• Following Coronavirus Hoax, WHO Defines What Spread “Through Air” Means

    Daily Stormer - Apr 20th 2024 9:18am EDT

    WHO publishes a global technical consultation report introducing updated terminology for pathogens that transmit through the air. This report is the result of an extensive, multi-year collaborative effort and reflects shared agreement on terminology between WHO, experts and four… pic.twitter.com/ae3BpxCpbt — World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) April 18, 2024 Great news. I was wondering what […]

  • Domestic Spying Bill to Vastly Expand Access to Citizens’ Private Data Without Warrant

    Daily Stormer - Apr 18th 2024 5:47am EDT

    .@SpeakerJohnson was incredibly wrong to vote w/ Dems against the 4th amend. when he killed the FISA warrant requirement and wrong to give in to the Dems spending demands. As I see it now, I’m not so sure there’s a difference between him being in charge and Dems being in charge. pic.twitter.com/NoyRhUrvRM — Rand Paul […]

  • Nestle Putting Sugar Into Infant Formula and Products Sold in Poorer Countries

    Daily Stormer - Apr 17th 2024 9:00pm EDT

    Cereals for infants sold in Africa were found by Public Eye to contain 6g of added sugar per serving, while the same product sold in Switzerland had none. When you’re a multinational corporation, they let you do it. The Guardian: Nestlé, the world’s largest consumer goods company, adds sugar and honey to infant milk and […]

  • UK Experts Claim Men Get Away With “Rape” by Claiming to Have “Sexsomnia”

    Daily Stormer - Apr 17th 2024 5:31am EDT

    I never even thought of using the excuse that I was sleepwalking to explain away rape. Usually, when women ask me why I raped them, I just say it’s because they were wearing revealing clothing and asking for it. But this sleep-raping is a good angle. The Guardian: Experts and lawyers involved in sexual offence […]

  • America Assures UK Court They Won’t Torture Julian Assange

    Daily Stormer - Apr 16th 2024 9:38pm EDT

    BREAKING: Here are the US assurances provided to the UK re Julian Assange —The first is a joke. It says Assange can TRY to ask for 1st amendment rights in court. But the US decides. So “no”. —Death penalty assurance is also a joke. 175 years in prison is a death sentence. pic.twitter.com/nSrwt3nxtA — Richard […]

  • Germany Wants to Ban Driving Cars on the Weekend to Change the Weather

    Daily Stormer - Apr 16th 2024 10:22am EDT

    Volker Wissing, Germany’s transport minister This makes a lot of sense. It’s really just very reasonable. We expect this sort of thing from the Germans. European Conservative: Germany’s transport minister has suggested banning weekend car use for the sake of meeting proposed emission quotas. The two-day-a-week ban on personal use of the car, as well […]

  • Germany Passes Law to Allow People to Legally “Change Gender” More Easily

    Daily Stormer - Apr 15th 2024 8:39am EDT

    Germany has always been in competition with France. Germany is looking at the French president’s “female wife,” and saying “it can be done gayer.” Euronews: Germany’s parliament passed a new law on Friday, easing legal procedures for changing names and gender identity. The ‘Gender Identity Act’ was widely supported by the ruling ‘traffic light’ coalition […]

  • Public Libraries All Over America Turned Into Junkie Drug and Sex Zones – No One Cares

    Daily Stormer - Apr 10th 2024 3:00am EDT

    You might not know this, but libraries are an awesome place to get high and have sex with strangers in public. That’s the nature of the transformation into a utopia: places that used to be for education for children become places for unique individuals to engage in joyful activities. New York Post: Once relied upon […]

  • Elon Musk Responds to Claims Twitter is Filled with American State Disinformation, Agrees with Assertion

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2024 2:24pm EDT

    Elon Musk, who is fat and retarded, is pictured in the cramped back seat of one of his disgusting, cheaply produced cars, sweating on the plastic interior. Experts believe his sausage fingers are “completely useless.” Elon is responding to that shit I wrote yesterday about how he’s pushing “free speech” in Brazil so the US […]

  • NAIA Bans Trannies From Women’s Sports

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2024 9:14pm EDT

    I didn’t know what the NAIA was. It’s some kind of hate group, like the KKK or the NRA. Reuters: The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics on Monday banned transgender women from competing in women’s sports, taking a more hardline stance than other athletic bodies that allow trans athletes to compete based on testosterone levels. […]

  • Japan: Publisher Threatened with Arson for Publishing Anti-Tranny Book

    Daily Stormer - Apr 4th 2024 8:32am EDT

    The book was initially supposed to be translated by a bigger publisher, but those guys cucked out Wait are there trannies in Japan now? Jeez. Japan is experiencing a Poland-level collapse of its social order. This happens to all of the allies of the United States. Deal with the devil and he gets his dues, […]

  • Lawsuit Claims Facebook Sold Users’ Private Messages to Netflix

    Daily Stormer - Apr 4th 2024 8:30am EDT

    They will sell anyone’s private messages to anyone. It’s their business model and it’s in their Terms of Service that they are allowed to do this. They can even masturbate to your private nudes if they so please. The Sun: Facebook’s parent company Meta has allegedly given Netflix access to user’s private messages in exchange […]

  • Comic Book Artist Commits Suicide After Getting Metooed

    Daily Stormer - Apr 4th 2024 4:47am EDT

    The suicide note is very long, you can read it here Imagine that the women who caused this* feel absolutely nothing. If anything, they feel very smug about it. WESA: Internationally known Pittsburgh-based cartoonist Ed Piskor died Monday, his family announced. Piskor, 41, was found dead after posting what appeared to be a suicide note […]

  • Old Hoe Who Accused Vince McMahon of Shitting on Her Head Wrote Him a Gushing Love Letter

    Daily Stormer - Apr 2nd 2024 9:12am EDT

    This is the same story with Harvey Weinstein. He had love letters from that bitch. She also admitted she had “consensual” sex with him both before and after the “unconsensual” sex she accused him of. All of this “oh yeah, I just remembered that guy raped me decades ago” stuff is obviously bullshit. It’s actually […]

  • Microplastics Can Give You Heart Attacks and Strokes

    Daily Stormer - Apr 2nd 2024 3:00am EDT

    Yes, yes. Whatever. The real environmental crisis is that cow farts are changing the weather. Microplastics in your body are simply part and parcel of living in a utopia. Nordic Times: Nearly 60% of patients had microplastics in their arteries, according to an Italian study. At the same time, researchers found that microplastics in the […]

  • Hormonal Contraceptives Increase Risk of Brain Tumors

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2024 2:45am EDT

    The media won’t admit that birth control causes breast and cervical cancers. The US government has a page downplaying it, claiming it reduces the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers (which are much rarer anyway), while they admit it raises the risk of these other cancers. They won’t admit that it is a primary cause […]

  • Tranny from America Wins Title at Irish Dancing World Championships

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2024 2:10am EDT

    “Saltzman” is generally a Jewish name, especially in America. This teen tranny appears to be American. Gript: A male dancer has won the World Irish Dancing Championships which was held in Glasgow, Scotland. Alyssa Saltzman, who is biologically male, beat female dancer Ava Rose Folan who came in second place after Saltzman won the girls […]

  • Canada: Court Says Denying Euthanasia to Autistic Woman Would Cause “Irreparable Harm”

    Daily Stormer - Mar 27th 2024 9:00pm EDT

    “Social justice” now means “kill the retarded.” Based? The Publica: An Alberta judge has lifted an injunction which was preventing an autistic woman from accessting medical assistance in dying (MAID). Yesterday, Justice Colin Feasby ruled that stopping the woman, referred to as MV for her privacy, would cause her “irreparable harm.” According to Calgary Herald, […]

  • Study Claims Two Nights of Low Sleep “Makes People Feel More Than Four Years Older”

    Daily Stormer - Mar 27th 2024 1:04am EDT

    Sometimes, I go long periods barely sleeping at all. It makes you feel like you’re in a war. Still, scientific studies are often retarded. The Guardian: Two nights of broken sleep are enough to make people feel years older, according to researchers, who said consistent, restful slumber was a key factor in helping to stave […]

  • Man Put Into Women’s Prison After Saying He’s Trans Found Having Sex With Female Inmate

    Daily Stormer - Mar 25th 2024 2:00am EDT

    Apparently, this is not considered to be a problem by the US government or media. It seems logical that any man sent to prison would simply declare himself a woman and turn the women’s prison into a harem. The bitch he was caught with is not bad. New York Post: A transgender-identifying male was discovered […]

  • Russia Officially Adds “LGBT Movement” to Terrorist and Extremist Organizations List

    Daily Stormer - Mar 23rd 2024 11:50pm EDT

    Homosexuals are literally terrorists. Everyone knows. Reuters: Russia has added what it calls the “LGBT movement” to a list of extremist and terrorist organisations, state media said on Friday. The move was in line with a ruling by Russia’s Supreme Court last November that LGBT activists should be designated as extremists, a move that representatives […]

  • Germany: Bavaria Bans Linguistic Trannification in Schools, Other Public Institutions

    Daily Stormer - Mar 21st 2024 10:00pm EDT

    Tranny theory is actually linguistically impossible in most European languages, because words are not gender neutral and so tranny materials just don’t make any sense. In English, you are just dealing with much-discussed “pronouns.” In other languages, you have to change huge numbers of words, and trannies are effectively arguing for a totally new form […]

  • Fertility Rates in Nearly All Countries Projected to Become Too Low to Sustain Population

    Daily Stormer - Mar 21st 2024 2:00am EDT

    This is entirely the fault of women. They should not have rights. Reuters: Fertility rates in nearly all countries will be too low to sustain population levels by the end of the century, and most of the world’s live births will be occurring in poorer countries, according to a study published on Wednesday. The trend […]

  • Young People in the West Becoming Less Happy Than Older Generations

    Daily Stormer - Mar 20th 2024 2:28am EDT

    Related: “Woke” People More Likely to Suffer from Depression, Anxiety, And Unhappiness I don’t know know if “happiness” is the word we’re looking for here. But it’s obvious that with each successive generation, people are getting more deranged, debauched, and personally alienated. The Guardian: Young people are becoming less happy than older generations as they […]

  • Pope Francis Calls Refusing Coronavirus Vax (Made of Abortions) “Suicidal Act of Denial”

    Daily Stormer - Mar 20th 2024 2:21am EDT

    The vaccine is made of abortions. You can say “oh, well, there is no actual fetal tissue in each vaccine,” but that is like saying “cannibalism is okay as long as someone else killed the guy.” The vax also causes heart attacks, blood clots, new forms of cancer, and presumably other things we don’t even […]