• Texas Leads 20 Republican States in Suing Biden Admin Over Migrant Parole Program

    American Renaissance - Jan 25th 2023 12:44pm EST (Archive)

    A coalition of 20 states and a top conservative legal group are suing the Biden administration over its recently expanded humanitarian parole program that allows tens of thousands of migrants from designated countries a month into the U.S., arguing that the program is unlawful. The lawsuit, filed by Texas and America First Legal in the Southern District […]

  • FBI Searches Brandon’s Home, Finds More Secret Documents

    Daily Stormer - Jan 22nd 2023 3:48pm EST (Archive)

    Previously: Brandon is Apparently Going Down This whole story is so contrived. I’m sick of it. Brandon has done so much to hurt this country that it just simply is not fair to let him get off by going down over some document classification rules no one even understands. AP: The FBI searched President Joe Biden’s […]

  • Biden’s State Department Launches ‘Welcome Corps’ that Asks Americans to Help Resettle 125K Refugees in U.S.

    American Renaissance - Jan 21st 2023 12:54pm EST (Archive)

    President Joe Biden’s State Department is launching a “Welcome Corps” program that will ask Americans and green card holders to help resettle refugees across the United States. Last year, the Biden administration announced a massive increase in the annual number of refugees it would try to resettle across American communities. Though the cap is merely a […]

  • Brandon is Apparently Going Down

    Daily Stormer - Jan 20th 2023 4:54pm EST

    NOW – AG Garland appoints special counsel to take over Biden classified documents investigation, says an additional document has been found. pic.twitter.com/NODGQcHPfa — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) January 12, 2023 I haven’t written about it much because it’s all over the mainstream news and it really isn’t very interesting, but the Democrat Party and the Jewstice Department […]

  • A Top U.S. Science Oversight Board Is About to Get Much More Diverse

    American Renaissance - Jan 20th 2023 11:47am EST (Archive)

    The demographic makeup of the presidentially appointed body that oversees the National Science Foundation (NSF) skewed toward white men under former President Donald Trump. But last week, President Joe Biden took a big step toward restoring its previous diversity. On 13 January, Biden announced the pending appointment of seven women and one man for the eight vacancies […]

  • Biden’s DHS Launches App Allowing Migrants to Schedule Appointments at Southern Border for Release into U.S.

    American Renaissance - Jan 18th 2023 6:49pm EST (Archive)

    {snip} This week, DHS officials announced the new component of the CBP One mobile app that will entice foreign nationals living in Mexico who are pregnant, mentally ill, elderly, disabled, homeless, or crime victims to schedule an appointment with CBP agents at the U.S.-Mexico border in the hopes of being released into American communities. Foreign […]

  • Bolden Pronounces “Kamala” Wrong, Apparently

    Daily Stormer - Jan 17th 2023 9:38pm EST

    Biden calls Kamala Harris “Camel-a”pic.twitter.com/sdtlHzqjfp — Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) January 17, 2023 Fake President Jim Bolden falsely pronounced Kamala Harris’ name, apparently. I still don’t really understand how “Kamala” is pronounced, and I actually think it is sick to bully people about how it is pronounced. This bitch releases advertisements lecturing Americans on how to […]

  • The Worst Week Yet: January 8-14, 2023

    Counter Currents - Jan 16th 2023 11:40am EST

    You may not be smart or cultured enough to see that this is a statue depicting Martin Luther King and his wife. 2,974 words First They Called You a White Supremacist, Then They Came for Your Social-Media Posts Despite the fact that she has both the face and the intellect of a hippopotamus, Sheila Jackson-Lee […]

  • Mexican President Celebrates ’40 Million’ Mexicans in the U.S.

    American Renaissance - Jan 12th 2023 9:40am EST (Archive)

    Mexico’s President Andrés Lopez Obrador says 40 million Mexicans are living in the United States. “Just imagine: There are 40 million Mexicans in the United States — 40 million [including people] who were born here in Mexico, [or] who are the children of people who were born in Mexico,” President Andrés Lopez Obrador gushed at a […]

  • You’d Almost Think the “Biden Secret Documents” Story was Drummed-Up by Democrats to Distract Republicans

    Daily Stormer - Jan 11th 2023 3:45am EST (Archive)

    Every major right-wing news site is running the “Joe Biden classified documents scandal” at the top of their pages, and they will be doing this for weeks or years on end. This is at the top of Breitbart: This is what will happen: Republicans will go on and on and on about “this is so […]