• Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale Video Released

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 28th 2023 8:52am EDT

    BREAKING: Video shows Audrey Hale methodically targeting Christian school in Nashville https://t.co/zUAX9VqwRg pic.twitter.com/FNmmypOGlZ — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) March 28, 2023 They want you and your kids dead. Remember this. pic.twitter.com/JYkdywzf4z — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) March 28, 2023 >Shooter had NAFO, trans, and socialist flags >Targeted Christian school Hmmmmm pic.twitter.com/Gr6IvrV46f — Butlerian Jihad? (@ThatDude3210) March 28, […]

  • Secular Talk: “Trans-Denier”: Newsmax Host Says Trans People Don’t Exist

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 17th 2023 11:54am EDT

    Are you a “trans denier”? Sure, Christian Zionism is cringe, but Kyle Kulinski is on another level these days.

  • Secular Talk: “Sinful”: Biden Rips Anti-Trans Bill

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 16th 2023 4:57pm EDT

    Right-wing commentator Steve Deace declares that drag queens are grooming children and that “pedo-groomers should be executed, by the way. After a fair trial, of course.” pic.twitter.com/Qm0StNOGbT — Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) March 15, 2023 Right-wing broadcaster Steve Deace says the Democratic Party is “a demonic construct, a satanically-influenced entity, and a death cult” and […]

  • Joe Biden: The Sin of Transphobia

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 14th 2023 10:47pm EDT

    Biden suggests it’s “sinful” and “cruel” to ban puberty blockers and sex change surgeries for kids. pic.twitter.com/y3OOFdle06 — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) March 13, 2023 This is what it was like to live through the 1960s. Leftists begin pushing a fringe issue like “antiracism” It is picked up by liberal academics It hits critical mass […]

  • Review: Power, Politics and the Missouri Synod

    Occidental Dissent - Mar 9th 2023 12:18pm EST

    Only one major denomination has grown in the last 20 years – the Assemblies of God. They also happen to be one of the most politically conservative religious tradition in the United States. Note just how liberal atheists are – 42% are very liberal. No one else comes close. pic.twitter.com/IIGCdZRsqf — Ryan Burge ? (@ryanburge) […]

  • Mark Dice: The Grammys: Satanism, Queers, and “Uplifting Black People!”

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 6th 2023 2:43pm EST

    Where do all of these backward rubes and bumpkins get the idea that our urban liberal elites are a bunch of degenerate Satan worshipping pedophiles? Note: This is just boring and tired now.

  • Matt Walsh: Sam Smith’s Revolting New Music Video

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 30th 2023 7:08pm EST

    Lil Nas X is a tough act to follow. How do you top that? How do you make an even more degenerate music video in order to stay relevant in “mainstream” pop culture? What do you have to do these days?

  • Secular Talk: Man Opens Heroin, Meth & Crack Store

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 10th 2023 4:34pm EST

    Checking in on the “Populist Left” …

  • Married Female Cop Has Sex With Six Male Officers, Gets Fired

    Daily Stormer - Jan 10th 2023 2:57am EST

    Maegan Hall And you’re going to tell me America doesn’t run on sexism? New York Post: A small Tennessee police station has been rocked by allegations of wild sexual misconduct, after a married female officer allegedly had steamy romps with six male officers, including illicit on-duty liaisons, according to reports. Officer Maegan Hall and her […]

  • The Guardians

    Counter Currents - Jan 4th 2023 11:25am EST

    Juvenal 2,040 words And who will guard the guardians? — Juvenal During my long life, I cannot recall approaching the New Year with a greater sense of apprehension and angst. Looking back over the last several years, 2020 was a tipping point of chaos: COVID lockdowns, George Floyd riots and deification, an Alzheimer’s POTUS, adolescent […]