• NYT Best-Seller: “God, Help Me Hate White People”

    Daily Stormer - Apr 9th 2021 4:00am EDT

    The author At some point, all white people are going to have to deal with the fact that this movement of blacks that has emerged over the past decade is being managed by people who want to kill all of us. The average black person probably doesn’t want to kill all of us, and probably […]

  • In March Alone, 172,000 People Arrested Crossing from Mexico Into the US

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2021 8:20pm EDT

    If 172,000 were apprehended trying to cross the border, then it’s likely that somewhere around a million crossed the border and were not apprehended. The total number of new entries into the country in 2021 is going to end up being between ten and fifteen million. Probably. No one really has any idea. RT: In […]

  • The Media’s Victory Over Trump is Like Andrea Yates’ Victory Over Her Children

    Daily Stormer - Apr 8th 2021 1:22pm EDT

    Remember Andrea Yates? Wikipedia: Andrea Pia Yates (née Kennedy; born July 2, 1964) is a former resident of Houston, Texas, who confessed to drowning her five children in their bathtub on June 20, 2001. She had been suffering for some time from very severe postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis and schizophrenia. She was really sad about killing her children, and missed them dearly. […]

  • Fake President Gives Fake News Conference, Vows Punitive Vaccines

    Daily Stormer - Apr 7th 2021 10:32am EDT

    President Biden said that all U.S. adults should be eligible for Covid-19 vaccines by April 19, but cautioned that the race against the spread of the virus is still not over yet #WSJWhatsNow pic.twitter.com/7lBHpW1is0 — The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) April 7, 2021 Joe Biden did a public event on Monday, something I don’t think […]

  • #GaetzGaet: Gaetz Drama is Maxing Out as the Situation Becomes Comprehensible

    Daily Stormer - Apr 7th 2021 3:55am EDT

    Previously on #GaetzGaet:  Matt Gaetz Investigated for “Underage Sex Trafficking,” Alleges Fed Conspiracy Matt Gaetz: Extortion Claims Seem to Check Out The Gaetz Saga: Accusations of Orgies with Underage Hookers, Iran Hostages, Other Weird Stuff The Matt Gaetz jailbait spy drama is just heating up. As we reported last time, the story now is that […]

  • Biden’s Jew Banker Calls for Global Minimum Tax

    Daily Stormer - Apr 6th 2021 11:16am EDT

    She was going to take the mask off, because she was literally outside, but it got caught on her nose. People can say “oh well, it’s just because of etc. and etc.” But this is nonetheless a call for a global tax scheme, which is the first step of world government. Axios: Janet Yellen will […]

  • Shooter on Military Base in Maryland is Not an Important Story

    Daily Stormer - Apr 6th 2021 10:18am EDT

    We are on scene responding to an active shooter in the 8400 block of Progress Drive. Currently there are two victims and one suspect is down. — Frederick Police (@Fred_MD_Police) April 6, 2021 I think this is an abuse of the “active shooter” headline. If he’s shot and dead, then he isn’t active, is he? […]

  • Fox News Anchor Finally Connects the Frankfurt School to Modern Woke Ideology

    Daily Stormer - Apr 6th 2021 8:20am EDT

    Fox News has a British guy who does the weekend show who is now actually better than Tucker Carlson. Steve Hilton should in fact replace Tucker Carlson, who is now refusing to talk about the problems in our own government and instead shill nonstop for the Biden Administration’s anti-China policy. On Sunday, Hilton discussed the […]

  • “It’s Not Anal Enough” – Experts Weigh in on Collapsing Religion

    Daily Stormer - Apr 5th 2021 10:37am EDT

    Finally, the experts have weighed in on the collapse of religion. The Guardian reports: Fewer than half of Americans belong to a house of worship, a new study shows, but religion – and Christianity in particular – continues to have an outsize influence in US politics, especially because it is declining faster among Democrats than […]

  • FBI Threatens People Who Fake Coronavirus Vaccine Certificate

    Daily Stormer - Apr 5th 2021 3:55am EDT

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a menacing threat against people who would fake a coronavirus vaccine certificate, saying they are breaking federal law. We’ve all seen friends posting their #COVID19 vaccination cards on social media. If you make or buy a fake one to misrepresent your vaccination status, you endanger other people […]

  • Aw Nah, DMX OD’d and He Be Botta Die

    Daily Stormer - Apr 4th 2021 4:51pm EDT

    DMX had a drug overdose this week, and he’s probably going to die. Vulture: DMX remains hospitalized and on life support, Rolling Stone confirmed. Though his attorney, Murray Richman, first told NBC on Saturday evening that DMX was taken off life support and was breathing on his own, Richman later clarified to Rolling Stone that he was “given wrong information.” DMX […]

  • Oakland: Asian News Reporter Goes on Timid Jihad Against Black Police Chief Amidst Wave of Black on Asian Violence

    Daily Stormer - Apr 4th 2021 4:40pm EDT

     There is an Asian news reporter in Oakland, Dion Lim, who is covering the ongoing crisis of black people attacking Asians in California. You can watch her most recent piece in the video above – she shows at least five recent attacks on Asians by blacks, then goes to the black police chief and […]

  • I Miss Trump’s Easter

    Daily Stormer - Apr 4th 2021 2:45pm EDT

    Remember when Donald Trump was President, and it was Easter? Back before the coronavirus hoax? Those were really great times. Great, great times. I’m taking it slow today. It’s Easter. I will publish my Easter sermon in a bit here. And I’ll fill up the rest of the page. Probably will be mostly filler. But […]

  • Atomwaffen Member Gets to Skip Prison Because He’s a Tranny

    Daily Stormer - Apr 3rd 2021 5:25pm EDT

    There is an insane pattern of the mainstream Jewish media of admitting that so-called “far-right” groups are run by the federal government, and then just acting like that information was never admitted, and continuing to report on them as if they are organic groups. The media admitted that both groups that are charged with “conspiracy” […]

  • CNN Fears Americans May “Enjoy Freedoms” Without Getting Fake Vaccine

    Daily Stormer - Apr 3rd 2021 2:06pm EDT

    “If everything is reopened, … how are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine? The CDC and the Biden administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say if you’re vaccinated you can do all these things, here are all these freedoms that you can have.” pic.twitter.com/EqWwUowgns — Tara LaRosa (@TaraLaRosa) […]

  • Officials: Border Crossings in March are “Highest in 15 Years,” Agents are Overwhelmed

    Daily Stormer - Apr 3rd 2021 1:30pm EDT

    The invaders are pouring in like rain from the sky. No one should really believe “highest in 15 years.” Seems more likely that these numbers are “the highest ever in history.” We don’t have any way of knowing, because there is a news blackout. Houston Chronicle: Preliminary enforcement data for March confirms what border officials […]

  • Black Gate-Crasher is Nation of Islam – So More Censorship, Of Course

    Daily Stormer - Apr 3rd 2021 3:30am EDT

    They said it was a white supremacist. It appears it was actually a black supremacist. New York Post: The driver who killed a US Capitol cop before he was gunned down by police is a Nation of Islam devotee from Indiana, according to reports and his social media. Noah Green, 25, who may have been […]

  • Florida Man Receives World Record for Watching The Avengers 191 Times

    Daily Stormer - Mar 31st 2021 11:36am EDT

    I’m Officially Amazing!!! A @GWR Title Holder for “The Most Cinema Productions Attended – Same Film”With 191 times seen #AvengersEndgame .#Marvel @Russo_Brothers #TigreVengador @ChrisEvans @Kevfeige @RobertDowneyJr @MarkRuffalo @karengillan @jimmyfallon #Tigres @CinePREMIERE https://t.co/FxdA6Fh7Vt pic.twitter.com/ZgRNg517SK — Agustin Alanis (@agalanis17) March 17, 2021 There is good, there is great, and then there is amazing. Ramiro Alanis is the […]

  • Ted Cruz: “Democrats are the Real Child-Cagers”

    Daily Stormer - Mar 30th 2021 8:20pm EDT

    The Democrats are hypocrites, and it is fair enough for right-wing politicians and pundits to point out that they don’t follow the moral code they claim to follow. However, there is a difference between pointing out that the left doesn’t really follow its own morals, and embracing the morals of the left. Ted Cruz is […]

  • Kids’ Mental Health Suffers Because of Lockdown’s Virtual Classes, CDC Reports

    Daily Stormer - Mar 30th 2021 2:56pm EDT

    “All of your friends are on the other side of the screen.” No one seems to be particularly concerned about the obviously life-long affects that this lockdown is going to have on the children being raised in it. We are looking at a generation of neurotic, broken, mentally ill people. We’ve sacrificed these kids because […]

  • Biden Tells SCOTUS to Let Cops Enter People’s Homes and Take Their Guns with No Warrant

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2021 1:44pm EDT

    Joe Biden is endorsing full rights of police to go into your home without a warrant and just steal your guns, without even charging you with a crime, under the premise of safety. They’re just doing everything you don’t want. Forbes: A U.S. Supreme Court case that could dramatically expand the ability of police to […]

  • 666: WaPo Finally Admits “Vaccine Passport” Coming to America, Will Determine Rights

    Daily Stormer - Mar 29th 2021 3:07am EDT

    The mainstream media has finally decided to admit the obvious: the coronavirus vaccines are going to be linked to an electronic database that is linked to a QR code based “vaccine passport” that you will need participate in society. It was obvious that this was coming to America at some point, given that a single […]

  • Birx Says Hitler-Like Trump Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of Coronavirus Deaths

    Daily Stormer - Mar 28th 2021 4:19pm EDT

    As everyone knows, Donald Trump is the new Adolf Hitler. As most people know, Hitler was falsely blamed for a mass murder that didn’t actually happen in real life. In keeping with this, Donald Trump now has to be blamed for a bunch of fake deaths. NBC News: Deborah Birx, who served as White House coronavirus response […]

  • Ohio: Weird Crisis Actor Chinaman Gives BLM Style Victim Speech

    Daily Stormer - Mar 28th 2021 4:15am EDT

    Lee Wong, an elected official in West Chester, Ohio & @USArmy veteran with 20-years of service, took his shirt off during a town hall meeting on Wednesday and revealed scars he received during his service. “Is this patriot enough?” he asked #StopAsianHate https://t.co/3nCwTlVGxD pic.twitter.com/0R1TX3MTtp — James LaPorta (@JimLaPorta) March 26, 2021 In one of the […]

  • US Military Poisons Americans With Indestructible Toxic Chemical Linked to Infertility and Cancers

    Daily Stormer - Mar 27th 2021 1:44pm EDT

    Everyone will be turned into a mutant soon enough. One thing that everyone needs to understand about the government is that their primary concern is the health of the population. They care so much about our health, that they were willing to completely destroy our economy, and strip us of all our rights, in order […]