• Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Douglas Frank PhD Discusses Science & Election Integrity (Ep.58)Irida TV - Jun 25th 2022 4:27pm EDT

    Nobel Prize nominee & scientist Dr. Douglas G. Frank PhD joins us to discuss how his widely sought after modeling techniques led him from successful epidemiological data modeling to election fraud detection & prevention. Notes: Dr. Douglas G. Frank PhD biography https://truthandliberty.net/bio/dr-douglas-g-frank/ Dr. Douglas G. Frank PhD Telegram https://t.me/FollowTheData [S]ELECTION CODE https://selectioncode.com/ Precinct Strategy https://precinctstrategy.com… […]

  • Use This Simple Legal Notice To End All Remaining Mask & Vaccine Mandates (Ep.57)Irida TV - Jun 21st 2022 5:57pm EDT

    Local activist Beth Neibert joins us again for an update on how she’s been helping fellow citizens put local businesses on notice if they still try and enforce illegal mask or vaccine mandates, and how fast they change course when informed accordingly. Notes: Beth Neibert’s show Real Talk Live https://rumble.com/c/RealTalkLive Legal notice https://irida.tv/oampevoa/2022/06/concerned-citizens-public-notice-rev-a.pdf Find all… […]

  • Giving You The Tools To Reclaim Your Rights – With Pete Serrano Of The Silent Majority Foundation (Ep.56)Irida TV - Jun 15th 2022 10:17pm EDT

    Pete Serrano with the Silent Majority Foundation joins us in an effort to provide you with templates and tools that you can deploy with ease to return integrity to your election processes and defeat other efforts of undermining your sovereignty and constitutional rights. Notes: Silent Majority Foundation https://silentmajorityfoundation.org Find all our content & social media… […]

  • Returning Transparency & Integrity To Our Elections – With Mason County Auditor Candidate Steve Duenkel (Ep.55)Irida TV - Jun 10th 2022 6:38pm EDT

    Candidate for Auditor in Washington state’s Mason county Steve Duenkel joins us to share some shocking findings from local voter roll integrity audits, and how he seeks to return transparency and integrity to the election process. Corrections: There are ~44,000 voters on the rolls in Mason county, not 84,000 as initially stated. Notes: Steve Duenkel’s… […]

  • Mass Shooting In Washington – Why I Ran Toward The Bullets To Save Lives! With Congress Candidate Ben Garcia (Ep.54)Irida TV - Jun 9th 2022 12:35pm EDT

    Congressional Candidate & combat veteran Ben Garcia joins us again to give us an update on his campaign to unseat RINO Dan Newhouse, and to share with us a shocking recent encounter where he rendered aid to save lives at the Cinco do Mayo festival mass shooting in Sunnyside, Washington. Notes: Ben Garcia’s website https://www.votebengarcia.com/… […]

  • How Hollywood Went From Woke To Broke At Record Speed – With Filmmaker David Cole (Ep.53)Irida TV - Jun 1st 2022 4:29pm EDT

    Taki’s Magazine columnist and filmmaker David Cole joins us for an update on how Hollywood’s new apartheid regime just received a massive smack down on the financial markets, as he predicted on our show half a year ago, and how entertainment companies will need to adjust to remain viable and competitive down the road. Notes:… […]

  • Parental Rights, Domestic Terrorism, Make Crime Illegal Again – Congressional Candidate Matt Larkin (Ep.52)Irida TV - May 27th 2022 5:45pm EDT

    Congressional Candidate for Washington State’s 8th District Matt Larkin comes on the show to discuss how he is going to defeat Democrat incumbent Kim Schrier as one more piece of the incoming red wave for 2022. Larkin discusses introducing a Parental Bill of Rights into Congress, how to avoid parents being identified as domestic terrorists… […]

  • How You Can Help Local Businesses To Stop Playing “Pandemic” (Ep.51)Irida TV - May 12th 2022 4:13pm EDT

    Dan and Michelle with the Washington Civil Rights Council join us to discuss how they’re helping local businesses free themselves from the illegal mask and “vaccine” mandates that bureaucrats still try to harass them with in some places. Notes: Washington Civil Rights Council https://wcrc.us/ Find all our content at https://irida.tv The post How You Can […]

  • How We’re Closing The Missing Gap In Drug Recovery – With CTC VP Christina Anderson (Ep.50)Irida TV - May 6th 2022 7:22pm EDT

    Vice President of “Courage To Change Recovery Services” Christina Anderson joins us to provide an in depth look into why established and well funded drug recovery services usually fail, and how her organization is closing the missing gap. Notes: Courage To Change Recovery Services https://ctcrecoveryservices.org/ Nick’s Place https://nicksplace.org/ Generic Suboxone Not Equal to Name Brand… […]

  • How The Washington Establishment Tried To Frame Me – With State Rep. Robert Sutherland (Ep.49)Irida TV - May 5th 2022 1:16pm EDT

    Washington state representative Robert Sutherland joins us to talk about his platform, election integrity, why he decided to serve as representative, and how the Washington state establishment tried to frame him for disagreeing with their agenda. Notes: Robert Sutherland’s website https://sutherland4rep.com/ Compulsory education in the US https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_education_in_the_United_States#Mann_reforms highlight Media misinformation about Sutherland incident https://www.king5.com/article/news/politics/state-politics/granite-falls-representative-robert-sutherland-investigated-swearing-security-officer/281-c0418d76-dbe2-417e-ab11-7a85c99069d7, https://mynorthwest.com/3386206/heated-exchange-state-rep-sutherland-conduct-probe/… […]