• S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 928 | It Could Only Be Anglo-Saxons

    Jared Howe - Oct 3rd 2022 7:39am EDT (Archive)

    It’s official. Putin’s “special operation” to “denazify Ukraine” has now spiraled into a full-blown blood war on Anglo-Saxons. And while Putin is busy blood-libeling Anglo-Saxons and “the collective west” for what was probably a vodka-inspired fuck-up in the Baltic Sea, some listeners are writing in with text walls to whatabout on the topic of sabotage, […]

  • The Dispatch: When Culture Wars Go Way To Far

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 2nd 2022 9:52am EDT (Archive)

    I have a positive view of Christian nationalism. Just look at the “trans” issue. California has become the first sanctuary state for “trans youth” and will strip parents from other states of custody of their own children in order to provide them with “gender-affirming care.” California state courts will assert “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over “trans […]

  • California Officially Becomes First Sanctuary State For “Trans” Children

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 1st 2022 10:37am EDT (Archive)

    As Vladimir Putin said in his speech yesterday, Western liberals have embraced outright Satanism. He was probably thinking of California Democrats who are leading the charge toward “progress.” National Review: “On Thursday, California governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation that would facilitate child gender-transition tourism from other states. The bill, spearheaded by Democratic state senator Scott Wiener, aims to […]

  • Vladimir Putin Accuses West Of Outright Satanism

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 30th 2022 7:04pm EDT

    No, you really don’t want any of this “progress.”

  • Jonah Goldberg: Slouching Toward The Old World

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 30th 2022 9:14am EDT (Archive)

    I’ve also been reflecting on how much American conservatism has changed. Just the other day, I pointed out how rapidly American conservatives are forgetting their former ideology and embracing generic nationalism and populism. The applause that was recently showered on the victories of “conservatives” like Giorgia Meloni and the Sweden Democrats was unthinkable in the […]

  • New York Times: The Guardrails

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 29th 2022 10:47am EDT (Archive)

    I listened to this podcast. New York Times: Dr. Albert Mohler Jr. did a good job describing the conflict. Progressive activists who are overwhelmingly atheists, agnostics or irreligious want to aggressively impose their own beliefs on Christians. They also want to portray Christians who believe their own values should be reflected in public policy as […]

  • S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 927 | It Could Only Be Sabotage

    Jared Howe - Sep 29th 2022 7:25am EDT (Archive)

    The investigation has scarcely even started but the conclusion is already in: Someone sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines. How do we know it’s sabotage? It HAD to be sabotage. Because high pressure vapor delivery systems NEVER fail on their own. And since they never fail on their own, I guess it was a mistake for […]

  • Poll Watch: White Evangelical Protestants Score Highest In Structural Racism Index

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 28th 2022 12:28pm EDT (Archive)

    According to the Alt-MSNBC brain trust and various other cranks and idiots in the White Nationalist movement, the biggest problem facing the White race is Christianity, especially evangelical Protestants who are conservative Republican voters and who live in small towns and rural areas. PRRI:

  • Thomas Edsall: Seven Years of Trump Has The Right Wing Taking The Long View

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 28th 2022 10:48am EDT (Archive)

    I recently wrote something similar. Year One of the Trump era was exhilarating. In the 2016 election, I backed Trump because I saw him as a bulldozer. If nothing else, I saw him as a useful instrument for steamrolling the True Cons faction. “BTW, that’s why I supported Trump during the election. If a bulldozer […]

  • Jamie Raskin: The Second Amendment Gives No Comfort to Insurrectionists

    Occidental Dissent - Sep 27th 2022 9:59am EDT (Archive)

    The 2022 midterms are coming up. Rep. Jamie Raskin, the top Jew on the 1/6 Committee, has penned a new op-ed in the New York Times in which he argues that there is no such thing as the right to secession or even revolution. New York Times: “Many Republicans in Congress agree with Representative Matt […]