• Fall of Avdiivka

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 19th 2024 9:24pm EST

    I know all my rancher neighbors in Arkansas will be devastated to learn that Avdiivka is no longer controlled by Kiev. It weighs heavily on all our minds. https://t.co/VzV56Utdmb — RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) February 7, 2024 Drag Queen Story Hour cancelled in Avdiivka. https://t.co/2k9NybXkxf — RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) February 15, 2024 It has been a busy week […]

  • Israel Unanimously Votes to “Outright” Reject Two State Solution

    Daily Stormer - Feb 18th 2024 10:00pm EST

    Listen to Netanyahu’s statement from today. It’s final – Netanyahu and his cabinet says NO to a Palestinian state, unless approved by Israel. It’s a smack in the face for Biden and other world leaders who had been peddling the “2 state solution”. pic.twitter.com/KjRjixFdBd — Khalissee (@Kahlissee) February 18, 2024 Jewish Secretary of State Antony […]

  • Netherlands: Dozens Injured, Cars Torched After Vibrant Clashes Between Eritreans

    Daily Stormer - Feb 18th 2024 12:27pm EST

    One of the things I’ve always most respected about the Eritreans is their vibrant diversity, and the way they enrich our culture. AP: Rioting broke out between two rival groups of Eritreans in the Netherlands on Saturday night, police said. Officers used tear gas in an attempt to quell the unrest in The Hague as […]

  • Rat Bastard Alexi Navalny Finally Dead

    Daily Stormer - Feb 17th 2024 4:13am EST

    Looks like love didn’t win after all. Funny that. The Russian democracy advocate, rat fink and neo-Nazi race traitor Alexi Navalny is finally dead. RT: Jailed Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny has died, the prison service of the Yamalo-Nenets Region, where he had been serving his sentence, reported on Friday afternoon. The 47-year-old began to […]

  • Ireland: Small Town Manages to Fight Off Invader Center

    Daily Stormer - Feb 17th 2024 2:00am EST

    Video from a major protest a few days ago. This town only has around 13,000 people. Ireland is headed towards some kind of widespread civil violence. The situation is not calming down, and in fact, everything the government does is making it worse, while more and more people take to the streets to protest and […]

  • Israel Raids Largest Still-Functioning Gaza Hospital, Snipers Shoot Civilians

    Daily Stormer - Feb 16th 2024 3:56am EST

    I don’t think most people realized that there were still hospitals in Gaza. As the old Jewish adage goes: “hospitals are the first casualty of war.” The Guardian: Israeli forces have raided the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip that is still functioning, amid warnings from the UN aid chief that a threatened ground offensive […]

  • Worst Korea’s Biggest Protestant Church Devises Foolproof Plan to Increase the Birth Rate

    Daily Stormer - Feb 16th 2024 3:25am EST

    This is their main Church South Korea is run by bizarre protestant cults. Even their feminist movement is some kind of cult. These people are really into cults. Then they have the nerve to insult the wholesome North Koreans for a family-values based communist system. However, raising the birthrate is a noble cause. However, it […]

  • Putin Says He Wouldn’t be Surprised If Tucker Gets Prosecuted

    Daily Stormer - Feb 15th 2024 2:33am EST

    Previously: Watch: Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Vladimir Putin Putin’s comments on the Tucker Carlson interview are a bit surprising. He apparently thought Tucker was going to go after him, which I don’t think is what anyone in America was thinking. RT: “I think your Carlson – I say yours, since he’s a member of your profession […]

  • Warmongering GOP Fatty Says Russia Putting Nukes in Space

    Daily Stormer - Feb 15th 2024 2:00am EST

    “Nuke the entire earth.” -Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer CEO I’m one of the top advocates for nuclear war destroying all civilization, so I of course support nukes in space. It would also be funny, because Elon Musk, a known Jew-lover and censor, has filled space with so much trash that the nukes would constantly be […]

  • Germany: Unbelievably Fat Cunt Says Everyone Who Disagrees with the Government is a Terrorist

    Daily Stormer - Feb 15th 2024 12:46am EST

    Nancy Faeser, Germany’s most prominent fat woman Do we have any heteros in the audience tonight? Get em up against the wall. Do we have any Christians in the audience tonight? Get em up against the wall. Do we have any gamers in the audience tonight? Get em up against the wall. Do we have […]

  • UK: Secretary of Defense Attacked for Trying to Slightly Roll Back Diversity Initiatives in the Army

    Daily Stormer - Feb 14th 2024 10:00pm EST

    It’s so funny that this weird nigger-worship religion is going to totally kill the ability of Western countries to fight all these wars they’re planning. Have you seen these ads the British run, showing the military filled with Moslems? This shit is bonkers. Before the British Army attempts to stem the catastrophic collapse in its […]

  • Russia to Fight West Within a Decade Unless Deterred by a Counter Build-Up of Armed Forces, Says Estonia

    Daily Stormer - Feb 14th 2024 12:36am EST

    Russia is preparing for a military confrontation with the West within the next decade and could be deterred by a counter build-up of armed forces, Estonia’s Foreign Intelligence Service said https://t.co/LhePrzDwpM pic.twitter.com/tK2gt7L82q — Reuters (@Reuters) February 13, 2024 This is such stupid, kiddie bullshit. Why would Russia want to attack the West? What purpose could […]

  • Senate Passes $95 Billion Foreign Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 13th 2024 9:34pm EST

    The Senate understands the responsibilities of America’s national security and will not neglect them. And today, on the value of American leadership and strength, history will record that the Senate did not blink. My full statement: https://t.co/5sOkPQfWKF — Leader McConnell (@LeaderMcConnell) February 13, 2024 Senator Mitt Romney on the $96 billion foreign aid package: “Most […]

  • Australia: Government to Make Doxing a Crime Because Someone Did It to Jews

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 7:20pm EST

    It’s “doxxing” and Snake Baker is about to get fucking fired. Highlight the whole fucking article, shitty thumbnails, using extra long versions of every single article. It just never ends. But writing “doxxing” feels like we’re approaching the end. This is intolerable. AP: The Australian government said on Tuesday it will outlaw doxxing — the […]

  • Switzerland Resort Bans Jews from Renting Skis

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 5:39am EST

    You see the headline, and you think: “oh, this must be related to the Palestine thing.” Actually, it’s related to other, smaller scale destructive Jewish behavior. But I will tell you, after the blurb, how it is indeed related to the ongoing Jewish PR crisis caused by the Gaza slaughter. RT: The Pischa mountain restaurant […]

  • Swiss Resort Bans Jews from Renting Skis

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 5:39am EST

    You see the headline, and you think: “Oh, this must be related to the Palestine thing.” Actually, it’s related to other, smaller scale destructive Jewish behavior. But I will tell you, after the blurb, how it is indeed related to the ongoing Jewish PR crisis caused by the Gaza slaughter. RT: The Pischa mountain restaurant […]

  • France Plans to End Birthright Citizenship in Small African Island of Mayotte

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 5:20am EST

    Ironically, the blacks in Mayotte whine about other blacks coming over to live on welfare and commit crimes “Birthright citizenship” is a retarded idea to begin with, but putting it on a black island that is only by happenstance a part of France is an especially bitter action. The Guardian: French authorities have announced a […]

  • Germany: Prosecutors Consider Charges of High Treason for AfD Members Who Attended Anti-Migrant Meeting

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 4:06am EST

    They’re still doing that protesting the opposition thing This was not a secret meeting. It was also not “high treason.” The German government has gone completely insane. Frankly, they’ve gone beyond the lunacy of the Americans or even the British. This situation is now totally out of control. Remix: Germany’s Federal Public Prosecutor General’s Office […]

  • Poland: New Government Says They’re Going to Imprison Heterosexuals for Complaining About F****ts

    Daily Stormer - Feb 13th 2024 1:45am EST

    This was highly predictable. The Poles made a deal with the devil to fight their stupid faggot “I hate my daddy” war against Russia, and now they’re going to pay all the consequences for that. They’re going full anal and it won’t be long before they get ultra-flooded with infinity niggers. This is the bed […]

  • Bibi Says Only One Palestinian Civilian is Killed For Every Hamas Fighter Killed

    Daily Stormer - Feb 12th 2024 12:01am EST

    Netanyahu claims Israel has killed or wounded 20,000 “terrorists” out of whom 12,000 are Hamas. 70% of the 30,000 dead are supposed to be women & children. This sick pos is openly calling babies and children terrorists. But if you call that genocidal, you’re antisemitic! pic.twitter.com/xnL7xoB5OV — nuno marques (@numarqs) February 11, 2024 This is […]

  • Spanish Startup Printing Fake Meat Feeling Delighted at Overwhelmingly Negative Response

    Daily Stormer - Feb 11th 2024 7:30pm EST

    It’s all fake. It doesn’t matter if you’re pissed off about this. Restaurants and supermarkets will start serving it to you against your will. You won’t even know. You don’t read the packages of food. No one does. By the time you find out you’ve been eating this crap, you’ll have been eating it for […]

  • Germany: Study Shows Chemical Banned in 2013 Increasingly Found in Children

    Daily Stormer - Feb 10th 2024 4:27am EST

    These government people do nothing but talk about global warming. They don’t talk about the poisonous chemicals in the environment, which are entering the bodies of all humans. Gript: Germany’s Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is sounding the alarm after finding high levels in humans of a banned plasticiser—a chemical added to a material to make […]

  • Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

    Occidental Dissent - Feb 9th 2024 11:35am EST

    As various people have noted on Twitter, Vladimir Putin sounds like Klemens von Metternich compared to Joe Biden who can’t remember what he ate for breakfast.

  • New Ukraine General was Born in Russia, Family Still Lives There

    Daily Stormer - Feb 9th 2024 5:58am EST

    Putin said in his interview with Tucker Carlson that the Ukraine is an “artificial state,” and that the Ukraine war is actually a civil war. Hilariously, that interview was being released at the same time this was happening. RT: The parents and brother of Ukraine’s new commander-in-chief, Aleksandr Syrsky, are living in Russia, multiple Russian […]

  • Xi and Putin Talk About Creating a “Multipolar, Fairer World Order”

    Daily Stormer - Feb 9th 2024 5:42am EST

    There is no explanation by the United States as to what gives them the right to determine what other countries do in their domestic politics. Insofar as they even hint at what gives them this right, they suggest that they are the arbiters of global morality because they have the true value system of democracy. […]