• The Union Jackal, June 2022Counter Currents - Jun 28th 2022 11:52am EDT

    Vikki Spit and her fiancée. Spit has become the first person in the UK to receive compensation from the government for a death — her fiancée’s — resulting from the Covid-19 vaccine. 2,165 words Beware the Ides of June Under British parliamentary rules, a vote of no confidence in a Prime Minister is similar to […]

  • Male Relationship FantasiesCounter Currents - Jun 28th 2022 11:22am EDT

    Career Opportunities 1,949 words We’ve all seen sci-fi movies where an attractive woman gets stuck alone with a guy she normally wouldn’t consider, gets to know “the real him,” something threatens her, he rescues or protects her, and they pair up in the end. For example, in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the scoundrel […]

  • Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 458 Rich Houck Discusses Mishima’s My Friend Hitler on The Writers’ BlocCounter Currents - Jun 28th 2022 9:21am EDT

    544 words / 2:07:29 The one and only Rich Houck was host Nick Jeelvy‘s guest on the latest broadcast of The Writers’ Bloc, where they discussed Yukio Mishima’s My Friend Hitler — a play about politics, friendship, and doing what is necessary — and answered listener questions, and it is now available for download and […]

  • Perilously Fair: Reflections on the Ladies of the LakeCounter Currents - Jun 27th 2022 3:20pm EDT

    5,553 words The editors of Counter-Currents have recently shared their findings that, among other interesting facts, females make up about one-third of the readership here. There are apparently quite a few Dissident-Right women who swim in our waters, and therefore a need exists for some un-feminist, but “woman-positive” readings that mine our traditional canon and […]

  • We Apologize for Your Feral BehaviorCounter Currents - Jun 27th 2022 12:51pm EDT

    The Toronto police are being ordered to look the other way when non-whites commit crimes while using overwhelming force against peaceful white protesters, such as the Freedom Convoy. 1,061 words On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the Toronto Police Service released findings from its Race-Based Data Collection (RBDC) Strategy. This comprehensive initiative is “aimed at understanding […]

  • The Crossroads of Our Being: Civil War Commemorations During the “Civil Rights” MovementCounter Currents - Jun 27th 2022 11:31am EDT

    3,063 words Any understanding of this nation has to be based, and I mean really based, on an understanding of the Civil War. I believe that firmly. It defined us. The Revolution did what it did. Our involvement in European wars, beginning with the First World War, did what it did. But the Civil War […]

  • This Weekend’s LivestreamsGregory Hood on Counter-Currents Radio & Rich Houck on The Writers’ BlocCounter Currents - Jun 25th 2022 12:07pm EDT

    Santi di Tito, Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli, ca. 1550. 305 words On Saturday, June 25, 2022, Greg Johnson welcomes Gregory Hood to Counter-Currents Radio to discuss James Burnham and Machiavellianism, plus current events like the Roe v. Wade decision, and of course YOUR QUESTIONS. In the second hour of the stream, Greg Johnson will do […]

  • Irreplaceable CommunitiesCounter Currents - Jun 24th 2022 9:38am EDT

    3,808 words Translated by F. Roger Devlin Communities, whether old or recent, whether ethno-cultural, linguistic, religious, sexual, or something else, are natural dimensions of belonging. No individual can exist without belonging, even if only to distance himself from it. The ego is always situated, i.e., incorporated in a history — a history never reducible to […]

  • Why the Concept of the Cathedral is NonsenseCounter Currents - Jun 24th 2022 8:05am EDT

    Mencius Moldbug 2,140 words If you’re a regular in Dissident Right circles, you’ll probably have heard of Curtis Yarvin, also known as Mencius Moldbug, and his idea of the Cathedral as the decentralized system of control which rules the West today. The basic idea is that the media, academia, Hollywood, and that part of the […]

  • Greg Johnson & Millennial Woes on Common Mistakes in EnglishCounter Currents - Jun 23rd 2022 9:24pm EDT

    252 words / 1:49:28 Earlier this week, Greg Johnson and Millennial Woes did a surprise livestream about some common mistakes in English, and it is now available for download and online listening. Topics discussed include: 00:03:23 “Cliché” 00:04:50 “There is” vs. “There are” 00:07:20 “Bourgeois” vs. “bourgeoisie” 00:08:27 Using “it’s” to mean “belonging to it” […]