• The Inside Story of Unite the Right

    American Renaissance - Jun 21st 2024 12:27pm EDT

    Credit Image: © Zach D Roberts/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press Jason Kessler, Charlottesville and the Death of Free Speech, Dissident Press, 2024, 340 pp., $27.00 paperback, $44.00 hardcover Jason Kessler, organizer of the infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, has just written a book about it — and he saw everything from the inside. […]

  • How Political Correctness Led to Censorship Wars

    Amerika.org - Jun 19th 2024 7:32am EDT

    Political Correctness is a variant of Control: banning certain methods so that people must choose from the remaining list of “safe” methods, which in turn shapes their thinking around those “safe” methods. The recent censorship wars came out of this 1980s invention which followed successful Communist shame campaigns in China and Vietnam. If you wonder […]

  • They Want to Define Truth for Us

    Amerika.org - Jun 12th 2024 7:32am EDT

    When the 1990s dawned, the world felt a sense of unity: everyone who was plugged in to media and entertainment agreed that Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and George H.W. Bush were terrible people and that we needed a great liberalizing force in our lives, specifically the tolerance of diversity. After all, the Soviets were finally […]

  • After AfD Party Loses Major Court Case, the Party Can Now Be Legally Targeted With Mass Surveillance

    American Renaissance - May 15th 2024 1:49pm EDT

    The opposition Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has lost a major court appeal against the powerful domestic intelligence agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), with a high court judge allowing the BfV to continue classifying the party as a “suspected case” of right-wing extremism. The move paves the way for the […]

  • Unscientific American

    American Renaissance - May 6th 2024 5:53pm EDT

    Michael Shermer got his first clue that things were changing at Scientific American in late 2018. The author had been writing his “Skeptic” column for the magazine since 2001. His monthly essays, aimed at an audience of both scientists and laymen, championed the scientific method, defended the need for evidence-based debate, and explored how cognitive and ideological […]

  • Please Help Me Get Back on X

    American Renaissance - May 2nd 2024 11:52pm EDT

    Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey ask for your help. They also discuss Trump’s plans for Term Two, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, racial separation in Baton Rouge and Toomsboro, and why Selma schools had to go back online. The Elon Musk tweet is here. Subscribe to Radio Renaissance podcasts on Substack here. Subscribe on BitChute here. Download this episode here. The […]

  • YouTube Deletes Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s Warning Against Globalist Great Replacement Agenda

    American Renaissance - May 2nd 2024 4:11pm EDT

    Google-owned YouTube removed a speech by Dutch lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek calling on Europeans to take a stand against the globalist Great Replacement migration agenda, characterizing it as “hate speech.” “Our team has reviewed your content and finds that it violates our hate speech policy. We have removed the following content from YouTube: ‘The Great Replacement is not […]

  • Denouncing Campus Protests, House GOP Pushes Divisive Antisemitism Bill

    American Renaissance - May 1st 2024 7:47pm EDT

    House Republicans are seeking to unite their unruly majority around an evergreen conservative cause, devising a strict response to the wave of pro-Palestinian protests that have roiled college campuses across the country in recent weeks. GOP leaders this week announced plans for new oversight investigations of elite universities where — in the words of House […]

  • Race and the Decline of American Justice

    American Renaissance - Apr 26th 2024 6:46pm EDT

    Lawfare — using the legal system against political opponents — is now a common leftist tactic. It’s effective. Just last month, VDARE.com announced it is effectively shutting down operations after 25 years. Perhaps more than any other site, VDARE has spotlighted how America’s immigration policy leads to demographic disaster. Its shuttering would be a huge […]

  • NPR Senior Editor Resigns After Blowing Whistle on Network’s Liberal Bias

    American Renaissance - Apr 18th 2024 2:48pm EDT

    NPR senior editor Uri Berliner resigned from the company on Wednesday after he was suspended for speaking out against the taxpayer-funded outlet’s transformation into a liberal echo chamber. Berliner’s resignation announcement noted the way that NPR’s new CEO, Katherine Maher, reacted to his critique of the network, as well as Maher’s “divisive views.” {snip} On […]

  • No-Go Zone: Your New ‘Free Speech’ Hero Just Dropped

    Red Ice TV - Apr 17th 2024 12:00pm EDT

    Henrik cover some of the latest in No-Go Zone April 17, 2024. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for a membership at redicemembers.com or odysee.com/@redicetvor subscribestar.com/redice or redicetv.locals.com. Get full access to our extensive archives, watch or listen to all our shows. Stream or download over 2500 […]

  • Student Suspended for Using Term ‘Illegal Alien’ in English Class

    American Renaissance - Apr 16th 2024 7:25pm EDT

    A 16-year-old student at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina was suspended for three days last week after using the term ‘illegal alien’ during a vocabulary assignment in his English class. Leah McGhee’s son has a teacher who assigned vocabulary words during class last Tuesday, including the word ‘alien.’ McGhee says her son […]

  • Are We Winning? Did We Already Win?

    American Renaissance - Apr 12th 2024 5:48pm EDT

    Credit Image: © Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire We need to remember the way things used to be. A decade ago, race realists often felt like we were talking only to ourselves. It was a low point of relevance and public attention. Obscurity was worse than defeat. In the 1990s, after the end of […]

  • Are We Winning?

    American Renaissance - Apr 9th 2024 4:28pm EDT

    An unprecedented crackdown on free speech makes this the best and worst of times. Subscribe to View From the Right on BitChute here. Download this episode here. The post Are We Winning? appeared first on American Renaissance.

  • Police Scotland Hit With Almost 4,000 Complaints in First Two Days of New Hate Crime Laws

    American Renaissance - Apr 4th 2024 3:52pm EDT

    Police Scotland was deluged with almost 4,000 complaints in the first 48 hours of Humza Yousaf’s controversial hate crime laws coming into force. Officers are said to have recieved a hate crime complaint every two minutes during the first days of the legislation. Calum Steele, the former general secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, which […]

  • Why Zuckerberg is Going to Rule the Fediverse

    Amerika.org - Apr 2nd 2024 7:32am EDT

    Forget for a moment about the definitions of our time. For any society to survive, it must be able to discuss issues that determine its future path and may or may not doom it. Whether this is “free speech” or freedom from “viewpoint discrimination,” it is nonetheless essential to any functional society. When this ability […]

  • TikTok Ban A “Trojan Horse” For Censorship

    The Conscious Resistance - Apr 1st 2024 1:06pm EDT

    Despite feigning concerns over the privacy and safety of Americans, the real reason the government is vying to ban TikTok is far more authoritarian. (By Don Via, Jr. | Republished From The Rundown Live) Anytime there is a bipartisan consensus on a piece of legislation making its way through Congress, Americans should be doubly concerned […]

  • UK: Scotland to Apply New, Even Dumber, Hate Crime Bill Starting April

    Daily Stormer - Apr 1st 2024 4:41am EDT

    The UK was totally conquered by brown people. Now they’re making it illegal to criticize them. BNN: On April 1st, Scotland will enact its controversial Hate Crime and Public Order Act, a legislation that has been the focus of intense debate over its potential to stifle free speech and lead to a rise in vexatious […]

  • WA Lawmakers Pass Bill to Create Hotline for Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents

    American Renaissance - Mar 29th 2024 6:41pm EDT

    Washington will establish a nonpolice hotline to assist people who have been targeted by hate crimes and bias incidents, state lawmakers decided this week, passing a new version of a bill that failed to advance last year. Senate Bill 5427, sponsored by Sen. Javier Valdez, D-Seattle, among others, directs the state Attorney General’s Office to create […]

  • AI’s Left-Wing Bias on Crime and Gun Control

    American Renaissance - Mar 26th 2024 6:32pm EDT

    Some 20 artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are currently available for general use. Students, reporters, and researchers already rely heavily on these programs to help write term papers, media reports, and research papers. Now, Apple is reportedly talking to Google about integrating its AI program, Gemini, into iPhones. Gemini recently came under withering ridicule because its image generator would […]

  • Kyle Rittenhouse Goes to Memphis

    American Renaissance - Mar 26th 2024 1:01pm EDT

    A campus riot in one of America’s worst cities sparks a curious pride among blacks. Subscribe to View From the Right on BitChute here. Download this episode here. The post Kyle Rittenhouse Goes to Memphis appeared first on American Renaissance.

  • The Last Stand for Free Speech

    American Renaissance - Mar 22nd 2024 4:59pm EDT

    Those who think the tide is about to turn on censorship may have to learn a hard lesson. “The Supreme Court can dismantle the censorship-industrial complex” read an editorial The Hill this week. Author Harmeet Dhillon warned of a “disturbing and increasingly systematic trend of government actors forcing social media companies to censor constitutionally protected […]

  • Adobe Firefly Repeats the Same AI Blunders as Google Gemini

    American Renaissance - Mar 20th 2024 7:12pm EDT

    {snip} Firefly, Adobe’s AI image creation tool, repeats some of the same controversial mistakes that Google’s Gemini made in inaccurate racial and ethnic depictions, illustrating the challenges tech companies face across the industry. Google shut down its Gemini image creation tool last month after critics pointed out that it was creating historically inaccurate images, depicting America’s Founding […]

  • Justice Jackson Complains First Amendment Is ‘Hamstringing’ Feds’ Censorship Efforts

    American Renaissance - Mar 19th 2024 2:48pm EDT

    Free speech is on trial at the Supreme Court, but Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson is no fan of the First Amendment. {snip} During Monday’s oral arguments for Murthy v. Missouri, formerly known as Biden v. Missouri, Jackson claimed to oppose any ruling in favor of Americans’ constitutional right to free speech if it limited the government’s ability […]

  • Disinformation and the Lincoln Censorship Solution

    Amerika.org - Mar 19th 2024 7:32am EDT

    The funny thing about Leftists is that they are more effective because they are clear-minded. They are abusers; they know this, and therefore they skip all the neurosis and drama and simply do what they need to do. That is not to say that they are mentally well, because the opposite is true, just that […]