• British WWII Veterans: Unhappy With What’s Become of the Country They Fought For

    American Renaissance - May 23rd 2024 4:27pm EDT

    More than once I have come across the view that if British lads of the 1940s could have foreseen the state of their country today, they would never have bothered to fight the Second World War. Few of those who have heard that view may realize that there is empirical evidence to support it. One […]

  • European Elections: Le Pen Officially Breaks With German Ally AfD

    American Renaissance - May 23rd 2024 11:29am EDT

    The Rassemblement National (RN) prefers the risk of isolation to that of controversy. Two weeks ahead of the European elections, it is breaking with the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, one of its main allies in the Identity and Democracy (ID) group in the European Parliament. “We will no longer sit with them in the […]

  • EU Agrees on a New Migration Pact. Mainstream Parties Hope It Will Deprive the Far Right of Votes

    American Renaissance - May 19th 2024 11:38am EDT

    European Union nations endorsed sweeping reforms to the bloc’s failed asylum system on Tuesday as campaigning for Europe-wide elections next month gathers pace, with migration expected to be an important issue. EU government ministers approved 10 legislative parts of The New Pact on Migration and Asylum. It lays out rules for the 27 member countries […]

  • Eurovision: A Festival of Degeneracy

    American Renaissance - May 16th 2024 11:18am EDT

    Thumbnail credit: © Ritzau via ZUMA Press This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee. The Eurovision Song Contest is the most watched non-sporting event in the world. It started in 1956, as a way for European countries to come together with music to help heal the scars of the Second World War. It […]

  • Seven Out of 10 Europeans Believe Their Country Takes in Too Many Immigrants

    American Renaissance - May 15th 2024 1:49pm EDT

    Europeans view immigration with increasing suspicion. Seven out of 10 Europeans believe that their country takes in too many migrants, according to a survey carried out by BVA Xsight for ARTE Europe Weekly, a project led by the French-German TV channel ARTE GEIE and which EL PAÍS has participated in, as part of the countdown […]

  • After AfD Party Loses Major Court Case, the Party Can Now Be Legally Targeted With Mass Surveillance

    American Renaissance - May 15th 2024 1:49pm EDT

    The opposition Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has lost a major court appeal against the powerful domestic intelligence agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), with a high court judge allowing the BfV to continue classifying the party as a “suspected case” of right-wing extremism. The move paves the way for the […]

  • Majority of Germans Reject Muslim Immigration, Express Fear of Becoming a ‘Minority in Germany’

    American Renaissance - May 3rd 2024 4:18pm EDT

    Rejection of immigrants from Islamic countries has increased in Germany, according to the latest Insa poll commissioned by the Nius media group. The most recent survey shows an absolute majority of 52 percent rather agree with the statement that “Germany should generally no longer accept refugees from Islamic countries”. Only 34 percent say “disagree” or “tend to […]

  • Irish Town Gets Kenyan Mayor Who Calls Irish Opposed to Mass Immigration “Terrorists.”

    American Renaissance - May 3rd 2024 4:18pm EDT

    The newly appointed African mayor of Derry in Northern Ireland has a message for Irish patriots who oppose immigration: You are terrorists, and you must be stopped. Indeed, socialist Lilian Seenoi-Barr called them terrorists not only last year but also more recently on a radio program in which she denied calling them terrorists. {snip} Installed […]

  • Hope and Defiance at the Castle

    American Renaissance - May 3rd 2024 2:21pm EDT

    VDARE.com — indispensable over the past quarter century for its coverage of immigration and the national question — is now facing a grueling investigation by New York’s Soros-funded attorney general Letitia James. Sadly, legal expenses have temporarily forced editor Peter Brimelow to scale back posting on his site and suspend all other activities — except […]

  • Here’s How Ukraine Can Still Win: NATO Chief Visits Kiev, Announces Increase in Military Aid

    Daily Stormer - Apr 29th 2024 9:49pm EDT

    An unannounced visit by Jens Stoltenberg to the Ukrainian Parliament today. Zelensky announced that Ukraine will receive more patriots from NATO pic.twitter.com/AcoTIexFSu — Greyskull (@FreudGreyskull) April 29, 2024 “If Putin wins this war, if Russia wins this war, we will have to pay and spend a lot more money.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg pic.twitter.com/6iyUjaq9hE […]

  • Eva Vlaardingerbroek at CPAC Hungary: The Great Replacement Is No Longer A Theory, It’s Reality

    American Renaissance - Apr 29th 2024 5:51pm EDT

    {snip} EVA VLAARDINGERBROEK: Hello, Hungary, hello, Budapest, hello, fellow Europeans and American friends. Thank you so much for having me. Allow me to skip formalities for a moment and dive right into a subject that is not so cheerful, but very, very necessary to discuss. Let me walk you through the past seven days in […]

  • Even Dems Want Mass Deportation

    American Renaissance - Apr 26th 2024 9:34am EDT

    Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey cheer the increasing willingness of Americans to deport illegals. The hosts also discuss ski masks, the AfD, Katherine Maher, and Narenda Modi. Thumbnail credit: © Allison Dinner/ZUMA Press Wire Subscribe to Radio Renaissance podcasts on Substack here. Subscribe on BitChute here. Download this episode here. The post Even Dems Want Mass Deportation appeared […]

  • The French State Is Now Little More Than a Smuggling Gang

    American Renaissance - Apr 24th 2024 8:40pm EDT

    Amid all the hand-wringing about the latest deaths of migrants in the Channel, you should keep one essential point in mind: France doesn’t want to stop the boats. How, you might ask, can I be so sure of this, when by all accounts patrols of the French coastline by police and border guards have been stepped […]

  • Homeless Algerian Migrant Charged With Kidnapping and Raping French Woman Who Helped Him

    American Renaissance - Apr 23rd 2024 6:44pm EDT

    A 25-year-old homeless Algerian migrant has been arrested and charged for allegedly kidnapping, beating and raping a 49-year-old French woman in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, after she worked with the man “for years” to help him. The victim was raped in an ordeal that lasted from Friday evening all the way into Saturday morning, with the […]

  • European Migrant Crisis: West African Route Crossings Surge to Record High

    American Renaissance - Apr 21st 2024 8:26am EDT

    The European Union’s Frontex border control agency said this week that illegal migrant crossings of the West African route to Spain’s Canary Islands reached a record high this year. Between January and March, more than 13,500 illegal boat migrants were recorded crossing the Atlantic Ocean from West Africa to the Canary Islands, marking the highest […]

  • Remigration: The Identitarian Solution

    American Renaissance - Apr 19th 2024 12:00pm EDT

    Credit Image: © Ying Tang/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press Martin Sellner, Remigration: Ein Vorschlag (Remigration: A Proposal), Verlag Antaios, 2024, €20, 184 pages (available only in German) In March, Austrian identitarian leader Martin Sellner was banned from Germany for three years. The same month, he gave a talk in the Swiss canton of Aargau when police barged in […]

  • The French Discover ‘Hyperviolence’

    American Renaissance - Apr 18th 2024 4:11pm EDT

    This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee. The non-natives are restless. In France, they have been so frisky this month, even President Emanual Macron has denounced “a kind of unbridled violence among our teenagers, even young ones,” though he failed to note certain patterns. The first case was that of Samara, a 14-year-old […]

  • NATO Commander Says 1 Billion People Threatened by Aqua Russians

    Daily Stormer - Apr 17th 2024 2:00am EDT

    #Gravitas | A top NATO commander has warned that Russia’s hybrid warfare threatens vital undersea cables and pipelines. He warned that the vast underwater infrastructure on which Europe’s power and communications depend were not built to withstand Russia’s “hybrid warfare”… pic.twitter.com/uNDHLaqE0q — WION (@WIONews) April 16, 2024 It’s funny, I was just sitting around worrying […]

  • EU Passes Asylum and Migration Pact After Eight Years of Deadlock

    American Renaissance - Apr 10th 2024 6:55pm EDT

    Sweeping changes to the EU’s migration laws have been passed in a knife-edge series of votes in the European parliament, with supporters of the new laws calling the move historic but NGOs saying they are a step back for human rights. The vote on Wednesday, which is now expected to be rubber-stamped by the member […]

  • European Union Declares War on African Coffee

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 9:00pm EDT

    Well, they declared war on cigarettes. No one should have expected that coffee was safe. Coffee is the brother of cigarettes. The Guardian: The first white flowers are starting to appear on the branches of Habtamu Wolde’s coffee bushes in the Kafa region of southwest Ethiopia. They will bloom several more times before turning into […]

  • Migrant Crime Explodes Higher in Germany in 2023, Violent Crime Hits Record Levels

    American Renaissance - Apr 9th 2024 1:01pm EDT

    The number of foreign suspects soared to around 923,000 last year, representing a massive 18 percent increase in just one year nationwide, according to crime statistics from the German Interior Ministry released on Tuesday. However, the even more shocking number may have to do with violent crimes, which soared to record levels in 2023. The […]

  • ‘Let Us Pray to Mama Earth’

    American Renaissance - Apr 5th 2024 5:48pm EDT

    Jared Taylor marvels at the humiliation and foolishness of medical training. He also discusses Scotland’s new hate-crimes law, Ramadan in Europe, Mahogany Jackson’s ordeal, and how a magical negress lost her MoJo. Subscribe to Radio Renaissance podcasts on Substack here. Subscribe on BitChute here. Download this episode here. The post ‘Let Us Pray to Mama Earth’ appeared first […]

  • Jared Kushner Says It’s “Unfortunate” Europe Isn’t Taking in More Palestinian Refugees

    American Renaissance - Mar 22nd 2024 5:20pm EDT

    Jared Kushner says it’s “unfortunate” that Europe isn’t taking in more Palestinian refugees, suggesting that the “cleaning up” of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip should be accelerated. Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former senior foreign policy advisor made the comments during a conversation with Professor Tarek Masoud. “Gaza’s waterfront property could be very valuable … if […]

  • 58 Graves Are Covered in Islamic Graffiti

    American Renaissance - Mar 22nd 2024 5:20pm EDT

    Nearly 60 graves in a French cemetery have been covered in Islamic graffiti, including phrases such as ‘Submit to Allah’ and ‘Happy Ramadan, non-Muslims’. On Monday morning, a total of 58 burial sites in Clermont-d’Excideuil cemetery, in Périgord Vert, Dordogne, were discovered scrawled over in an incident that has left the neighbourhood outraged. Images of […]

  • The Last Stand for Free Speech

    American Renaissance - Mar 22nd 2024 4:59pm EDT

    Those who think the tide is about to turn on censorship may have to learn a hard lesson. “The Supreme Court can dismantle the censorship-industrial complex” read an editorial The Hill this week. Author Harmeet Dhillon warned of a “disturbing and increasingly systematic trend of government actors forcing social media companies to censor constitutionally protected […]