• Insider: Hillary Planning to Challenge Brandon for Nomination Using Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Platform

    Daily Stormer - Oct 3rd 2022 9:37am EDT

    No one truly believed that Hillary Clinton would ever go away. The fact that she might come back using Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant platform is fitting. New York Post: Hillary Clinton is “dusting off” her husband’s playbook by criticizing the Biden administration’s “open borders” to put herself in place to mount a 2024 presidential run, veteran political […]

  • Michigan Man Shoots Pro-Life Canvasser

    Daily Stormer - Oct 1st 2022 12:40pm EDT (Archive)

    It’s really tiresome to point out the hypocrisy and it really feels futile. Conservatives have been pointing out the hypocrisy for decades, and all it did was end up putting them in a place where they were open to really stupid ideas about “Democrats are the real racists” and “Democrats are the real homophobes.” In […]

  • Vermont: High School Girls Investigated by School After Whining About Tranny in Their Locker Room

    Daily Stormer - Oct 1st 2022 10:18am EDT (Archive)

    It’s called we do a little totally shutting down women’s sports completely. Trannies win again. The College Fix: Members of a Vermont high school girls volleyball team have been barred from using their locker room allegedly because they objected to having to change in front of a transgender teammate. According to WCAX-3, Randolph High School […]

  • Lloyd Austin Comments on Bombed Pipes

    Daily Stormer - Sep 30th 2022 5:01am EDT (Archive)

    #US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says it is still too soon to speculate who might have been behind the #NordStream pipeline ruptures.https://t.co/gwWDEzxOIN — Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) September 30, 2022 Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin gave comments on the Nord Stream pipes, which he described as “being blown out like a pussy been hit with yo […]

  • First Tranny Officer in the US Military Charged with Espionage – Giving Secrets to Russia!

    Daily Stormer - Sep 30th 2022 2:31am EDT

    The real lesson here is that trannies get hot chicks. Who would have thought? Frankly, however, having read a lot about this story over the last half hour, I can tell you that the conclusion I’ve come to is that the female wife resented the male wife, and that’s why she wanted to work with […]

  • New Documentary Targeting White Women’s White Supremacy is Out

    Daily Stormer - Sep 29th 2022 5:31am EDT (Archive)

    Basedest black guy is the only voice of sanity If the average white woman had a brain, she’d be worried about getting targeted like this. But she won’t. Breitbart: The new documentary Deconstructing Karen invites a group of white women to a fancy dinner party where the menu consists primarily of racial guilt tripping and […]

  • 33-Year-Old Actor Dies for No Reason (Coincidence)

    Daily Stormer - Sep 28th 2022 10:39am EDT (Archive)

    They are not reporting the deaths of randos who are not famous, so the only thing you can do to get an idea of how many people are dying is to look at the number of celebrities dying. New York Post: Robert Cormier, who played Finn Cotter on the show “Heartland,” died on Friday. He was just […]

  • Woman Judge Orders Jeff Younger’s Son to be Forcibly Trannified by Ex-Wife

    Daily Stormer - Sep 28th 2022 5:35am EDT (Archive)

    This is what they do now. They will just force your son to become a tranny. This society is not sustainable. Life Site News: Jeff Younger, who has been battling for custody of his twin boys for years, fears that a recent court decision will allow his ex-wife to move to California to circumvent a […]

  • Stupid Fat B***h Murders and Skins a Husky, Post Pictures Bragging She Killed a Wolf

    Daily Stormer - Sep 28th 2022 5:17am EDT (Archive)

    Women are so disgusting and evil. Who the hell gave this bitch a gun in the first place? All these dumb whores do is destroy beautiful things. New York Post: A Montana woman has sparked disgusted outrage after she took to social media to proudly display the carcass of a Siberian husky she killed in […]

  • FBI Agents Raid Home of Catholic Pro-Life Activist for Shoving Someone

    Daily Stormer - Sep 27th 2022 4:41am EDT (Archive)

    Okay, so, for anyone keeping track – we’re at the point where Christians start being harassed by law enforcement for opposing child human sacrifice in the form of “abortion.” Life Site News: A well-known pro-life author, sidewalk counselor, and father of seven was the latest victim of a U.S. Department of Justice-sponsored SWAT raid and […]