• Finding a Fault While Inside of It

    Amerika.org - Oct 3rd 2022 12:02pm EDT (Archive)

    Normal fault-finding — like any diagnosis or debugging — follows a process of elimination that usually happens after something goes catastrophically. When this is not done, faults are designed into the system, meaning to find a fault can be impossible because it is normalized. However, in most cases the things that break form a system. […]

  • Darren Beattie: Biden’s Attack On Southern Memorials Remove The History Americans Fight For

    Steve Bannon's Warroom: Pandemic - Oct 3rd 2022 11:54am EDT (Archive)

    Darren Beattie of Revolver.News talks about his new article entitled “Biden’s War on Southern War Memorials Has Backfired: Have Southern Service Members Had Enough?” and really drills down into how the woke US military is an enemy of the people and of our shared history. The latest outrage is a recommendation to remove a Confederate […]

  • Jair Bolsonaro Survives To Second Round In Brazil

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 3rd 2022 11:04am EDT (Archive)

    Over the past few weeks, the consensus in the media has been that Jair Bolsonaro was finished in Brazil and that Lula da Silva was going to outright win the presidency in a landslide by 15 points. Yesterday, Lula only topped Bolsonaro by 5 points and will have to win the runoff on October 30. […]

  • S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 928 | It Could Only Be Anglo-Saxons

    Jared Howe - Oct 3rd 2022 7:39am EDT (Archive)

    It’s official. Putin’s “special operation” to “denazify Ukraine” has now spiraled into a full-blown blood war on Anglo-Saxons. And while Putin is busy blood-libeling Anglo-Saxons and “the collective west” for what was probably a vodka-inspired fuck-up in the Baltic Sea, some listeners are writing in with text walls to whatabout on the topic of sabotage, […]

  • New York Times: As New Term Starts, Supreme Court Poised to Resume Rightward Push

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 2nd 2022 10:30am EDT (Archive)

    I’m feeling bullish. Last year, I was far too cynical about the Supreme Court. I didn’t think that the 6-3 conservative majority would make much of a difference. As always, I expected John Roberts would prevail in the end and that Roe would be upheld in some face saving decision that preserved Mississippi’s abortion law […]

  • The Dispatch: When Culture Wars Go Way To Far

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 2nd 2022 9:52am EDT (Archive)

    I have a positive view of Christian nationalism. Just look at the “trans” issue. California has become the first sanctuary state for “trans youth” and will strip parents from other states of custody of their own children in order to provide them with “gender-affirming care.” California state courts will assert “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over “trans […]

  • Amerika Will Soon Be An Empire Sans Legions

    Amerika.org - Oct 2nd 2022 7:33am EDT (Archive)

    When the world dials 9-1-1, they may well want to call someone other than the Globalist Americanized Empire (GAE). It’s not that Joe Biden and Lindsay Graham aren’t filled with a bipartisan will. They are each glad to expend somebody else’s children on behalf of a country where the people wouldn’t pee on the United […]

  • Dark Organizations Use Proxies

    Amerika.org - Oct 2nd 2022 7:33am EDT (Archive)

    During the middle ages, warfare in England involved the use of contract armies. The English King would routinely invoke agreements with other parties such as the Irish in conflicts he had with those pesky Scots. This is the use of mercenaries, not a proxy conflict. To have a proxy war, the Irish would appear to […]

  • News (October 1, 2022)

    Amerika.org - Oct 1st 2022 12:30pm EDT

    ~~~ Where do we find ourselves in the timeline of the collapse of Rome 2.0? It seems that the Nordstream pipeline exploded and Putin threatened nuclear war, with most suspecting that he sabotaged the pipeline in order to crash Western economies, destabilize the countries providing weapons to Ukraine, and give himself an excuse to sell […]

  • California Officially Becomes First Sanctuary State For “Trans” Children

    Occidental Dissent - Oct 1st 2022 10:37am EDT (Archive)

    As Vladimir Putin said in his speech yesterday, Western liberals have embraced outright Satanism. He was probably thinking of California Democrats who are leading the charge toward “progress.” National Review: “On Thursday, California governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation that would facilitate child gender-transition tourism from other states. The bill, spearheaded by Democratic state senator Scott Wiener, aims to […]