• 5 Things Modern People Love More Than God [Video]

    Roosh V - Oct 3rd 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    In this talk, which I gave on September 17 at Trad Forum, I share five common worldly attachments that I’ve been struggling with since becoming a Christian. I discuss my experiences with these attachments alongside advice from Orthodox Elders and Church Fathers. My hope with the talk is to help people identify all that may […]

  • Do You Exempt Yourself From God’s Law?

    Roosh V - Sep 26th 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    When a man begins repentance, his heart is tender, contrite, and humble. He is ready to follow God’s commandments, obey Church teachings, and begin a new life in Christ. The problem is he is not yet fully healed, and still has elevated pride that is automatic for those who grew up in the West. Very […]

  • Test Post – Ignore

    Roosh V - Sep 20th 2022 5:59pm EDT

    This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. This is a test post. […]

  • Should Christians Study The Book Of Acts?

    Roosh V - Sep 19th 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    The Book of Acts continues where the Gospels left off and shows us how God further instructed the apostles through the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. It’s also important in documenting the early history of the Church. Archbishop Averky, former abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York, offers a sound […]

  • Seduction Is Narcissism

    Roosh V - Sep 12th 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    Over the centuries, Christian courtship in the West has become distorted into seduction, and seduction into unbridled fornication, the “hookup culture” we have today. Seduction and romance were gateways to normalized sexual sin because they facilitated fallen man’s propensity to self-love through carnal pleasure. Adam and Eve’s innate desire to please and love God was […]

  • Are Viruses Actually Contagious?

    Roosh V - Sep 4th 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    The coronavirus pandemic has revealed to me that science is not what I believed it to be when I received a bachelor’s degree in microbiology in 2001. Instead of striving for the pure, unadulterated truth of the natural world, it has blatantly become an authoritarian vehicle to enslave and spiritually destroy human beings at the […]

  • Why Do You Get “Hangry”?

    Roosh V - Aug 29th 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    The “hangry” meme is real. If you don’t eat for a while, you are more susceptible to the negative states of anger and irritation than if you were sated. This poses a problem for Orthodox Christians, who fast from animal products for about half the calendar year, not only abstaining from certain types of food […]

  • Who Are You?

    Roosh V - Aug 22nd 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    Sometimes I wonder what is the most essential ingredient that makes me, me. Over the years I had many ideas of who I was, but it turned out that I was none of those things. And then I was absolutely sure I was other things, more internal things, but I was not those either, and […]

  • An Orthodox Examination Of My Foolish Psychedelic Experience

    Roosh V - Aug 15th 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    In the spring of 2019, approximately two weeks after I started a daily prayer rule upon taking my first steps as a Christian, I took psychedelic mushrooms, something that I would not dare do today. Nonetheless, it happened, and I’d like to offer commentary on the out-of-body experience I had through the eyes of my […]

  • 27 Christian Articles I Recommend

    Roosh V - Aug 11th 2022 10:00am EDT (Archive)

    1. Do Muslims go to heaven? [Link] 2. Dabbling in occultism ruins your mental health [Link] 3. “We were happy in prison…” [Link] 4. “…meekness and humility do not mean spinelessness and should not yield before manifest evil, and that a true Christian should be far from sugar-sweet sentimentality and should not step away in […]