• She Returned

    Roosh V - Nov 28th 2022 10:00am EST

    Seraphim stood in line to receive communion, his arms crossed against his chest, right over left. He had prepared himself. The previous night he went to All-night Vigil, he moderated his dinner meal (as tempting as it was to engorge his belly on a Saturday night), he refrained from all internet entertainment, instead reading a […]

  • Serious People Don’t Pursue “Fun”

    Roosh V - Nov 21st 2022 10:00am EST

    For most of my adult life, I lived as a child in an adult body. I never grew out of the desire to play in a selfish way, to pack every day with something “fun” that took my mind away from the reality that I have a soul. Only when I came back to Christ […]

  • Top 3 Sources Of Human Pride

    Roosh V - Nov 14th 2022 10:00am EST

    The biggest stumbling block to communing with God is pride. Many Church Fathers have said that most sins, if not all, stem from pride. If Satan can amplify your pride then he can get you to commit all manner of sin. This will be made easy if you are born with one of three natural […]

  • How To Attract A Woman As A Christian Man

    Roosh V - Nov 7th 2022 10:00am EST

    Young single women in the Orthodox Church don’t stay single for long. Since the ratio of young men to women is so high, it doesn’t take long for single women to be taken off the market. As Orthodox men calculate their prospects, a common question is asked: “How can I attract a woman?” In the […]

  • 5 Types Of Imagination That Take You Away From Reality

    Roosh V - Oct 31st 2022 10:00am EDT

    I have an overactive imagination. Not an hour of the day goes by when I don’t insert myself into a future that is not yet realized. Such a faculty may be useful for some aspects of creative work, but most of my fantasies are not directed on a specific outcome. Instead, I’m led astray by […]

  • 7 Signs You’re In A Cult Or False Movement

    Roosh V - Oct 24th 2022 10:00am EDT

    I recently listened to Father John Valdez’s 10-part lecture series called Survival Course for Orthodox Christians, which offers a renewed take on Father Seraphim Rose’s lecture series of the same name. The talk on Eastern cults was especially helpful because Father John gave a list of signs that one has been deceived by a cult […]

  • 33 Things Christian Men Should Know About Women

    Roosh V - Oct 17th 2022 10:00am EDT

    A common lament from chaste Orthodox men I meet is their lack of experience in dealing with women who are more socialized than them. How can these men understand women, identify one with strong faith, and make confident decisions concerning marriage? As an unmarried middle-aged man, I stress to them how I’m not in a […]

  • 19 Secular Articles I Recommend

    Roosh V - Oct 13th 2022 10:00am EDT

    1. The central bank of Central Banks that controls most of the world financial system [Link] 2. The story of Siamese twins who did not get the same illnesses [Link] 3. The institutionalization of social autism in South Korea [Link] 4. Jews are increasingly using psychedelics and other drugs for spiritual experiences and to heal […]

  • What Happens To Your Soul After You Die

    Roosh V - Oct 10th 2022 10:00am EDT

    The Soul After Death by Father Seraphim Rose shares the Orthodox Christian position on what happens to human beings upon death. Father Seraphim reviews the teachings of saints to explain modern phenomena such as near-death experiences of those who have been revived after clinical death and also out-of-body experiences among psychedelic drug users. His book […]

  • 5 Things Modern People Love More Than God [Video]

    Roosh V - Oct 3rd 2022 10:00am EDT

    In this talk, which I gave on September 17 at Trad Forum, I share five common worldly attachments that I’ve been struggling with since becoming a Christian. I discuss my experiences with these attachments alongside advice from Orthodox Elders and Church Fathers. My hope with the talk is to help people identify all that may […]

  • Do You Exempt Yourself From God’s Law?

    Roosh V - Sep 26th 2022 10:00am EDT

    When a man begins repentance, his heart is tender, contrite, and humble. He is ready to follow God’s commandments, obey Church teachings, and begin a new life in Christ. The problem is he is not yet fully healed, and still has elevated pride that is automatic for those who grew up in the West. Very […]

  • Should Christians Study The Book Of Acts?

    Roosh V - Sep 19th 2022 10:00am EDT

    The Book of Acts continues where the Gospels left off and shows us how God further instructed the apostles through the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. It’s also important in documenting the early history of the Church. Archbishop Averky, former abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York, offers a sound […]

  • Seduction Is Narcissism

    Roosh V - Sep 12th 2022 10:00am EDT

    Over the centuries, Christian courtship in the West has become distorted into seduction, and seduction into unbridled fornication, the “hookup culture” we have today. Seduction and romance were gateways to normalized sexual sin because they facilitated fallen man’s propensity to self-love through carnal pleasure. Adam and Eve’s innate desire to please and love God was […]

  • Are Viruses Actually Contagious?

    Roosh V - Sep 4th 2022 10:00am EDT

    The coronavirus pandemic has revealed to me that science is not what I believed it to be when I received a bachelor’s degree in microbiology in 2001. Instead of striving for the pure, unadulterated truth of the natural world, it has blatantly become an authoritarian vehicle to enslave and spiritually destroy human beings at the […]

  • Why Do You Get “Hangry”?

    Roosh V - Aug 29th 2022 10:00am EDT

    The “hangry” meme is real. If you don’t eat for a while, you are more susceptible to the negative states of anger and irritation than if you were sated. This poses a problem for Orthodox Christians, who fast from animal products for about half the calendar year, not only abstaining from certain types of food […]

  • Who Are You?

    Roosh V - Aug 22nd 2022 10:00am EDT

    Sometimes I wonder what is the most essential ingredient that makes me, me. Over the years I had many ideas of who I was, but it turned out that I was none of those things. And then I was absolutely sure I was other things, more internal things, but I was not those either, and […]

  • An Orthodox Examination Of My Foolish Psychedelic Experience

    Roosh V - Aug 15th 2022 10:00am EDT

    In the spring of 2019, approximately two weeks after I started a daily prayer rule upon taking my first steps as a Christian, I took psychedelic mushrooms, something that I would not dare do today. Nonetheless, it happened, and I’d like to offer commentary on the out-of-body experience I had through the eyes of my […]

  • 27 Christian Articles I Recommend

    Roosh V - Aug 11th 2022 10:00am EDT

    1. Do Muslims go to heaven? [Link] 2. Dabbling in occultism ruins your mental health [Link] 3. “We were happy in prison…” [Link] 4. “…meekness and humility do not mean spinelessness and should not yield before manifest evil, and that a true Christian should be far from sugar-sweet sentimentality and should not step away in […]

  • How To Spend Less Money Online

    Roosh V - Aug 8th 2022 10:00am EDT

    I’m an impulsive person. If I see something I want, I make an effort to get it as quickly as possible, and feel a temporary dopamine rush when I behold my new thing. This was a problem for me when it came to online shopping. I’d continually order from stores with little restraint. It got […]

  • 74 Things Orthodox Christian Saints Have Never Said

    Roosh V - Aug 1st 2022 10:00am EDT

    I like to read the lives of the saints and also writings directly from the saints. From this I’ve noticed two things. First, there are recurring spiritual teachings that are common among saints who lived in different epochs and nations, signifying importance for all Christians. Second, I’ve noticed attitudes, sentiments, and behaviors that no saint […]

  • Modern Culture Is Plastic And Self-Centered

    Roosh V - Jul 25th 2022 10:00am EDT

    Letters From Father Seraphim Rose is a compilation of letters that Father Seraphim wrote to one of his spiritual children, Father Alexey, a man who started a nearby mission and eventually went on to become a priest. Unlike other works of Father Seraphim that I have reviewed, this book offers more of an intimate look […]

  • Why Do You Consume Secular Content?

    Roosh V - Jul 18th 2022 10:00am EDT

    At risk of reproaching fellow Christians, I am continually surprised by how much secular content they consume. From Facebook to TikTok, from Hollywood movies to pop music, I suspect the average Christian is bombarding his soul with several hours of secular content per week. Do they not know that this consumption may be separating them […]

  • Signs You Have Strong Faith

    Roosh V - Jul 11th 2022 10:00am EDT

    Wisdom From Mount Athos is a compilation of sayings from Saint Silouan, a Russian ascetic who lived in Mount Athos around the early 20th century. His disciple, Saint Sophrony of Essex, is responsible for publishing Saint Silouan’s notes and other writings for us to read. (I have also reviewed Saint Sophrony’s book On Prayer.) The […]

  • Heaven Or Hell

    Roosh V - Jul 4th 2022 10:00am EDT

    Matthew was daydreaming like usual in Art History class. When he came to, Professor Weisman was explaining how primitive artists of Africa influenced the European Renaissance and made it what it was. The famous artists we know—Boticelli, Giotto, Michelangelo, Titian, and Raphael—“appropriated” their best ideas from Africans. Ms. Weisman went on to share names that […]

  • The Best Exegesis Of The Four Gospels

    Roosh V - Jun 27th 2022 10:00am EDT

    The Four Gospels is written by Archbishop Averky of Jordanville, who was a professor at the Holy Trinity Seminary before becoming abbot of the attached monastery. In this book, he gives you a complete exegesis of the Gospels according to scripture and the traditions of the Orthodox Church as taught and passed on by the […]