• The Salvation Of Your Soul Is Not A GameRoosh V - Jun 20th 2022 10:00am EDT

    The Art Of Salvation by Elder Ephraim of Arizona is a compilation of thirty-three homilies concerning spiritual life. It is a powerful and convicting book that will jolt you out of your spiritual slumber to recognize the stakes involved in your salvation. I was so deeply affected while reading that I often had to stop […]

  • 13 Tips To Improve How You Read BooksRoosh V - Jun 13th 2022 10:00am EDT

    You may think it’s absurd to read an article for tips on how to read books, since it is obvious you already know how to read, but consider that private reading is an “unnatural” activity that only became common with the invention of the printing press. Before that, most people alive could not read, and […]

  • It’s Not Easy To Escape From The OccultRoosh V - Jun 6th 2022 10:00am EDT

    The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios is a spiritual memoir by Dionysios Farasiotis, chronicling the author’s flirtations with the occult and later conversion to the Orthodox Church through the eldership of then Elder—but now Saint—Paisios. The author captures the most notable spiritual episodes of his own life on his path to repentance. The […]

  • Stop Eating Seed Oils ChallengeRoosh V - May 30th 2022 10:00am EDT

    I have not been shy about highlighting the fact that seed oil, sometimes called zog oil, is industrial sludge. They should not be classified as “food” and should not be eaten by human beings. Even though seed oils are in everything, it’s not that difficult to eliminate them from your diet. I challenge you to […]

  • Signs That You Love GodRoosh V - May 26th 2022 10:00am EDT

    The book that has convicted me more than any other is What God Has Done For Our Salvation by St. Nikodim of the Holy Mountain, more commonly known as St. Nicodemus the Hagiorite, a prolific saint who produced many written works. His words made a direct impact on the many odorous parts remaining in my […]

  • Marrying A Woman With Mental IllnessRoosh V - May 23rd 2022 10:00am EDT

    Diagnosable mental illnesses are so commonplace that it’s inevitable for a single man to meet a woman who is “mentally ill.” Should he still consider her as a wife or try to find another woman? This is a difficult decision that must involve God, his priest, and Christian family and friends. I want to offer […]

  • Top 10 Passages From Leo Tolstoy’s War & PeaceRoosh V - May 19th 2022 10:00am EDT

    War & Peace is a war novel centered around Russia’s involvement in the Napoleonic wars, which culminated in Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. In parallel, the book also serves as a philosophy of history and war, where Tolstoy dived into long asides to share a multitude of opinions, some astute and some heretical. Lamentably, my assessment […]

  • American Christian WarriorRoosh V - May 16th 2022 10:00am EDT

    There is a show called American Ninja Warrior that was imported from Japan. It features athletic contestants tackling formidable obstacle courses that test their strength and agility. Many of these contestants train for months to win a grand prize. I see this show as an analogy of what I have to do in this life […]

  • The Saints Among UsRoosh V - May 12th 2022 10:00am EDT

    Everyday Saints is a book of anecdotes and stories that describe the life and teachings of Orthodox elders in Russia during the late communist era. The tales are both edifying and amusing, providing a light read compared to harder Orthodox texts. The visibility of God Blaise Pascal: “Openly appearing to those who look for Him […]

  • Hugs Are DangerousRoosh V - May 9th 2022 10:00am EDT

    [God] forbids adultery, and all irregular and unclean carnal lust, and likewise all that may tend to excite unlawful desires… —The Holy Standards It is extremely unsafe to hug a pretty woman. I expect most men to scoff at this notion and ignore it, but a hug with someone you’re attracted to is a form […]