• Running a Two-Speed World

    Amerika.org - Jun 7th 2023 7:32am EDT

    After the Great Recession of 2008 and the current Biden malaise, it has become clear that in its pursuit of Leftist ideology the first world has slowed its economy as it prepares to suicide. This leads to the world having a two-speed economy where the developing world grows rapidly as the first world ages, which […]

  • Debt Deal Signed – Weeks of Stupid News Proves a Waste!

    Daily Stormer - Jun 4th 2023 1:10pm EDT

    Remember: I told you there was zero chance that the US was actually going to default. This was while the mainstream media spent like an entire month doing wall-to-wall coverage about the potential for default. Even Bloomberg was doing that (though to be fair, Bloomberg actually did have people on saying it was impossible). I […]

  • Dr. Peter Navarro: “This is catastrophic economically because we didn’t hit the 2 marks we had to”

    Steve Bannon's War Room - Jun 1st 2023 11:30pm EDT

    Dr. Peter Navarro former director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy under President Trump joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the future of the economy with the McCarthy Biden debt ceiling deal. Bannon and Dr. Navarro agree that McCarthy insisted upon the debt ceiling being pushed nearly 2 years away for political purposes while the […]

  • Asians Launching an Alternative to SWIFT

    Daily Stormer - Jun 1st 2023 4:32am EDT

    The dollar system is on a clock, counting down. Global de-dollarization is going to be a complex and painful process. But the first step is setting up alternate infrastructure. RT: The Asian Clearing Union (ACU) – a nine-member group of central banks including those of India, Pakistan and Iran – has decided to launch a […]

  • BRICS Could Unseat the US Dollar

    Daily Stormer - May 31st 2023 5:00am EDT

    To actually unseat the dollar, there would have to be a legitimate replacement. The only way I can see that happening is if they figured out a way to back currency with gold. Otherwise, I don’t really know what we’re talking about. We also have the issue of all these countries – in particular, China […]

  • “Entire Capitulation”: Rep. Dan Bishop on McCarthy’s “Laughable” Debt Limit Deal with Biden

    Steve Bannon's War Room - May 30th 2023 12:06pm EDT

    Congressman Dan Bishop of North Carolina joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to offer analysis  on McCarthy’s debt ceiling deal with Biden. He says that “glee” from Democrats and the media who are singing McCarthy’s praise signal the loss in this deal for Republicans and the American people. The move from McCarthy is in stark contrast […]

  • IMF Says World Concerned Over Debt Ceiling “Crisis”

    Daily Stormer - May 28th 2023 8:30am EDT

    Kristalina Georgieva spent so much of her life guzzling cock that she lost the ability to close her mouth. She just walks around gaping at everyone and everything. Today, she is gaping at the debt ceiling. Who knows what she will gape at in the morrow? How does everyone in the world not know that […]

  • “Pound the Table”: Russ Vought Warns Debt Limit Deal “Heading in Wrong Direction”

    Steve Bannon's War Room - May 25th 2023 1:27pm EDT

    Russ Vought president of the Center for Renewing America joins Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss and warm Americans about debt ceiling deal happy politicians. He pushes for what he calls “bureaucracy cuts” and talks about going further then a standstill on current spending that McCarthy is leaning towards. Targeting cuts that are tied to […]

  • Immigrants Now Hold Almost 20% of All Jobs in America

    Daily Stormer - May 24th 2023 11:56am EDT

    America isn’t so much a country as it is a cesspit. New York Post: Foreign-born workers made up 18.1% of the US labor force in 2022 — the most in 27 years of recordkeeping, according to a report from the Department of Labor. Immigrants’ record share of the US labor force in 2022 was up […]

  • Yellen’s “False Deadline” | Steve Bannon Demand Yellen Present U.S. Cash Flow for American People

    Steve Bannon's War Room - May 23rd 2023 3:14pm EDT

    Steve Bannon host of War Room unloads on Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen on failing to produce a proper economic blueprint and deadline for the debt ceiling. He reacts to recent remarks from speaker McCarthy and his recent meeting with Joe Biden where no deal was reached. “We need and demand that she come forward […]