• Everyone Is to Blame Except Blacks

    American Renaissance - Mar 29th 2024 1:11pm EDT

    One wonders what South Korean car executives thought when they first heard about the charges against them. A lawsuit is for victims who have been harmed to recover damages. However, much as the Civil Rights Act has largely replaced the Constitution, Anglo-Saxon norms are being replaced by the idea that blacks are not responsible for […]

  • AI’s Left-Wing Bias on Crime and Gun Control

    American Renaissance - Mar 26th 2024 6:32pm EDT

    Some 20 artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are currently available for general use. Students, reporters, and researchers already rely heavily on these programs to help write term papers, media reports, and research papers. Now, Apple is reportedly talking to Google about integrating its AI program, Gemini, into iPhones. Gemini recently came under withering ridicule because its image generator would […]

  • The Toronto Police Want You to Hand Over Your Car Keys . . . to Criminals

    Counter Currents - Mar 21st 2024 5:44pm EDT

    Image courtesy of QuoteInspector.com. 1,397 words Police in the city of Toronto have come under fire lately for some controversial advice. Car thefts have become such a problem in the city that citizens have taken extra steps to protect their vehicles. With approximately 12,000 vehicles stolen in Toronto in 2023 alone, some residents have installed […]

  • Suspect in Fatal Shooting of New Mexico State Police Officer Caught

    American Renaissance - Mar 21st 2024 2:23pm EDT

    A suspect in the shooting death of a New Mexico state police officer was captured Sunday by law enforcement officers in the Albuquerque area based on a tip from a gas station clerk, authorities said. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office detained 33-year-old Jaremy Smith of Marion, South Carolina, in the southwestern reaches of Albuquerque after […]

  • El Salvador Threatens Democracy

    Amerika.org - Mar 21st 2024 7:32am EDT

    When Democracy messes up badly enough, the desperate populace will predictably turn to authoritarian rule. Democracy inevitably degrades through societal entropy into chaos. Chaos makes life miserable and unpredictable. People then cry out for the strong hand of order. The people of El Salvador have been crying out for order. It was fulsomely and condignly […]

  • New York: Woman Arrested for Trying to Kick Out Squatters from House She Owns

    Daily Stormer - Mar 21st 2024 5:30am EDT

    You can’t just kick people out of your house. It’s against the law. The Post Millennial: A 47-year-old New York City woman was recently arrested for unlawful eviction after trying to prevent squatters from re-entering the $1 million property bequeathed to her by her family. Adele Andaloro changed the locks on the Flushing, Queens home, […]

  • Obama-Appointee and Liberal Illinois Federal Judge Rules Illegal Migrants Can Carry Guns Legally

    American Renaissance - Mar 20th 2024 1:36pm EDT

    A liberal Illinois federal judge has ruled that an illegal immigrant was wrongly banned from possessing a firearm. US District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, an Obama appointee, ruled earlier this month that an illegal migrant residing in the US had his 2nd Amendment rights violated when he was charged for possession of a weapon. Heriberto […]

  • Haitian Migrant Charged With Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl Entered via Controversial Parole Program

    American Renaissance - Mar 17th 2024 9:00am EDT

    A Haitian migrant now charged with rape of a 15-year-old girl at a local migrant hotel was allowed into the U.S. by a controversial parole program that allows up to 30,000 migrants a month to fly into the country, sources tell Fox News. Local authorities in Rockland, Massachusetts arrested 26-year-old Cory Alvarez, a Haitian national. […]

  • Sanctuary for Perverts

    American Renaissance - Mar 15th 2024 5:02pm EDT

    Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey warn what “sanctuary” means. They also discuss drill rap, Six Flags, Kayla Carter, and how DEI does more damage than you think. Thumbnail credit: 7beachbum from Tsuruoka, Japan, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons Subscribe to Radio Renaissance podcasts on Substack here. Subscribe on BitChute here. Download this episode here. The post Sanctuary […]

  • California Bill Would Extend Legal Aid to Illegal Immigrants Convicted of Violent Felonies

    American Renaissance - Mar 14th 2024 6:05pm EDT

    A bill introduced in the California state assembly would extend taxpayer-funded legal aid to illegal immigrants convicted of violent or serious felonies, with the Democratic lawmaker who introduced it saying it would be a step forward for racial justice. The Representation, Equity and Protections (REP) for all Immigrants Act would remove restrictions on grant funds […]

  • Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Sexually Abusing 6-12-Year-Old Girls

    American Renaissance - Mar 14th 2024 6:05pm EDT

    An illegal alien, previously deported twice from the United States, is now accused of sexually abusing girls from six to 12 years old while he was working as a teacher at a church in Montgomery County, Maryland. Ervin Jeovany Alfaro Lopez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was arrested and charged in March {snip} {snip} […]

  • Brooklyn Pastor ‘Bling Bishop’ Found Guilty of Spending $90,000 of His Parishioner’s Savings on Luxury Goods

    American Renaissance - Mar 14th 2024 6:05pm EDT

    A flashy, jewelry-wearing Brooklyn pastor was convicted Monday in federal court of using a parishioner’s retirement savings and trying to extort a businessman while touting he had connections to the New York City mayor. Lamor Whitehead, nicknamed the “Bling Bishop,” is a pastor at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries. {snip} Whitehead, known for his […]

  • No-Go Zone: Just Let Them Rob You & Don’t Fly, Stay In The Pod

    Red Ice TV - Mar 14th 2024 1:00pm EDT

    Henrik covers the disintegration of law and order in Western societies and more in No-Go Zone March 14, 2024. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for a membership at redicemembers.com or odysee.com/@redicetvor subscribestar.com/redice or redicetv.locals.com. Get full access to our extensive archives, watch or listen to […]

  • Man Charged With Hate Crime Against White People

    American Renaissance - Mar 12th 2024 1:35pm EDT

    A man was charged with a hate crime on Thursday after he allegedly threatened to kill white people at a Walgreens in Columbia on Feb. 27. Mark Elliot Lewis, 47, was charged with harassment motivated by discrimination to frighten or disturb another person. {snip} Mark Elliot Lewis {snip} Lewis walked into a Walgreens location in […]

  • New York: Governor Vagina to Deploy National Guard to NYC Subway to Make People Feel Safer

    Daily Stormer - Mar 8th 2024 1:01am EST

    Soldiers on the subway. Yep, that’s utopian alright. It reminds me of the utopian video game “Half-Life 2.” Reuters: New York Governor Kathy Hochul will deploy 750 soldiers from the state’s National Guard to help New York City police check commuters’ bags in the busiest stations in the city’s sprawling subway system, she announced on […]

  • Caught With a Headless Armless Torso

    American Renaissance - Mar 7th 2024 6:42pm EST

    Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey sympathize with a poor, persecuted ex-con. They also discuss Laken Riley, Terence Howard, North Face nonsense, and hot times in Haiti. Subscribe to Radio Renaissance podcasts on Substack here. Subscribe on BitChute here. Download this episode here. The post Caught With a Headless Armless Torso appeared first on American Renaissance.

  • National Guard and State Police Will Patrol the Subways and Check Bags

    American Renaissance - Mar 7th 2024 2:05pm EST

    Hundreds of National Guard soldiers and State Police officers will patrol the New York City subway platforms and check riders’ bags beginning this week, Gov. Kathy Hochul said on Wednesday. A large show of force in the system, which is operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a state agency, will help commuters and visitors feel […]

  • San Francisco Voters Approve Drug Screening for Welfare Recipients

    American Renaissance - Mar 7th 2024 2:05pm EST

    San Francisco voters showed strong support for a ballot measure that requires welfare recipients who receive aid from the city and are “reasonably” suspected of using drugs to be screened and enroll in treatment. They also favored another measure that eases restrictions on police officers. The approvals were seen as wins for Mayor London Breed, […]

  • Large Black Crowds Prompted Spring Break Restrictions in Miami, Civil Rights Advocates Say

    American Renaissance - Mar 7th 2024 2:05pm EST

    Miami Beach is trying to break up with spring break, but it’s not yet clear whether spring break will take the hint. After three consecutive years of spring break violence, Miami Beach officials are implementing monthlong security measures aimed at curbing the chaos, including parking restrictions for non-residents and closing sidewalk cafes on busy weekends. […]

  • UK: Burgulary Charge Rate Falls from 4.6% to 3.9%

    Daily Stormer - Mar 6th 2024 11:40pm EST

    Everyone who was against immigration said: “you’re not going to be able to deal with all the crimes these colored people commit.” The response of the white governments has been: “you’re right. We’re not. Deal with it, racist.” Imagine that if someone breaks into your home and robs you, the chance that the government will […]

  • California Finds a New Way to Be Soft on Crime

    American Renaissance - Mar 6th 2024 7:12pm EST

    What would happen if lawmakers reinvented the criminal-justice system to target “systemic racism” instead of crime? California is about to find out. Thanks to a 2020 law called the California Racial Justice Act, every felon serving time in the state’s prisons and jails can now retroactively challenge his conviction and sentencing on the ground of […]

  • Criminal Underworld Takes Over Sweden as Gang Membership Soars to 62,000

    American Renaissance - Mar 6th 2024 1:29pm EST

    A new report from the Swedish police has recently been published, and it shows that something has gone terribly wrong in Sweden. According to the latest police report, some 62,000 people in Sweden are connected to criminal gangs. To put this into perspective, consider that Sweden is a small country with only 10.4 million people. […]

  • Father of Slain Christian College Student Urges Forgiveness After Dorm Room Killing

    American Renaissance - Mar 5th 2024 1:02pm EST

    The father of a freshman athlete strangled to death last month in his dorm room at a Kentucky Christian university asked his son’s classmates to choose forgiveness because “it’s the center of what Jesus is.” Josiah Kilman, 18, was found dead in his dorm at Campbellsville University just before 1 a.m. on Feb. 24. He died of manual strangulation, […]

  • Thief Busted in Brutal Subway Cello Attack Released Without Bail

    American Renaissance - Mar 1st 2024 4:48pm EST

    A 23-year-old with eight prior arrests was busted in the shocking, caught-on-video bottle attack on a New York City subway cellist — and was promptly cut loose Thursday despite pleas that she be held on bail. Amira Hunter was nabbed Wednesday night, 15 days after she allegedly bashed Iain S. Forrest, 29, in the head […]

  • How the Border Crisis Hit a Small Wisconsin Town

    American Renaissance - Feb 28th 2024 1:45pm EST

    The migrants began to trickle into Whitewater, a sleepy town of 15,000 an hour west of Milwaukee, toward the end of 2021. Prior to their arrival, local news and political debates generally revolved around school fundraisers or the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s D3 athletics. Today, residents are focused on their 1,000 new neighbors, who mostly hail […]