• Douglas Murray: Right and Wrong on Ukraine

    Occidental Dissent - Jan 23rd 2023 10:35am EST (Archive)

    Douglas Murray is wondering in National Review why his camp is losing the foreign policy debate on Ukraine on the Right. National Review: “Why has the debate on the Ukraine–Russia war become so fetid, especially on the political right? Why are members of Congress from the Republican Party the ones most outspoken against support for […]

  • Brazil: Congresswoman Fined for Stating Basic Facts of Biology

    Daily Stormer - Jan 23rd 2023 7:40am EST (Archive)

    Frankly, she kinda looks like a tranny herself in some of these pictures, though that’s probably because she put too much plastic in her face. Right-wing women seem to all have this in common. At least she looks better than Tomi Lauren. We’ve got the latest news on trannies for you coming straight up, but […]

  • UK: 2021 First Year When Majority of Babies Born Were Bastards

    Daily Stormer - Jan 23rd 2023 7:34am EST (Archive)

    Society just keeps getting healthier and healthier as we approach our final destination: utopia! Forward march – into the future! PROGRESS! Sky News: More babies were born outside marriage or a civil partnership in England and Wales in 2021 than within. It is the first time that has happened since records began in 1845, the […]

  • Japan’s Declining Population and Global Sinoization

    Daily Stormer - Jan 23rd 2023 7:26am EST

    It’s a tired talking point at this point, but: in white countries, the government/media was telling everyone to have fewer kids because of global cooling or the ozone hole or whatever (this was pre-global warming), and then when people did that they came out and said “well, you people aren’t having enough kids, so we’re […]

  • Israel: Massive Gay and Anal Protests Against Net and Yoohoo

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2023 3:44pm EST (Archive)

    Previously: American Jews “On a Collision Course” with Upcoming Israeli Government Net and Yoohoo has no right to tell people what they can and can’t do in our democracy of values of who we are. New York Post: Tens of thousands of Israelis joined demonstrations on Saturday against judicial reform plans by Prime Minister Benjamin […]

  • Zelensky’s Scorned Ex-BFF Says the Ukraine is Going to Lose the War

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2023 8:35am EST (Archive)

    Zelensky’s former senior advisor/PR master Oleksiy Arestovych admits that Ukraine is unlikely to win against Russia. pic.twitter.com/6CcCshty4p — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) January 22, 2023 Previously: Zelensky’s BFF Forced Out of Top Advisor Role After Admitting Ukraine Did Missile Deaths It didn’t take Arestovich long after getting thrown under the bus to start attacking the […]

  • Putin Ally Says Russia May Use Nukes if West Keeps Sending Weapons to the Ukraine

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2023 7:05am EST (Archive)

    Vyacheslav Volodin The most psycho thing is that the US government/media keeps saying “Putin is a totally unhinged madman, he is on drugs and dying of cancer and is believed to have gone insane – but he is so reasonable he would never, under any circumstances, use nuclear weapons.” Surely, both things can’t be 100% […]

  • UK: Church of England Allows “Priests” to Bless Anal Unions

    Daily Stormer - Jan 21st 2023 10:48am EST (Archive)

    The Head of the Anglican Church,The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, is jewish. Allow me to laugh 6 million times Oh, Thomas Becket, where art thou ? https://t.co/OgaWtCMcvW — Veritas Semper Vincit (@semper_vincit) November 2, 2021 Oh, good. We need more gay anal sex in the church. That’s our values of who we are in […]

  • BASED Polish General Says West Should Hunt Down Hohol Refugees and Send Them to Die on Frontlines

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2023 9:31am EST (Archive)

    Retired Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak. I knew there had to be someone in Poland who was BASED. This is a country that completely hates faggots and has annual neo-Nazi marches with millions of people. Surely, I thought, everyone in this country is not a faggot guzzling Uncle Sam’s circumcised cock. We’ve found the guy. RT: […]

  • Italy: Students Protest Common Sense Anti-Rape Advice

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2023 4:00am EST (Archive)

    Slut, if you don’t want to get raped, maybe stop being such a grimy whore? People think you want to get raped. They think they’re doing you a favor when you go around dressed up like a street walker. It’s basic male psychology: when he sees a bitch decked out in slut regalia, he thinks […]