• Some Educators Argue Calculus Should Be Dethroned

    American Renaissance - Mar 14th 2023 7:28pm EDT

    Successful completion of high school calculus has long been an unofficial must-have for those seeking admission to the nation’s top colleges: The course has, for decades, served as a signal to admissions officers that a student’s coursework has been robust. But some in education say it’s time to reconsider this de facto requirement: Many schools […]

  • ‘F—ing Angry’ Marxist Teacher Calls for Urgent War Against Capitalism

    American Renaissance - Mar 14th 2023 7:28pm EDT

    A Maryland teacher, who described herself as “proud as f— to be liberal” and bragged about “indoctrinating” her students, called for an urgent fight against capitalism while adding, “Revolutions involve violence.” The teacher, Rebeca F. Rothstein, works at North Bethesda Middle School in the Montgomery County School District and believes educators should use their classrooms to […]

  • Biden’s Border ‘Parole’ Program in Peril as Congressional GOP Plans Vote to Overturn

    American Renaissance - Mar 14th 2023 2:01pm EDT

    Sen. John Cornyn announced plans Monday to force a vote in Congress to overturn President Biden’s new “parole” program, which seeks to admit migrants outside of the usual process established under immigration law. Mr. Biden forged his program earlier this year in an attempt to cut down on illegal immigration, figuring he could convert those illegal immigrants […]

  • Why NYC Crime Policy-Makers Are Now Ignoring Data

    American Renaissance - Mar 14th 2023 2:01pm EDT

    {snip} Federal mandates in the 1960s required police departments to begin collecting crime stats. Over the next 20 years, the NYPD tallied key data points such as the number of officer firearm discharges and response times to crime-in-progress calls. And in the 1990s, CompStat — which tracks crime and holds precinct commanders accountable for their numbers — pushed police to […]

  • NYC Mayor Floats Plan to Send Migrants to College for Free

    American Renaissance - Mar 14th 2023 2:00pm EDT

    New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, is hoping to send illegal migrants to college for free, with taxpayers footing the bill that could cost around $1.2 million in the first year. Adams’ plan, according to a report from the New York Post, could go on indefinitely and would provide an estimated 100 migrants with […]

  • SVB Hired Woke Board Obsessed With Diversity

    American Renaissance - Mar 13th 2023 10:18pm EDT

    Executives at Silicon Valley Bank focused on woke initiatives to increase diversity amongst its ranks and invest in startups promoting a ‘healthier planet,’ but failed to spot its glaring problems with investments as interest rates rose. The now-failed bank had an A rating for its Environmental, Social and Governance policies according to the MSCI index […]

  • US Government Ponders the Meaning of Race and Ethnicity

    American Renaissance - Mar 13th 2023 10:18pm EDT

    Nyhiem Way is weary of people conflating African American and Black. Shalini Parekh wants a way for South Asian people to identify themselves differently than East Asians with roots in places like China or Japan. And Byron Haskins wants the U.S. to toss racial and ethnic labels altogether. {snip} Way, Parekh and Haskins’ voices are […]

  • Stanford DEI Dean Slams Invited Federal Judge to His Face at Campus Event

    American Renaissance - Mar 13th 2023 10:17pm EDT

    Things quickly went south during a speech by federal Judge Kyle Duncan to law students at Stanford University this week when the associate dean of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) slammed him to his face after hecklers interrupted his presentation. Duncan, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, started getting heckled by student protestors who made […]

  • Study: Jails and Police Rarely Track Latinos’ Racial and Ethnic Data

    American Renaissance - Mar 13th 2023 5:54pm EDT

    A new report examining how Latinos interact with the criminal justice system found police and jails rarely track their racial and ethnic data, complicating how researchers track potential disparities. {snip} Author Nancy Rodriguez says she hopes the study will be the first of many to look at how Latinos interact with the criminal justice system because […]

  • Over 1000 Migrants Rush Bridge Linking Mexico to U.S. In El Paso

    American Renaissance - Mar 13th 2023 5:54pm EDT

    A group of at least 1,000 migrants rushed the Paso Del Norte bridge linking Mexico to the U.S. in El Paso, Texas, on Sunday, to gain access into the United States {snip} Crowd control measures were used when the group of mainly Venezuelan migrants continued to press forward, though according to sources at the border, the efforts were […]