecutors in Manhattan think maybe so. This question is at the heart of this week’s criminal trial against Trump…” https://t.co/OJbXOIeaaW — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) April 15, 2024 When I walk into that courtroom, I know I will have […]

  • Tucker Carlson: How Does Israel Treat Christians?

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 10th 2024 10:09am EDT

    Ep. 91 How does the government of Israel treat Christians? In the West, Christian leaders don’t seem interested in knowing the answer. They should be. Here’s the view of a pastor from Bethlehem. pic.twitter.com/Gvo116ojnf — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) April 9, 2024 We lost Richard Spencer and Evan McLaren. We gained people like Tucker Carlson and […]

  • Evan The Punk: Leaving The Alt-Right

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 9th 2024 8:16pm EDT

    Bow before your superiors, plebs … who are broke, unemployed, divorced and live with their parents in their 40s ? pic.twitter.com/ATqyYg6n0v — Hunter Wallace (@LutherEnjoyer) April 7, 2024 Episode 133 of the @DNWpod is live!@evan_r_mclaren was the executive director of the NPI, Richard Spencer’s white nationalist “think tank”, until he resigned in 2018. We talk […]

  • Donald Trump: Leave Abortion To The States

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 8th 2024 10:53pm EDT

    President Trump’s retreat on the Right to Life is a slap in the face to the millions of pro-life Americans who voted for him in 2016 and 2020. By nominating and standing by the confirmation of conservative justices, the Trump-Pence Administration helped send Roe v. Wade to the… — Mike Pence (@Mike_Pence) April 8, 2024 […]

  • Scott Greer: Has The Dissident Right Gone Mainstream?

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 6th 2024 11:35am EDT

    I mostly agree with this take from Scott Greer. 1. The divide in style and substance between the online and offline Right is now probably greater than the divide between the mainstream Right and the Dissident Right. 2. The Dissident Right is one faction competing for influence in a larger online Right. 3. Some issues […]

  • Rich Lowry: Yes, Fight Anti-White Racism

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 4th 2024 3:36pm EDT

    Glenn Beck wants to cut off aid to Israel. Rich Lowry wants to fight anti-White racism now.

  • Walt Bismarck: Hunter Wallace Is Wrong

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 4th 2024 11:44am EDT

    It will suffice to say here that I recall things differently. The Alt-Right that I remember first emerged in the 2000s when George W. Bush was president and “True Conservatism” was still ascendant. The Center Right was dominant. National Review and The Weekly Standard defined and policed the boundaries of mainstream conservatism. In those days, […]

  • Judd Blevins Ousted From Enid City Council

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 3rd 2024 11:04am EDT

    I see a lot of people on Twitter are drawing the wrong conclusions from this. CNN: When a public official in a small Oklahoma city faced a censure vote that condemned his recent ties to White nationalism, he was saved – at least temporarily – by a Black man. Several residents in Enid blasted city council commissioner […]

  • Matt Walsh Ate Our Lunch

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 2nd 2024 2:22pm EDT

    Greg Abbott signed an executive order calling for “punishment” for “antisemitic rhetoric.” Here’s why that is absurd, wrong, and un-American. pic.twitter.com/ErgAE2Fynb — The Honorable Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) March 29, 2024 The Most Anti-Christian President In History Declares Easter ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 – 00:23 Opening1:44 – 16:20 The Most Anti-Christian President In History […]

  • Ezra Klein Show: The Rise of Middle Finger Politics

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 1st 2024 9:13pm EDT

    LISTEN HERE I had a good laugh listening to this over the weekend. It is Ezra Klein and John Ganz discussing the rise of rightwing populism from the 1990s to the 2024 campaign. I know David Duke personally. My father-in-law knew Pat Buchanan and Sam Francis. I have been around long enough to remember Murray […]

  • Axios: Trump Allies Plot Anti-Racism Protections For White People

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 1st 2024 6:46pm EDT

    The Biden administration has spent the last four years focusing on advancing “antiracism” and “equity” at every level in the Executive branch of the federal government. Axios: If Donald Trump returns to the White House, close allies want to dramatically change the government’s interpretation of Civil Rights-era laws to focus on “anti-white racism” rather than discrimination against people of […]

  • All Grown Up

    Occidental Dissent - Apr 1st 2024 5:52pm EDT

    Alt-Right 2.0 is a terrible idea. I look back on that era like a bad picture in a high school yearbook. In a lot of ways, I haven’t changed at all. I am still a stridently antiwar isolationist. I am still concerned about mass immigration and demographic change. I am still an anti-globalist. I am […]

  • Alt-Right 2.0 Is a Terrible Idea

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 30th 2024 11:32am EDT

    Count me out. Alt-Right 2.0 sounds like a terrible idea. Let’s run through the reasons why the original Alt-Right collapsed and why the contrarians who want to bring it back are acting on an impulse in search of an ideology. 1. Attention Seeking – I had a front row seat to the collapse of Alt-Right […]

  • Los Angeles Channels Broken Amerikan Conservatism

    Amerika.org - Mar 27th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Los Angeles suffers a chronic and ongoing problem. The nation failed miserably and purposefully at management of a risk. That risk has become an issue, and all the negative externalities thereof have landed in the lap of Los Angeles. The problem manifests in the Skid Row District of Los Angeles. Skid Row now lies festooned […]

  • Candace Owens Fired From Daily Wire

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 22nd 2024 11:37pm EDT

    Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship. — Jeremy Boreing (@JeremyDBoreing) March 22, 2024 SHOCKING!?Tucker Carlson said Israel provides NO advantage to the United States. You know he knows but hasn’t washed off the Fox News completely yet. pic.twitter.com/tBuVPnetum — Syrian Girl ?? (@Partisangirl) March 22, 2024 Israel has lost the high ground. […]

  • Mike Pence Refuses To Endorse Donald Trump

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 17th 2024 3:50pm EDT

    BREAKING: Former Vice president Mike Pence won’t endorse Donald Trump pic.twitter.com/FvoCd8cQAc — InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) March 15, 2024 I’ve recently been accused of “selling out” to conservatism. Some people don’t grasp why I supported Trump in 2016, grew so blackpilled and disillusioned with him during his presidency only to reassess my views during the Biden presidency. […]

  • Conservative Convergence

    Amerika.org - Mar 16th 2024 7:32am EDT

    We should be kind to the Right. After all, it has had a great shock. The world wars drove away the idea of any solution but liberal democracy with civil rights and mixed economies; that was the model that would be the “end of history” as most liberal-minded people think of it. That left little […]

  • Donald Trump, Joe Biden Secure Their Respective Nominations

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 14th 2024 1:04pm EDT

    Decision Desk HQ projects Donald J. Trump wins the Washington Republican Presidential Primary and has won enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination for President.#DecisionMade: 11:00pm ET Follow results here: https://t.co/614XGX2j41 pic.twitter.com/FHvwD4pofv — Decision Desk HQ (@DecisionDeskHQ) March 13, 2024 It is mid-March. I’m bored with politics. We are exactly where I thought we would […]

  • Nikki Haley Drops Out

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 6th 2024 12:23pm EST

    I was honored to do my part. Donald Trump won Alabama last night, 83.2% to 13%. Note: I am a Never Haley voter.