• Did Ursula von der Leyen & Albert Bourla Mix Business with Pleasure?

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 17th 2024 11:24am EDT

    In February 2021, EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen exchanged dozens of secret text messages with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, in which they apparently discussed the details of the EU Commission eventually purchasing 1.8 billion doses of Pfizer-BioNtech’s ineffective and dangerous gene therapy shot in order to inflict it on the people of Europe. […]

  • Protocol 7 by Dr. Andrew Wakefield

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 17th 2024 5:09am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Firebrand Blaze Media superstar, Sara Gonzales has been outspoken about the dangers of routine childhood vaccination. She is young, tough, and has strong maternal instincts to protect her children. This is the perfect introduction for Wakefield’s Protocol 7. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a retired British gastroenterological surgeon who made […]

  • FBI Opens Criminal Investigation of Baltimore Bridge Disaster

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 16th 2024 5:03pm EDT

    Readers of this Substack are aware that I perceived the recent Baltimore bridge disaster to be perplexing at best, and more likely suspicious. I therefore wasn’t surprised to see the news that the FBI opens criminal investigation into Baltimore bridge collapse. If the FBI is acting in entirely good faith, it is probably trying to […]

  • Annihilating the Human Spirit

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 16th 2024 10:53am EDT

    Lately I’ve been wondering if SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination may be impairing the brain’s dopamine receptors. My curiosity about this began after observing the movements of people in airports and at my local Costco. In so many people—not only the elderly—there seems to be a slowness, reticence, and lack of decisiveness in their movements. Likewise, […]

  • Dr. McCullough on the Alex Cuesta Show

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 16th 2024 5:32am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH I was very impressed with the intelligence, insight, and synthesis by young podcaster Alex Cuesta. As free speech and legitimate journalism are being expunged from the main stream media by both corporate and government interests, the public is becoming ever more attracted to young journalists who have free minds […]

  • Australia: Cardiac Arrest Up 20%

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 15th 2024 2:08pm EDT

    A friend just sent me the following report from Australia, and he asked me what could be causing this alarming trend. When I was in graduate school I sometimes attempted to write poems in the style of famous poets. I was inspired by the infamous Salt Lake City forger, Mark Hofmann, who wrote and sold […]

  • Bedfellows: Pharma and U.S. Gov. Agencies

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 15th 2024 11:38am EDT

    Over the last couple of years, many readers have urged me to focus my investigative reporting on the role of U.S. government agencies such as the Department of Defense instead of harping on the perfidious conduct of pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna. I am aware of the preeminent role the Department of Defense […]

  • BREAKING–New Manuscript Concludes 100% Pseudouridinated mRNA is Potentially Cancer-Promoting

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 15th 2024 8:47am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Modification of synthetic mRNA won the Nobel Prize in 2023 which was instantly protested by candlelight vigils across Scandinavia. Why did scientists feel so viscerally disturbed by the work of Kariko and Weissman? Here is a description by the Nobel Prize website: “Pseudouridine (Ψ) was discovered already in 1951 […]

  • Why is Academic Medicine Stonewalling on the COVID-19 Vaccine Debacle?

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 15th 2024 5:45am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Jonathan Otto has been one of the most tenacious behind-the-scenes documentary producers throughout the pandemic. From his website: “Jonathan Otto is an investigative journalist, filmmaker and humanitarian. His life narrative is characterized by his unceasing desire to uncover truth and alleviate suffering. The Australian-born filmmaker attributes a childhood experience […]

  • Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Naomi Wolf

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 15th 2024 1:53am EDT

    Tucker Carlson just had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Naomi Wolf about her new book, Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age. The entire conversation is gripping, but what I found most intriguing was Carlson’s question about why Dr. Wolf was virtually alone among prominent liberal democrats in recognizing the […]

  • Vaccination of Poultry for Avian Influenza

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 14th 2024 5:17am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, Nicolas Hulscher, MPH (Candidate), John S. Leake With all the buzz about highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza (HPAI), we thought it would be useful to review this chapter in vaccine history. It turns out that Asian countries have deployed vaccines since 1995 and China started vaccinating poultry in 2004. […]

  • Tide Turning on Infernal “Gender-Affirming” Quango

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 13th 2024 11:47am EDT

    As I noted in my recent post, A Monstrous Criminal Organization, WPATH—the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) consists of doctors who have profited from the industrial-scale mutilation of children. As the leaked minutes of one of their meetings revealed, these doctors know damn well that true informed consent from pre-pubescents and adolescents is […]

  • Avian Influenza Crisis Rolls in Just in Time for Key World Health Organization Deliberations

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 13th 2024 5:44am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Please watch this quick update on the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 situation in poultry and livestock. Journalist Emerald Robinson brings you the Absolute Truth on what is going on. Unnecessary culling of hens from our largest egg producers undoubtedly will put a strain on our food supply. Worse […]

  • A History of H5N1 Lab Accidents

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 12th 2024 4:11pm EDT

    Exactly one year ago, the investigative journalist and author, Alison Young, published a report in USA Today on an accident that occurred on December 9, 2019 at the University of Wisconsin’s Influenza Research Institute. The accident involved experiments with an H5N1 influenza virus that had been modified through GoF to make it transmissible among ferrets. […]

  • Avian Flu: Cattle Restrictions Imposed

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 12th 2024 9:44am EDT

    Though it’s still too early to make any firm declarations, I’m increasingly concerned that the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex—closely tied with the Davos crowd that advocates the general reduction of animal protein in the human diet—may have found the dread “Disease X” it’s been warning about. Widespread PCR testing of wild birds, poultry, cattle—and perhaps eventually humans—will […]

  • United We Stand: Dr. Peter McCullough Presents “Modern Medicine’s Great Controversy”

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 12th 2024 5:27am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Please enjoy this one hour long-format program with slides on the current state of the COVID-19 vaccine debacle, failed pandemic response, excessive childhood vaccination, autism epidemic, and transgender crisis. I want each and every one of you to understand that all of these issues appear to be related. A […]

  • On the Balance of Power

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 11th 2024 12:58pm EDT

    There was a time not so long ago when anyone acquainted with elementary principles of foreign relations understood the doctrine of “Balance of Power.” “Balance of Power” was the subject of Henry Kissinger’s 1954 doctoral thesis at Harvard University, which he subsequently published in book form under the title A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and […]

  • Japanese Professor’s Message to World

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 11th 2024 9:15am EDT

    Masayasu Inoue is Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School who specializes in molecular pathology. Reviewing his publishing resume, I wasn’t surprised to see that he has a longstanding interest in oxidative stress. His paper titled Mitochondrial Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and its Role in Aerobic Life presents the following summary: The present […]

  • Natural Ways to Manage Blood Pressure

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 11th 2024 5:33am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Approximately 65% of adult Americans are taking blood pressure medications.  Thankfully most are affordable generic drugs with well characterized safety profiles.  Population control of blood pressure is one of the best ways of reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease and stroke.  The World Health Organization aspires to reduce the […]

  • The Hot Zone: Bird Flu

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 10th 2024 5:53pm EDT

    Yesterday, April 9, the WHO issued a report titled Avian Influenza A(H5N1) – United States of America. Of special concern is an April 1st report that a worker at a dairy farm in the Texas Panhandle has been infected with conjunctivitis (eye infection) after close contact with a dairy cow. We spent the day analyzing […]

  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex Under Fire

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 10th 2024 1:24pm EDT

    It’s encouraging to see national figures like Senator Rand Paul and Joe Rogan becoming increasingly vocal in their criticism of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex that brought us SARS-CoV-2, concealed its true original, and then foisted its fraudulent and dangerous vaccine on mankind. Joe Rogan is getting a lot of press in the wake of his April […]

  • Another Blow to Texas Agriculture

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 10th 2024 10:26am EDT

    What is going on in the Texas Panhandle around Amarillo? On April 10, 2023, I woke up to the horrifying news that a dairy farm in Dimmitt, Texas—about 60 miles southwest of Amarillo—had exploded, killing about 18,000 dairy cows. It was one of the deadliest fires involving cows in history, wiping out 3% of the […]

  • Could Avian H5N1 Influenza be Disease X for the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex?

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 10th 2024 5:05am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH and Nicolas Hulscher, MPH (candidate) With the fear-mongering campaign of ‘Disease X’ sponsored by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation (CEPI), people are wondering what virus might infect the world next. A few days ago, the CDC issued a health advisory for the H5N1 bird flu as it […]

  • Apocalypto Now: Eclipse in Dallas

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 9th 2024 12:47pm EDT

    Yesterday I watched the 2024 total eclipse of the sun here in Dallas, Texas. My old friend Tom Markson flew in from Phoenix to watch the celestial event, in spite of the augurs predicting heavy clouds. We gathered on the levee of the Trinity River, just north of the twin “Margaret” bridges designed by the […]

  • Disease X, Detoxification from SARS-CoV-2 Infection and COVID-19 Vaccination, What’s Next

    Dr. Peter McCullough MD - Apr 9th 2024 5:32am EDT

    By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Daystar is the largest Christian broadcasting network in the world. The organization has their impressive headquarters in Bedford, Texas. They are in the top spot for a reason—relatable informative programming. From EIN Presswire Feb 27, 2024: “Daystar Television Network is in over 2.2 billion homes worldwide reaching over 6.5 […]