• SurrealPolitiks S01E042 – It Has Begun

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 16th 2024 12:48am EST

    Wow, is today a packed day or what? To begin, I’ll be joining Tim Murdoch of White Rabbit Radio at 4:30pm US Eastern, before this evening’s live airing of SurrealPolitiks at 9:30pm US Eastern, as we do every Monday. It is Martin Luther King Day, of course. A celebration of communism and the destruction of […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E050 – My Words are Weapons

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 13th 2024 12:45am EST

    I must at times resist the temptation to read my own words over and over again. Not often, but occasionally I know that I have done something really impressive, and when that happens I feel very powerful. That’s what I want to do all the time. When I put out material that is not so […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E041 – Token Appearance

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 8th 2024 10:51pm EST

    On the most recent uncensored production I announced I was not feeling so good, and announced via Telegram this morning that I was unlikely to be able to produce a show in time for our regular schedule. This was largely the case, and though I remain quite ill, I did not want to leave you […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E049 -Threat Surge

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 5th 2024 11:34pm EST

    On the eve of the third anniversary of the January 6th 2021 riot at the US Capitol, United States Attorney General Merrick Garland earlier today denounced what he called a “deeply disturbing spike in threats against those who serve the public”. He went into some detail about threats against federal judges, FBI agents, members of […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E040 – Undemocratic

    Christopher Cantwell - Jan 1st 2024 11:52pm EST

    In Colorado, and then in Maine, Donald Trump, the frontrunner in the upcoming Republican Presidential Primary, has been excluded from the ballot on the grounds that he waged an insurrection on January 6th 2021. In the event these decisions are allowed to stand, Trump will still almost certainly obtain his party’s nomination. He would still however […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E048 – Killing Time – New Year Special

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 30th 2023 12:23am EST

    I can hardly believe it’s almost 2024. Time flies when you’re not in prison, lemme tell ya. Seems like just yesterday I was heating up my coffee with a damaged electrical cord and making fun of Brittney Griner with Viktor Bout. Much time has passed since then, but I’ll tell ya, prison will change your […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E047 – Christmas Agenda

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 23rd 2023 1:09am EST

    For this Christmas special of the Radical Agenda, I put a bit of a remix together of “The Night Before Christmas” Twas the night before Christmas in Manchester, New Hampshire For junkies, and blacks, and their Jewish masters This place once so white, but not anymore Then at my apartment, a knock at my door […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E039 – Gravity

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 18th 2023 11:29pm EST

    I had occasion early this morning to chat face to face with a White female smoker of retirement age. I had a long overdue issue to address, and made my way to do it at what might be described as the last minute. This had left me in the unenviable position of operating an electric […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E046 – Recovery Address

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 16th 2023 12:20am EST

    When you have some glimpse of how ridiculous the people who claim to be running the show are, it becomes evident that there must be some kind of miracle at work for there to still be such a thing as America. I recall during the Trump administration, some jack off penned an op ed saying […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E038 – Shall We Play A Game?

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 12th 2023 12:37am EST

    Late last month I posted about my first time playing Counter Strike, which was also streamed at the time. Having acquired much video streaming equipment for my podcasts, it seemed getting into the game streaming scene might be a thing worth doing, and this was among my first efforts in that venture. Having suffered a […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E045 – Trail of Destruction

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 9th 2023 1:28am EST

    I woke up this morning quite satisfied with myself. I had written what was to be today’s episode of more than 4,000 words early yesterday morning. I was quite impressed with what I had produced, especially given that, the prior morning, I had penned another 4,000 or so words that was so good I had […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E037 – RIP Henry Kissinger

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 4th 2023 11:31pm EST

    Last week saw the passing of Henry Alfred Kissinger. The former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser to President’s Nixon and Ford, was born in Germany. Being a Jew, had fled that country to arrive in the United States in the year 1938 at no older than 15 years of age. He has authored […]

  • Cantwell vs. Eric Striker September 2018

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 4th 2023 12:37pm EST

    Christopher Cantwell and Eric Striker held something of an informal debate on September 6th 2018, hosted by an outfit then known as “Heel Turn”. Subject matter varied widely, covering, among other things, civil rights, political strategy, and economics.   If you would like to help finance this my quality productions, I try to make this […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E044 – Pretext for Terror

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 2nd 2023 1:12am EST

    It comes as little surprise to the informed observer that Israel knew about Hamas attack plans a year in advance. The folks at the New York Times, who recently published a story with the allegation, seem to find this newsworthy, but you and I know that Jews are perfectly fine with seeing their fellow Jews […]

  • A Brief History of TRS & The Radical Agenda

    Christopher Cantwell - Dec 1st 2023 4:33pm EST

    During the November 29th SurrealPolitiks Member Chat, a listener brought up the relationship between myself and the fine folks over at TheRightStuff.biz. This came in response to some discussion of their parting ways with a fellow by the name of Eric Striker. I made a token effort to avoid diving into the TRS/Striker conflict, and […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E036 – Trans Sharia & Stuff

    Christopher Cantwell - Nov 27th 2023 11:17pm EST

    Lacking inspiration for a cohesive theme, I thought I’d rather hit a few things in quick fashion to open up the show today. I was very amused to have a video come across my radar of a man with a mustache who had made some half hearted efforts to appear feminine. This man had recently […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E043 – No Paradox

    Christopher Cantwell - Nov 25th 2023 2:03am EST

    Writing at City Journal, Manhattan Institute Fellow Charles Fain Lehman ponders “The Paradox of Jewish Liberalism“. Mr. Lehman describes himself as “among the one in six American Jews who are conservatives” and laments about the foolishness of his coethnics in their notorious Left wing leanings. He rattles on at some length with some stats about […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E035 – Outlaw Conservative 012

    Christopher Cantwell - Nov 20th 2023 7:05pm EST

    Due to a series of competing concerns, I will not be able to do a live show tonight. But I would not dream of leaving you hanging. Fortunately, I have a great deal of old audio I have been meaning to re-release. Among these are the archives of what might be described as the predecessor […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E042 – Jews Gone Wild

    Christopher Cantwell - Nov 17th 2023 11:51pm EST

    I’m old enough to remember a TV show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things”, and while it might be best not to rank them in order, kids do say some pretty wild stuff. They might well be rivaled by Jewish adults though, who are completely out of their god damn minds. They just seem to […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E034 – Boom

    Christopher Cantwell - Nov 13th 2023 11:20pm EST

    Given that the SurrealPolitiks audience is, comparative to their fellow citizens, so well informed and appropriately skeptical of the nonsense they are fed by less credible sources than we, it might be described as less than newsworthy for us to say that Ukraine blew up the Nordstream pipeline. What warrants mention here today, is that […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E041 – Tucking Slick Ricky

    Christopher Cantwell - Nov 11th 2023 1:23am EST

    It was not easy for me to get through the most recent episode of Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show. I tend to give successful media personalities a great deal of leeway. I understand, all too well, that the consequences of telling the truth without a bit of decoration, and concern for which way the wind happens […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E033 – Tranifesto

    Christopher Cantwell - Nov 7th 2023 1:20am EST

    When a transgender mass murderer walked into a Christian school and began gunning down the young and the elderly, it did not take much imagination to discern that the maniac’s political views could charitably be described as Left of center. The announcement that a manifesto had been left behind, and the conspicuous effort to keep its […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E040 – Old School RA

    Christopher Cantwell - Nov 4th 2023 12:38am EDT

    Man, I’ll tell ya. Today is one of those days. Some days I do not know what to say and others it’s tough to get it all into a two hour show. Today is a day of the latter variety.   I get contacted by a guy who pretends to be a reporter. A fellow […]

  • SurrealPolitiks S01E032 – Narrow Nationalism

    Christopher Cantwell - Oct 31st 2023 12:16am EDT

    I recently had occasion to view a speech given by an Australian gentleman by the name of Joel Davis, which he gave at a meeting of the Patriotic Alternative in the UK. You can find the speech in full on their website, and I encourage the listener to give it their consideration so that I […]

  • Radical Agenda S06E039 – Meltdown

    Christopher Cantwell - Oct 28th 2023 12:20am EDT

    For the most part, it scarcely warrants mentioning these days that Leftists have been caught in a lie. The fact that they spoke in the first place told us that this was the case. There is hardly any other reason for them to be using language besides some sort of malicious deception. When there is […]