• Education For Dummies

    Pat Condell - Nov 7th 2023 9:54am EST

  • OK Groomer

    Pat Condell - Sep 25th 2023 11:45am EDT

    The game is up, groomer. The party is over.

  • A Crisis Of Free Speech

    Pat Condell - Mar 25th 2021 10:30am EDT

    The law cannot be trusted with freedom of speech. Join the Free Speech Union and fight back Home UK police record thought crimes, even if no law has been broken https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1406695/police-record-thought-crimes-no-law-broken UK police have recorded 120,000 cases of ‘non-crime’ hate incidents. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8006275/Police-record-120-000-cases-non-crime-hate-incidents.html 14 year-old girl takes UK police to court for recording her views on […]

  • The Virus That Shames China

    Pat Condell - Mar 19th 2020 9:06am EDT

    It’s called the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party caused the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Now their propaganda is being swallowed wholesale by western media. How WHO corruption helped the Wuhan coronavirus spread Doctor who tried to warn the world about the Wuhan virus dies in hospital https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51364382 Muslims forced to eat pork and drink […]

  • Last Chance For Brexit

    Pat Condell - Dec 4th 2019 9:56am EST

    The Tory ‘deal’ is not Brexit. We are being lied to and swindled. https://www.thebrexitparty.org/read-this/ Johnson’s deal is not Brexit. https://facts4eu.org/news/2019_oct_eu_treaty_for_uk_colonisation# Nobody’s feelings were consulted during the making of this video. Anyone who has a problem with that can drop dead. Everyone is free to download this video and post it to their own account if […]

  • How To Insult A Progressive

    Pat Condell - Oct 30th 2019 11:20am EDT

    This video had 395,788 hits before it was removed by YouTube for offending people who are determined to be offended by everything.