• Colorado: Denver Cuts Police, Fire Brigade Budgets to Give Gibs to Invaders

    Daily Stormer - Apr 19th 2024 8:23am EDT

    People continue to flood across the border. Nothing is going to get any easier from here on out. The whole country is going to have to shut down all public services to give free money to these barbarians. And you know, we also need to give a lot of money to Jews in the Ukraine […]

  • Florida: Colored Middle Schooler Sucker Punches White Girl as Hordes of Kids Cheer

    Daily Stormer - Apr 19th 2024 5:38am EDT

    This is a middle school in Florida! This crap needs to stop! Somebody needs to be held accountable for this behavior. I’d sue the teachers, principal & school superintendent!! If they can’t control their students any better than this!!! pic.twitter.com/jkwqbWL6u9 — JamieLynn Looney (@jami72939) April 15, 2024 It’s their culture. New York Post: A Florida […]

  • NYC: Madman Whacks Random Woman With Hockey Stick

    Daily Stormer - Apr 18th 2024 8:16pm EDT

    Man with hockey stick attacks woman on East Village street https://t.co/SDS9I3nsyB pic.twitter.com/6fPIRsh4cL — 1010 WINS (@1010WINS) April 18, 2024 Whack-whack, bitch! Hell nah. New York Post: A madman randomly whacked a woman with a hockey stick on a Manhattan street last Tuesday in the latest unprovoked attack targeting New York City women. The 26-year-old victim […]

  • Watch: Large Black Slaps Old White Female Teacher in North Carolina High School

    Daily Stormer - Apr 18th 2024 6:30am EDT

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina high school teacher at Parkland High School was slapped twice by a student. Story: https://t.co/03PCOZTfuS pic.twitter.com/5O3kw5zDJg — The North Carolina Beat (@TheNCBeat) April 15, 2024 If it wasn’t for racism, black people wouldn’t act like this. If there was some other reason than racism, it would have to be something intrinsic to […]

  • Shock as Joe Brandon’s Uncle Eaten by Cannibals

    Daily Stormer - Apr 18th 2024 6:11am EDT

    Biden has a new story: Uncle Bosey got shot down in a plane and was possibly eaten by African cannibals. pic.twitter.com/9cSP29GSxx — End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) April 17, 2024 Aw no, not Uncle Ambrose. The poor bastard. RT: US President Joe Biden has claimed that an uncle of his who went missing in the Pacific during […]

  • Watch: Women Terrify Jewish NYC Subway Riders With “Iran, You Make Us Proud!” Chant

    Daily Stormer - Apr 18th 2024 3:00am EDT

    “#Iran! You make us proud” The American youth slogan in support of #Palestine in the New York subway pic.twitter.com/q9Npv46G7U — IRNA News Agency (@IrnaEnglish) April 17, 2024 It looks as though the Big Bosses who make decisions about how to run society are not following their AI behavior prediction models, or maybe these AI prediction […]

  • Teen Detransitioners Feel Vindicated by Study Saying Most Kids Grow Out of Gender Confusion

    Daily Stormer - Apr 17th 2024 9:27am EDT

    The efficacy of transitioning kids in America has always been asserted with faith and not facts. As the rest of the world continues to backpedal, this becomes more and more clear. — Chloe Cole (@ChoooCole) April 13, 2024 A study, you say? Studies are very important in determining things that are obvious to everyone. New […]

  • Blacks from Africa Protest in New York City Hall to Demand More Gibs

    Daily Stormer - Apr 17th 2024 5:21am EDT

    Give them more and more and more, you racist cocksuckers! You invited all these niggers to come live on welfare in your city, and you won’t even give them all the things they want??? It’s a travesty of justice. Pay these niggers now, you New York faggots! CBS News: Hundreds of Black migrants, many from […]

  • NYPD Raids People’s Market, Steals Fairly Priced Goods from Migrant Businessmen

    Daily Stormer - Apr 17th 2024 4:00am EDT

    #BREAKING: Large number of African migrants swarm New York City’s City Hall after they were “falsely” promised green cards and work visas – report InsiderPaper pic.twitter.com/3PABX9Yy6Z — Jack Straw (@JackStr42679640) April 17, 2024 Owen Shroyer and Savanah Hernandez @sav_says_ discuss the scenes on the ground at the center of the illegal migrant invasion of New […]

  • Party Poopers to Close California’s “Rape Club” Women’s Prison

    Daily Stormer - Apr 16th 2024 5:23am EDT

    The correctional officers at FCI Dublin were so incapable of stopping to rape women that they’re closing the entire prison, shipping West Coasters and Tijuanans off to the Southeast. It’s where they sent me for drugs. https://t.co/0954NIUSOE — Morgan Godvin (@MorganGodvin) April 15, 2024 Being a guard at a woman’s prison is hard work. Sometimes, […]

  • Watch: People in Chicago Chant “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” in Farsi

    Daily Stormer - Apr 16th 2024 2:00am EDT

    Anti-war activists in Chicago learn to chant “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” in Farsi. Read more from The FP’s @Olivia_Reingold: https://t.co/1jMM5ydhpp pic.twitter.com/z7T9AKNrF9 — The Free Press (@TheFP) April 14, 2024 When people inside of America are chanting “death to America,” it’s safe to assume you’ve screwed something up really badly. Either these people […]

  • Polls Now Saying Biden Tied with Trump

    Daily Stormer - Apr 15th 2024 7:53pm EDT

    US elections are fake. I don’t care who “wins” the fake election in November. There’s no point in caring about it, as you can’t affect the outcome. And Biden and Trump are both warmongering Jew-lovers and abortionists. I also don’t think the polls are real. But, just in terms of understanding the direction things are […]

  • Trump Blames Biden for Israel Getting Bombed, Swears Allegiance to Jews

    Daily Stormer - Apr 15th 2024 12:37pm EDT

    You hate to see it. RT: US President Joe Biden bears part of the blame for Iran’s massive drone and missile strike on Israel on Saturday, former US president and current Republican frontrunner for the November race Donald Trump has claimed. The GOP firebrand suggested that a lack of leadership on the part of the […]

  • Biden Not Talking About Iran Attack on Israel, Hoping People Forget About It

    Daily Stormer - Apr 15th 2024 11:04am EDT

    Brandon and his “folks” are in what the kids used to call “a dilly of a pickle.” They’ve pledged to support a Jewish war against Iran, and now Jews are trying to start that war, and they’re like “wait, we can’t really do this war though?” Their strategy, apparently, is to just hope everyone forgets […]

  • F****ts Complain About Based Venezuelans Turning New York Streets Into Markets for Fairly Priced Hookers and Products

    Daily Stormer - Apr 14th 2024 11:00pm EDT

    Venezuealans under attack for making New York a fun place to party? That figures. The organizing principle of American society is “no fun allowed (unless you’re gay or black, in which case you can have fun raping children and committing murder, respectively).” New York Post: A stretch of Jackson Heights has devolved into an illegal […]

  • Report: Brandon Told Bibi He “Won’t Support” Escalation Against Iran

    Daily Stormer - Apr 14th 2024 7:41am EDT

    He’ll send infinity weapons. He’ll send the US Navy to attack Iran. But he won’t support it. RT: US President Joe Biden has told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Washington would not support retaliatory strikes against Iran after the latter launched a barrage of missiles and drones against the Jewish state over the weekend, […]

  • NYC Jewish Principal Says She Was Fired Because Parents Hate Israel

    Daily Stormer - Apr 14th 2024 7:24am EDT

    Esther Shali-Ogli Bitch, everyone hates Israel. Stop murdering children, you vicious cunt. Everyone knows that shit about Angel Face getting decapitated with a shovel was fake. New York Post: A veteran principal abruptly booted from her Williamsburg school says she was targeted for her open support for Israel. Esther Shali-Ogli, who has led Juan Morel […]

  • Conservatives Taking Legal Action Against Organizations Discriminating Against White People

    Daily Stormer - Apr 13th 2024 2:36am EDT

    .@YorkUniversity is hiring a tenure-track professor of Technology, Society & Disability ‘This position is open only to women or gender non-conforming (e.g, genderfluid, nonbinary, Two-Spirit, trans man, trans woman). This is part of the University’s Affirmative Action program.’ pic.twitter.com/QFdup1ii4d — Chris Brunet (@realChrisBrunet) April 11, 2024 It’s sort of dumb. What whites should do in […]

  • Colorado: Racists Whine After Fat Black Woman Bus Aide Beats Up White Autistic 10-Year-Old

    Daily Stormer - Apr 13th 2024 2:00am EDT

    Blacks are allowed to do this because of October 7th. No, wait. They’re allowed to do this because of the Holocaust. The Jews are allowed to murder infinity Palestinians because of a genocide against George Floyd. If you don’t like democracy, move to Russia, bigot. AP: In January, Jessica Vestal’s 10-year-old autistic son, who cannot […]

  • California Spent Tens of Billions on Street Junkies, Most of the Money Disappeared Into a Black Hole

    Daily Stormer - Apr 12th 2024 8:11am EDT

    “They’re not saying the money was misused, they’re saying they just can’t account for where the money went” Giving money to street junkies is a perfect way to make money disappear into the bank accounts of corrupt (colored) government officials. No one is going to know if the junkies get the money or not. If […]

  • US Justice Department Announces Mandatory Fed Background Checks for All Gun Purchases

    Daily Stormer - Apr 11th 2024 10:38am EDT

    Licensed gun dealers in America must run background checks on their customers.⁰ But not every gun dealer who ought to be licensed is licensed. Today, my Administration is clarifying when folks must get their license and run background checks, and ensuring that gun show and… pic.twitter.com/Wga2qazFFM — President Biden (@POTUS) April 11, 2024 Universal background […]

  • Iowa Governor Signs Law Empowering Police to Arrest Migrants and Give Them Choice to Leave

    Daily Stormer - Apr 11th 2024 10:31am EDT

    Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. This is just a copy of the Texas law, which is tied up in legal wrangling. If Iowa wanted to push the limits, they would pass a law saying that illegal immigrants can be rounded up and put in concentration camps until the feds can figure out something to do with […]

  • SCAMMED: EPA Imposes Limits on Levels of Very Few Penis-Shrinking Chemicals in Drinking Water

    Daily Stormer - Apr 11th 2024 7:48am EDT

    I’m in Fayetteville this morning where EPA Administrator Regan will announce the first ever national drinking water standards for 6 types of PFAS. The mood is jovial & lighthearted as folks wait for Regan & other officials to arrive pic.twitter.com/TN8TwI4Fus — Celeste Gracia (@celllyg) April 10, 2024 The science is clear, exposure to certain #PFAS […]

  • Pushing Back Against the Abortionist Donald Trump, Arizona Maintains Hardcore Anti-Abortion Law

    Daily Stormer - Apr 11th 2024 6:40am EDT

    Democrats melted down in the Arizona legislature today. The GOP-controlled House quickly gaveled out of session after lawmakers attempted to repeal the 1864 near-total abortion ban the state Supreme Court ruled could go into effect.pic.twitter.com/GrKWI9p4Ju — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) April 10, 2024 BREAKING: Arizona House Democrats protest after session adjourns, calling for a vote […]

  • Michigan: Parents of School Shooter Sentenced to 10 to 15 Years in Prison

    Daily Stormer - Apr 10th 2024 7:35am EDT

    We’ve heard of “the sins of the father carried on the the son.” Well: have you heard of the reverse? Washington Examiner: James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of Ethan Crumbley, who killed four students and shot seven others at Oxford High School in Michigan in 2021, were sentenced to 10-15 years in prison. In separate […]