• Banking / Economic Collapse? – The Real Secret of Money – Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - Mar 14th 2023 2:59pm EDT

    Today we dive into some of the classics that deal with money printing and what money really and truly is. We look at the fiat system and how it is actually revolutionary, meaning part of the Marxist/socialist technique to engage in theft over time. We will look at the amazing admissions from Quigley and the […]

  • What Is The Coronavirus Vaccine Doing To People’s Blood?

    Roosh V - Mar 13th 2023 10:00am EDT

    A recent documentary titled Died Suddenly confirms what many of us already know: the coronavirus vaccine is deadly. The documentary shows that the likely mechanism by which it causes injury and death is by befouling a person’s circulatory system. I can conclude with a clear conscious that the vaccine is a blood and heart toxin. […]

  • Ahab and Progress

    Amerika.org - Mar 13th 2023 7:32am EDT

    Humans walk a fine line between sanity and blasphemy when we aim to improve our world. We would be fools not to produce shelter, food, water, and warmth for ourselves, just as we would be idiots to continue to live in a stage of anarchy where any wandering band can conquer us. We go too […]

  • Germans Bishops Defy Pope Francis To Back Homosexuality

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 12th 2023 9:07am EDT

    In another episode of THE UNIQUE (ONLY) EXPRESSION OF THE LEX ORANDI OF THE ROMAN RITE: Rapping Priest. Fr. Thomas Eschenbacher, a clown-priest of Hammelburg in the Diocese of Würzburg Germany, raps his homily. pic.twitter.com/ezfIYWXMV8 — Malleus Haereticorum Modernistarum (@PRTrad1) March 11, 2023 German Synodal Way, Day 3 ?: Up first: “Dealing with gender diversity” […]

  • SVB Collapse & Tech Control Grid Failure? CyberPolygon, Deepfake PsyOps & More! -Jay Dyer

    Jay Dyer - Mar 11th 2023 1:18pm EST

    Today we will cover the rest of the sci tech news I missed, including the Arthur C Clarke and A.I. clips, recent stories about how deep fakes and AI can be used for PsyOPs as well as CIA critiques and WEF style clips that have emerged. Live at 1 PM CST Remember to boost that […]

  • Arktos Deplatformed By Ingram Books

    Amerika.org - Mar 11th 2023 12:18pm EST

    Political correctness should have no mystery behind it because it is one of the oldest human pathologies. When people see something they fear, they ban mention of it or any action which will solve it, since that involves confronting the problem. Humanity faces a number of real issues: overpopulation, urbanization, pollution, genetic decay, inability to […]

  • Martinez & Howe | The Roundup | 03-09-23

    Jared Howe - Mar 11th 2023 7:10am EST

    Martinez and Howe take a look at the Alt-Media’s laziness / parroting of Kremlin sources like RT; internet Third Worldists are peer-oriented & terminally online because they lack real life relationships; the online peer group has replaced family and community life; a Staten Island superintendent exposed as anti-White; maybe the Dilbert guy is right this […]

  • Review: Power, Politics and the Missouri Synod

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 9th 2023 12:18pm EST

    Only one major denomination has grown in the last 20 years – the Assemblies of God. They also happen to be one of the most politically conservative religious tradition in the United States. Note just how liberal atheists are – 42% are very liberal. No one else comes close. pic.twitter.com/IIGCdZRsqf — Ryan Burge ? (@ryanburge) […]

  • Stone Choir: The Invention of Racism

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 8th 2023 9:25pm EST

    LISTEN HERE It has been an eventful few weeks. I found out that my wife is pregnant. I found out that the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) is going woke. Corey Mahler and Woe are back with a great new episode of Stone Choir in which they explore the history of the term “racism” and when […]

  • The Best Podcast In The World

    Roosh V - Mar 6th 2023 10:00am EST

    Now that I got you to click on such an enticing headline, I must deliver the goods or else you will be upset with me. Before I share with you the best podcast in the world, I wanted to first mention six other podcasts that I regularly listen to. From The Amvon This podcast is […]