• Racist Swedish Police Condemn Oppressed Young Victims of Hate for Joining Murder Gangs

    Daily Stormer - Oct 1st 2023 6:56am EDT

    Maybe if there weren’t so many old white men in the Swedish government, New Swedes wouldn’t feel a need to join murder gangs? Did you ever imagine that they kill because of racism? No, I don’t imagine you did. You were too busy judging them. Swedes would never consider the fact that if the circumstances […]

  • And So It Begins: UK’s Defense Chief Says He Wants to Send British Troops to the Ukraine

    Daily Stormer - Oct 1st 2023 1:50am EDT

    We always said, this war could go one of two ways: The Ukraine would get totally destroyed by Russia, and forced to offer a more of less unconditional surrender, or The West would send in their own troops, and it would turn into World War III. There are some signs that either possibility is still […]

  • UK: Talking Gorilla Claims It is “Tough and Painful” to Support the War

    Daily Stormer - Sep 30th 2023 2:02pm EDT

    “British” Foreign Secretary James Cleverly is as clever as he looks Why should the British suffer for America’s “geostrategic objectives” (world domination plan)? Of course, the narrative is that this is all about morality. But come on. Who believes that gibberish? Things are tough all over. The idea that the UK population has an obligation […]

  • America Whines After Vietnam Jails Climate Hoax B***h

    Daily Stormer - Sep 30th 2023 7:09am EDT

    Hoang Thi Minh Hong: Purple hair in a religious/communist country is not something that’s going to get you very far. The US wants to build mililtary bases in Vietnam for their war against China. But they just can’t help themselves when it comes to this human rights hoaxery. CNN: The US State Department has condemned […]

  • UK: Poll Shows Most Blacks Aren’t Proud to be “British”

    Daily Stormer - Sep 29th 2023 9:00pm EDT

    Well, this works out for everyone, because it’s impossible for a black person to be “British.” This isn’t like America, where you have a history of slavery. These people all came recently, of their own volition, to live in the UK, and now they are whining about how they want more and more and more […]

  • UK: The Science Demands All Universities Go 100% Vegan

    Daily Stormer - Sep 29th 2023 7:00am EDT

    Ayo, hol up – I thought we were doing insect protein? Honestly, though I’m against the whole “eat the bugs” thing (it’s a boomer meme, but it was also real), eating bugs is a whole helluva lot better than being vegan. A lot of people focus on the fact that eating bugs is gross and […]

  • Sweden Breaks Fatal Shootings Record! BASED?

    Daily Stormer - Sep 29th 2023 6:41am EDT

    New explosions and shootings almost every day in Sweden. Last explosion killed a 25 year old girl with no connection to the criminal gangs. The Sweden you all hail doesn’t exist anymore. — Bea (@HerNameIs_Bea) September 28, 2023 Swedes are finally rising up and getting violent in the face of overwhelming oppression by women. It’s […]

  • Germany: AfD Leader Loses His Bank Account

    Daily Stormer - Sep 29th 2023 5:56am EDT

    The whole situation is cartoonish. Stalin didn’t take people’s bank accounts. Of course, people will say “oh but Stalin did show trials tho” – yeah, okay. See January 6th prisoners and their sentences. See James Fields. See Derek Chauvin. See all these “hate speech” and “Holocaust denial” cases in Western Europe. We are living in […]

  • Germany: Government Apparently Manipulating Data to Show Increase in Far Right Attacks on Refugee Homes

    Daily Stormer - Sep 28th 2023 4:24am EDT

    If diversity’s so great, why are there no white people working at Deutsche Welle? Oh. So it was all a big hoax? Interesting. Remix: Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior has been accused of exaggerating the number of attacks by suspected right-wing extremists on asylum centers. An investigation by the German news outlet Nius found […]

  • Germany: Government Bans Pagan “Neo-Nazi Cult,” Raids Members’ Homes

    Daily Stormer - Sep 28th 2023 4:16am EDT

    We don’t support paganism. But the media tells us constantly that they believe in diversity, no? Most “paganism,” like most “Christianity,” is pro-vaginal, and pro-anal. Those are both allowed. It seems you’re allowed aesthetic differences, but you must share the same core doctrine about vaginal supremacy, child anal, and mass immigration. AP: The German government […]

  • Ireland: Population Grows by 2% in a Year Thanks to Immigration

    Daily Stormer - Sep 27th 2023 11:36am EDT

    People don’t seem to be very happy about it. But that’s democracy for you. It’s about being forced to do things against your will. The first rule of the rules-based order is “sit down and shut the fuck up or we’ll put you in prison or maybe just kill you.”  In fact, Ireland are the […]

  • Ireland: Sports Bodies Might Get 50% Cut in Funds Unless Their Boards are 40% Women

    Daily Stormer - Sep 27th 2023 11:00am EDT

    The Jewropean Jewnion wants this basically everywhere There are sports that are virtually 100% male, probably even more so in a small country like Ireland. You’re probably gonna end up with sports organizations that have more women on their board of directors than actually play the sport at all. Irish Independent: Sporting bodies, including the […]

  • Baerbock Says It’s Been a Long Time Since Germany Fought a Major War

    Daily Stormer - Sep 26th 2023 6:10am EDT

    To be fair, I don’t think anyone expected German tanks to be rolling through the Ukraine in some kind of reverse Nazism situation. It makes sense no one was really prepared for this one. RT: Some of the weapons Berlin has given Kiev to aid in its fight against Russia were either in bad condition […]

  • 1600+ Scientists and Scholars, Including Nobel Prize Winners, Sign Declaration Denouncing Climate Hoax

    Daily Stormer - Sep 26th 2023 5:57am EDT

    “Climatology” is a fake science created by the UN to promote global warming. A person who studies the weather is a “meteorologist.” Global warming is a hoax. The “scientific consensus” is based on members of a fake science invented to promote the hoax. It’s stupid. The College Fix: A total of 1,609 scientists, professors and […]

  • Netherlands: Evil Woman Shamed by School After 9-Year-Old TERF Daughter Complains About Tranny in the Changing Room

    Daily Stormer - Sep 26th 2023 5:49am EDT

    The Netherlands is closer to utopia than almost any other part of the world Children need to learn not to hate. This 9-year-old should be tried as an adult for this hate crime. Remix: A primary school in the Netherlands is facing calls to rethink its LGBT inclusivity policy after receiving complaints from the parents […]

  • “Pope” Francis to Listen to “Alternative Catholic Synod” Demanding He Allow Women to be Priests

    Daily Stormer - Sep 25th 2023 10:48am EDT

    Trailer for the event The entire traditionalist Catholic movement flips out on Andrew Anglin whenever he points out that the Catholic Church is spiraling into oblivion by claiming that the worst possible scenario we can imagine hasn’t happened yet. See: Fake Pope Angrily Demands Europe Accept Infinity “Migrants,” Give Them All Citizenship That’s the argument: “well, […]

  • Russian Kids Getting Military Training While American Kids Learn About the Various Objects to Insert Into the Anus

    Daily Stormer - Sep 25th 2023 9:58am EDT

    UNREAL. A parent read from a pornographic book available in @LexingtonTwo and the board tries to shut him down and asked him to stop reading because it’s too graphic. Too graphic for a room of adults but totally cool for minor kids in school! pic.twitter.com/UVIPqG5Pub — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) September 24, 2023 If you […]

  • What the Hell is Wrong With YouTube?

    Daily Stormer - Sep 24th 2023 1:20pm EDT

    YouTube needs to stop worrying about Russell Brand putting his penis in a 16-year-old girl’s mouth and start worrying about their algorithm. I was watching a video on YouTube about how YouTube is very concerned about Russell Brand putting his penis in a 16-year-old girl’s mouth, and after the video finished, this started up: That’s […]

  • China: Journo S**t Who Started #MeToo Campaign Goes on Trial for Subversion

    Daily Stormer - Sep 24th 2023 1:00pm EDT

    HAHAHAHAHA! SHUT UP, BITCH! BBC: A leading activist in China’s MeToo movement has gone on trial for subversion, according to campaigners. Journalist Sophia Huang Xueqin appeared in court in the southern city of Guangzhou on Friday with her co-accused, labour campaigner Wang Jianbing. The two were detained in 2021 as part of China’s wide crackdown […]

  • Poland’s PM Tells Zelensky Never to Insult Polish People Again

    Daily Stormer - Sep 24th 2023 2:05am EDT

     Previously: Poland Announces End to Military Aid for the Ukraine! The total breakdown of Polish-Ukrainian relations is the funniest and best thing I’ve seen since that meme of the Smug Hitler face. The media is downplaying this. They cut all arms transfers, but of course they will still allow the Americans to use their […]

  • UK: Cops Drop Charges Against Woman Arrested for Literal Thoughtcrime

    Daily Stormer - Sep 23rd 2023 9:50am EDT

    Governments regularly do super-extreme shit and then back off of it. The idea is to get the idea into your head. You feel relief when you hear “oh they’re not going that far,” but at the same time, you’re psychologically prepared for them to go that far in the future. It’s a game they play. […]

  • Top Chinese University No Longer Requiring English Exam for Graduation

    Daily Stormer - Sep 23rd 2023 6:35am EDT

    Update: Xi’an Jiaotong University has confirmed to a #Chinese media outlet that the news about canceling the #English requirement is true. This decision was made after careful consideration by the university, and similar decisions have been made by other institutions. This isn’t… https://t.co/qwysqimzr6 — Inconvenient Truths by Jennifer Zeng 曾錚真言 (@jenniferzeng97) September 21, 2023 The […]

  • Canada: Large Scale Protests Against Child Trannies – Trannies Lash Out!

    Daily Stormer - Sep 22nd 2023 8:41am EDT

    So, uhhhh. Most of these protesters seem to be Moslems? I don’t know what “Canadian anti-child tranny persons” actually even believe. I don’t think they’re Christians. If they are, they’re some spineless protestants of some stripe. The main thing seems to be: “oh come on, please, just don’t cut my son’s dick off – come […]

  • UK: Town Gets Hideous Giant Sculpture Showing Woman in Hijab

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 7:03am EDT

    Why does everything have to be so ugly? Even if you were going to build a statue of a woman in hijab in Britain, why would it need to be this ugly? Doesn’t this just cause even more resentment? Like, if it was a traditional statue that looked nice, maybe people would be like “ah, […]

  • Armenians Finally Rising Up Against Traitor Government for Jacking-Off Azerbaijan, Doing Nothing to Stop Invasion

    Daily Stormer - Sep 21st 2023 6:59am EDT

    I haven’t written much about the Nagorno-Karabakh situation, because I assume people don’t really care very much, and also because I find the whole situation personally frustrating. For those who don’t know: this is a disputed territory in the former USSR (exactly like Eastern Ukraine), where a territory that is majority Armenian (Christian) ended up […]