• Disney SEC Filing Admits That Their Ideological War Against the Customers is Not Going Well

    Daily Stormer - Nov 28th 2023 2:14pm EST

    This is a film that was produced and released by Disney while knowing that it would be a flop. Disney is a publicly traded company, with fiduciary duties to shareholders. It is illegal for them to purposefully lose money in this way, and I don’t understand how the SEC is not suing them. They sue […]

  • Jersey: White Female Teacher… Accused of Having Sex With Student!

    Daily Stormer - Nov 25th 2023 1:47am EST

    Lydia Pinto A white millennial female teacher getting sexual with a teenage student??? Surely you jest! New York Post: A New Jersey gym teacher was jailed after a former student detailed their sexual relationship that spanned his high school career. Former Bridgewater-Raritan High School teacher Lydia Pinto, 38, was charged Nov. 8 with first-degree aggravated sexual assault and two counts of […]

  • Arkansas: Female Teacher Asks 14-Year-Old Student for Nudes

    Daily Stormer - Nov 24th 2023 8:00pm EST

    Kaytlann Barnes, 30 A white millennial female teacher getting sexual with a teenage student??? Surely you jest! New York Post: An Arkansas teacher has been accused of exchanging nude photos with a 14-year-old student — instructing him to send her the X-rated images to “gratify her sexual desires.” Kaytlann Barnes, 30, who was a teacher […]

  • Taking Cues From the Pope, Indiana Women’s Catholic College to Allow Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Nov 24th 2023 4:36am EST

    See: Pope Francis to Allow Trannies to Get Baptized, Become Godparents Pope Francis Fires Anti-Tranny Bishop John Strickland Pope Invites 120 Trannies to Lunch at the Vatican Pope Francis has been making bizarre, anti-Christ statements for a decade. However, he has only within the last few months began translating this anti-Christ philosophy into Church policy. […]

  • SNL Sketch About Frank Sinatra Captures What I’m Trying to Say Here

    Daily Stormer - Nov 22nd 2023 8:42am EST

    I’m now obsessed with Frank Sinatra as a symbol of Americana, even though he was Italian. I found this Saturday Night Live sketch that is a parody of the McLaughlin Group with Sinatra hosting a TV show about music. Sinatra is played by the late, great Phil Hartman. This video somehow manages to capture all […]

  • The Science Discovers 3rd Century AD Roman Emperor Was a Tranny All Along

    Daily Stormer - Nov 22nd 2023 2:00am EST

    Elagabalus was a faggot and crossdresser, and one of the worst emperors of Rome A crossdressing faggot is not the same thing as the modern concept of a tranny. Sorry. Maybe they seem aesthetically similar, but it’s not the same thing, and this is just rewriting history. BBC: A museum is to relabel its display […]

  • Roast of Frank Sinatra (1978)

    Daily Stormer - Nov 21st 2023 10:04am EST

    In some sense, America died with Frank Sinatra. In the above video, a roast of Frank Sinatra in 1978 is hosted by Dean Martin. It’s everything I think about when I think about “classic Americana.” It’s white men in suits, drinking and smoking. There are Jews and black people there too. Everyone is getting along. […]

  • Chinese Developers of Hyped Upcoming Game Attacked for Not Respecting Women

    Daily Stormer - Nov 21st 2023 8:13am EST

    Now not even the Chinese are free of “sexual harassment” nonsense. American feminists will go to your Chinese social media, translate it, then try to torpedo the English port of your game. Game Science is a Chinese company operating out of Hangzhou. This is a fully Chinese company. It doesn’t have American employees. It also […]

  • Belgium Prison Staff Doing Orgies, Female Guard Demanding Sex Before Work

    Daily Stormer - Nov 20th 2023 9:33pm EST

    The alleged nympho This isn’t really news. It would have been news if they were having sex with the prisoners, but just workplace orgies… I don’t understand why we’re posting this. Just to titillate the audience? Or what? -Editor New York Post: Belgium’s largest prison is reeling from a wild sex scandal that accused guards […]

  • Summary of Altman Firing and Re-Hiring by Microsoft (As I Understand It)

    Daily Stormer - Nov 20th 2023 7:45am EST

    Sam Altman, another disgraced Jew Usually, I can just quote some bits of a news article to give you the facts of a matter, but with the bizarre firing of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, it’s difficult to find a short synopsis that seems to explain it all. OpenAI is the company that owns and operates […]

  • Cocksucking F****t Josh Hawley Spreads Biden’s “Chinese Spying” Theory About TikTok

    Daily Stormer - Nov 18th 2023 12:54pm EST

    It sure is interesting how often the so-called “national populist conservatives” end up lining up behind Joe Biden and the “true conservatives” (“neoconservatives”) when it comes to obviously nonsensical anti-China blood libels. These people, who are homophiliacs, are now increasingly escalating their wild calls for mass censorship of the American people in the name of […]

  • Connecticut: Married Mother of Two Working at School Has Sex With 11-Year-Old Student

    Daily Stormer - Nov 15th 2023 7:03pm EST

    Alyson Cranick, 42 Oh, come on. Eleven? With that face? This actually is abuse. New York Post: A married Connecticut educator allegedly had sex with an 11-year-old boy in her car outside his school — after giving him a bracelet with the acronym for “Best Friends for Life With Benefits.” Alyson Cranick, 42, turned herself […]

  • Anal Green Lantern Comic Bombs Unexpectedly

    Daily Stormer - Nov 15th 2023 9:26am EST

    The Green Lantern getting blackmailed into a gay orgy by J. Edgar Hoover. The suggestion that a man’s boots who stop fitting is nonsensical, and shows very poor writing.  No one really cares about Alan Scott, but the poor bastard still didn’t deserve this. The Post Millennial: In October, author Tim Sheridan urged people to […]

  • AI-Generated Faces Already More Convincing Than Real Faces, Survey Finds

    Daily Stormer - Nov 14th 2023 3:52am EST

      And the very first post of AI Week is… filler! All too fitting, because I announced this BLITZ, and now I actually feel like playing video games instead. However, the BLITZ shall commence, beginning right here with a filler article…! The Guardian: It sounds like a scenario straight out of a Ridley Scott film: […]

  • Vaginal “The Marvels” (Captain Marvel 2) Marks Worst Ever Opening Weekend for an MCU Film

    Daily Stormer - Nov 12th 2023 12:40pm EST

    Previously: Disney Releasing Fourth Consecutive George Floyd Animated Film Despite Massive Losses I wrote a long thing about how much money the “woke agenda” AKA “George Floydism” is costing Disney. I wrote about the fact that Disney is slated to release its fourth George Floyd children’s animated film, despite losses. The MCU is a much bigger […]

  • Pope Francis Fires Anti-Tranny Bishop John Strickland

    Daily Stormer - Nov 12th 2023 9:30am EST

    WATCH: My exclusive interview with Bishop Strickland, where I ask him all the questions on everyone’s heart in the midst of his unjust cancellation. Pray for this good Bishop. #IstandwithBishopStrickland pic.twitter.com/G1TaPO0c4P — John-Henry Westen (@JhWesten) November 12, 2023 Previously: Pope Francis to Allow Trannies to Get Baptized, Become Godparents We’ve said we’re not going to […]

  • Iceland’s Birth Rate in 2022 Saw Largest Decline Since Mid-1800s

    Daily Stormer - Nov 10th 2023 1:46am EST

    We should just keep giving women more and more and more rights until there are no people left on earth. Conversely, it may be prudent for the vaginal governments of the world to simply agree to release a biological plague to destroy all life. If we’re trying to destroy all life, it would be quicker […]

  • Maryland: Female Teacher Arrested for Having Sex with 14-Year-Old

    Daily Stormer - Nov 9th 2023 12:40am EST

    Oh sweet lawdy have mercy. One of our millennial Aryan Princesses is having sex with a teen boy?? Never in my life did I expect something like this would ever happen. New York Post: A former Maryland middle school teacher was arrested and charged with having sex with an 8th grader eight years ago, according […]

  • Lithuania: Government to Allow F****ts to Propagandize to Children

    Daily Stormer - Oct 26th 2023 8:45pm EDT

    HEY LITHUANIA, IT’S GOOD YOU DON’T HAVE THOSE RUSSIANS RULING OVER YOU, HUH? GREAT JOB THROWING OFF THOSE RUSSIANS – NOW YOU’RE FINALLY FREE, YOU RETARDS. Euronews: The Lithuanian government moved on Wednesday to discard a controversial law dubbed by critics as the “gay propaganda” law. The notorious legislation – passed in 2009 – shields […]

  • Google DeepMind Chief Calling for AI Regulation, Taking Risks as Serious as Climate Change

    Daily Stormer - Oct 24th 2023 12:20pm EDT

    Demis Hassabis Aw, shit boy. AI be all like, the climate change? I ain’t even know it be like that, son. The Guardian: The world must treat the risks from artificial intelligence as seriously as the climate crisis and cannot afford to delay its response, one of the technology’s leading figures has warned. Speaking as the UK […]

  • California: Judge Blocks School District From Informing Parents If Their Kids are Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Oct 21st 2023 9:08am EDT

    Well, here’s your update on this. AP: Parts of a controversial Southern California school district policy that require school staff to tell parents if their child asks to change their gender identification will remain halted after a judge granted a preliminary injunction Thursday to block them until a final decision is made in the case. […]

  • Women Finally Realizing Hitler was Right All Along

    Daily Stormer - Oct 21st 2023 1:22am EDT

    Sarah Chowdhury, an Illinois attorney in the state’s comptroller’s office, has been fired after her antisemitic social media messages were shared with her employer. Here is a sampling. pic.twitter.com/vdKWmyNceL — StopAntisemitism (@StopAntisemites) October 20, 2023 It took these stupid whores long enough, but they finally figured it out: Hitler was right all along. New York […]

  • UK: Man Wins Lawsuit Against RAF After He was Discriminated Against for Being a “Scottish, Christian Male”

    Daily Stormer - Oct 20th 2023 9:12pm EDT

    Allan Steele, Scottish Christian male Hey – you win some. You lose almost all of them, but you do win some. GB News: An RAF officer has won a victimisation case after claiming he was discriminated against for being a Scottish, male Christian. Wing Commander Allan Steele was fired after he made complaints against 42 […]

  • Sweden: Country in Shock After Politician Posts Mildly Mean Tweet About Swedes Getting Shot

    Daily Stormer - Oct 19th 2023 9:00pm EDT

    This Jessica Stegrud bitch is arguably worse than Hitler You can’t just go around saying Moslems shouldn’t kill Swedes. It’s against the rules-based order. Talk abut the Jews all you want, but Swedes deserve to die. Because of the Holocaust. The Local: A tweet by Sweden Democrat MP Jessica Stegrud’s following the terror attack in […]

  • Canada: Province Forces Through Law to Tell Parents When Their Kids are Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Oct 18th 2023 8:08am EDT

    More tranny news. I know you’re excited as I am. The Guardian: The Canadian province of Saskatchewan has invoked a rare constitutional mechanism to shield controversial gender pronoun legislation from legal challenges – a decision critics say violates the rights of minors. On Monday, Saskatchewan’s legislative assembly started debate on Bill 137, which outlines the […]