• Overworked? Freedomain Donor Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 13th 2024 2:40pm EDT

    Stefan addresses a caller’s challenges with family dynamics after welcoming a neglected child. He stresses the importance of deep conversations to support the adopted brother and encourages prioritizing connections amidst busy schedules. The conversation elaborates on the significance of meaningful interactions, genuine care, and fostering love in relationships beyond surface-level interactions. Stefan delves into morality, […]

  • How to Deal with CREEPS!

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 12th 2024 11:41am EDT

    Wednesday Night Live 10 July 2024 Today’s episode introduced peacefulparenting.com and the upcoming condensed Peaceful Parenting book. We discussed anarcho-capitalism, challenges for intelligent individuals in society, sustainable business practices, and skepticism towards mainstream narratives like the COVID vaccine. Empowering women to trust their instincts and assertively navigate professional scenarios, we emphasized preparedness, self-defense, and shedding […]

  • THE LOVE OF MY LIFE JUST DIED! Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 11th 2024 1:38pm EDT

    Join me in a heartfelt conversation where we discuss grief, love, and relationships with a caller who has experienced profound loss. We explore the impact of loss on emotional well-being, the role of virtue in forming genuine connections, and the importance of actions over perfection in relationships. Through a theological lens, we delve into the […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jul 10th 2024 1:23pm EDT

    Today, we discuss why individuals hesitate to talk about peaceful parenting with their loved ones. This reluctance stems from a historical oversight in philosophy regarding force in parent-child relationships. The significance of the parent-child bond as a moral and choice-driven connection is examined, along with the underlying motivations for avoiding this topic. The conversation emphasizes […]

  • My 45 Year Old Wife Wants a Baby! Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 9th 2024 1:44pm EDT

    In this episode, we dive into the challenges of relationships and parenthood as a caller shares their struggles with their spouse’s desire for another child. Through therapy and discussions, the couple faces a difficult decision regarding frozen embryos and expanding their family, leading to strains in their marriage. The caller shares their fertility journey marked […]

  • Izzy’s Sunday Show!

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 8th 2024 10:45am EDT

    Sunday Morning Live 7 July 2024 I update everyone on my health, share about a minor ailment called tiny hands, and discuss music genres, generational views, and marriage trends. We talk about job chaos, Dungeons & Dragons, animation, frame rates in videos, parenting styles, iPhone vs Android, friendships, duck naming, social dynamics, and regrets. Reflecting […]

  • Can I Save My Father? Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 7th 2024 4:15pm EDT

    In this conversation, I, a 19-year-old male, share the complexities of dealing with childhood abuse from my parents, while navigating relationships and communication styles within my family. Stef and I delve deep into the dynamics of my upbringing, exploring incidents of discipline, lack of engagement, and the impacts on my behavior. We discuss challenges such […]

  • Why You Are Fat!

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 6th 2024 10:43am EDT

    Friday Night Live 5 July 2024 Join me, Stefan Molyneux, on the Friday Night Live show as we discuss the unpredictability of cryptocurrency prices, market influences, and societal impacts. Ned Rorty joins to explore supply and demand dynamics, potential price recovery indicators, and the complexities of human behavior. We delve into personal struggles, self-improvement challenges, […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jul 5th 2024 2:46pm EDT

    Stefan Molyneux covers a range of topics, from viral memes to the profound impact of sexuality on relationships and society. We explore men’s interest in explicit content, retirement planning, financial decisions, and societal norms. We delve into the significance of discretion in matters of wealth and success, cautioning against flaunting these aspects to avoid unwanted […]

  • The Truth About Hedonism!

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 4th 2024 1:21pm EDT

    The lecture explores hedonism, focusing on prioritizing short-term pleasure over long-term consequences. It discusses the connection between hedonism and the prey mentality, societal manipulation, the impact of absent fathers, raising children in unpredictable environments, and the link between child abuse and distorted rules leading to hedonistic behaviors. The speaker encourages reflection on the relationship between […]

  • Ideas vs the World!

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 3rd 2024 1:07pm EDT

    In this engaging discussion, we explored the process of translating thoughts into reality, drawing parallels between conceptualization and tangible manifestations. Through the analogy of a blueprint for a building, we dissected how ideas evolve from perfect concepts in the mind to imperfect yet functional physical manifestations. Emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between ideation […]

  • 30 Year Old Virgin! Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jul 2nd 2024 12:07pm EDT

    In this episode, I explore a caller’s struggles with relationships and intimacy rooted in their upbringing in an evangelical Christian household. We delve into their challenges seeking therapy for dating anxiety and discuss the importance of pursuing meaningful connections and developing a clear dating strategy. Emphasizing self-confidence and self-value, we navigate the impact of childhood […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jul 1st 2024 3:59pm EDT



    Freedomain Radio - Jul 1st 2024 11:56am EDT

    In this discussion, I explore a woman’s belief regarding what successful men seek in a partner, emphasizing the importance of understanding men’s innate desire for a suitable mother for their children. Instead of seeking a simplistic partner, men aim to find someone who can effectively nurture and raise their offspring. Choosing a life partner involves […]

  • The Truth About Codependency

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 30th 2024 8:28pm EDT

    In this introspective exploration, we delve into the intricate dynamics of codependency with a philosophical lens, shedding light on the blurred lines between love, pity, and responsibility in relationships. The conversation unfolds with personal anecdotes and reflections, decoding the signs and implications of codependency while emphasizing the importance of establishing boundaries and practicing sincerity in […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jun 30th 2024 2:43pm EDT

    Come talk philosophy! Bring your thoughts, questions, problems, concerns, issues, feedback, critique, and let us dig deep!

  • When to Fight a Philosopher! Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 29th 2024 5:27pm EDT

    Supporter Preview! The caller shares updates on personal life, including relationship progress, therapy, finances, and career and romance concerns. The caller discusses struggles with bisexuality, forming connections, and recent dating experiences, focusing on communication and relationship perspectives. They explore family dynamics, past traumas, and childhood wounds’ impact on relationships. Stefan guides the caller on trust, […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jun 29th 2024 1:43pm EDT

    Friday Night Live 28 June 2024 In this episode, I cover a range of topics from relationships to societal issues. I share a comical story about missing ducks and discuss privacy during political incidents. Reflecting on a political debate, I explore cognitive decline and media influence. Responding to listener questions on trauma and relationships, I […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jun 29th 2024 12:08am EDT

    Come talk philosophy! Bring your thoughts, questions, concerns, issues, feedback, critique, and let us dig deep!

  • My Wife Is LEAVING TODAY! Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 28th 2024 2:19pm EDT

    In this episode, we discussed a caller’s concerns about accountability and communication within their marriage, particularly during challenging family events like a funeral. We explored specific instances of arguments and interactions, offering guidance on addressing these issues and modeling positive behavior for their children. The conversation also touched on the impact of parenting styles on […]

  • STOP SCREWING UP – Missing Answer!

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 27th 2024 8:18pm EDT

    A question I missed answering 26 Jun 2024… “Hi Stef. wondering if you can give me some advice on how to deal with a situation. My younger brother is about to marry (next April) a giant red flag. 3 months into the relationship, my other siblings and I warned him to get out before it […]

  • STOP SCREWING UP – Missing Answer!

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 27th 2024 7:56pm EDT

    A question I missed answering 26 Jun 2024… “Hi Stef. wondering if you can give me some advice on how to deal with a situation. My younger brother is about to marry (next April) a giant red flag. 3 months into the relationship, my other siblings and I warned him to get out before it […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jun 27th 2024 3:22pm EDT

    Wednesday Night Live 26 June 2024 Stef what are some tips to determine if a company is a good place to work for? did you ever have crappy jobs? any advice for someone who is beginning to take philosophy seriously, and you once described it as walking across the dessert alone. Any advice for such […]

  • Murderous Rage?!? Freedomain Call In

    Freedomain Radio - Jun 26th 2024 9:49am EDT

    Join the PREMIUM philosophy community on the web for free! NOW AVAILABLE FOR SUBSCRIBERS: MY NEW BOOK ‘PEACEFUL PARENTING’ – AND THE INTERACTIVE PEACEFUL PARENTING AI AND AUDIOBOOK! Also get the Truth About the French Revolution, the interactive multi-lingual philosophy AI trained on thousands of hours of my material, private livestreams, premium call in shows, […]


    Freedomain Radio - Jun 24th 2024 10:32am EDT

    Friday Night Live Chat 21 June 2024 In this episode, I discuss the closure of Toronto’s Science Center, criticizing government negligence on infrastructure maintenance and urging a focus on upkeep over new construction. Conversations with callers delve into confronting family alcoholism, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care. We explore behavioral patterns, emotional honesty, and personal growth, […]