• Oklahoma: “Nonbinary” Girl Beat to Death in the School Bathroom

    Daily Stormer - Feb 21st 2024 12:18am EST

    Pretty girl, really. I mean. Passable. She coulda been somebody’s wife. Protip: if you don’t act like a freak, no one is going to beat you to death in the school bathroom. It’s an important life lesson. Another cool lifehack is that if you’re gonna try some shit like this, don’t do it in Oklahoma. […]

  • Worst Korea’s Biggest Protestant Church Devises Foolproof Plan to Increase the Birth Rate

    Daily Stormer - Feb 16th 2024 3:25am EST

    This is their main Church South Korea is run by bizarre protestant cults. Even their feminist movement is some kind of cult. These people are really into cults. Then they have the nerve to insult the wholesome North Koreans for a family-values based communist system. However, raising the birthrate is a noble cause. However, it […]

  • Chad Costner Posts Picture of Puppy on Valentine’s Day

    Daily Stormer - Feb 15th 2024 4:26am EST

    I see a lot of faggots and retards complaining about not having a girlfriend. Is there anything more gay? Kevin Costner, who is experiencing a massive career renaissance in his 60s, starring in one of the most popular shows on TV, Yellowstone, was recently divorced by his whore wife. They were married for 18 years, […]

  • Game 101, Part 1

    Counter Currents - Feb 13th 2024 6:47pm EST

    2,656 words Part 1 of 2 Ovid was the world’s first pickup artist to share his secrets about the art of love, which he did in flowery Latin verse. This classic from 2 AD was one-of-a-kind for ages. Then, in 1970, Eric Weber’s groundbreaking book emerged: How to Pick Up Girls! This was the first […]

  • NYC: Female Teacher Caught Giving Cash to Student After Entering Private Bathroom Together

    Daily Stormer - Feb 11th 2024 9:07pm EST

    Shoshana Leffler in 2008 Was this bitch buying drugs? Or paying for sex? Honestly, I don’t even really care and I’m getting sick of these “slut teacher” stories. New York Post: A former prodigy at the prestigious Bronx High School of Science who went on to become a city chemistry teacher resigned last year after […]

  • Florida: Private Christian School Expels Children of Woman Who Promoted OnlyFans Account on Her Car

    Daily Stormer - Feb 11th 2024 8:00pm EST

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the only reason they did this was because the media coverage was bearing down on them, making them look deranged for allowing this to happen. ABC 7: A Florida mom is speaking out after she says a Florida private school expelled two children over a decal […]

  • Why I Never Gave Up on Women

    Counter Currents - Feb 11th 2024 11:38am EST

    38 words / 10:14 Jim Goad has produced a short film to accompany his latest essay, “Why I Never Gave Up on Women,” on why he never gave up despite all the challenges and pitfalls he’s been through with them. See below. https://counter-currents.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/Goad-WhyINeverGaveUpOnWomen.mp4

  • PETA Wants to Ban Fake Animals from Amusement Rides

    Daily Stormer - Feb 8th 2024 10:00pm EST

    There are a lot of people who think animals should be treated fairly. I would say that is the overwhelming majority of people. Most people would also prefer their food animals be better treated because better-treated animals are safer to eat. However, the number one group defending so-called “animal rights” is a bunch of nagging […]

  • Why I Never Gave Up on Women

    Counter Currents - Feb 8th 2024 12:11pm EST

    1,550 words / 10:07 As a man who was born with ample cognitive aptitude but almost zero wisdom, it’s taken me several decades to realize what in life is worth fighting for, what’s worth getting upset about, what I truly need, and what only gets in the way of my needs. My dad drank a […]

  • France: Director Getting Metooed for “Raping” Woman for 6 Years Almost 4 Decades Ago

    Daily Stormer - Feb 8th 2024 6:14am EST

    Benoit Jacquot and his victim, the Jewess Judith Godrèche. This picture was taken while he was raping her. Women are very empowered these days. Except when they’re not. When they’re not empowered, they are helpless victims, who are totally incapable of making decisions, and have all of their behavior shaped by men against their will. […]

  • France: Study Finds People Not Having Sex Anymore

    Daily Stormer - Feb 8th 2024 5:00am EST

    No white people are having sex anymore, including the French. It’s key to the collective racial death of white people. Daily Mail: France’s reputation as a nation of lovers is so renowned that they even have a kiss named after them. But research suggests the country is going through something of a dry spell – […]

  • Pakistan: Based Moslems Ban Millions of S**ts from Voting

    Daily Stormer - Feb 7th 2024 9:50am EST

      SCMP: Perched on her traditional charpai bed, Naeem Kausir says she would like to vote in Pakistan’s coming election – if only the men in her family would let her. Like all the women in her town, the 60-year-old former principal and her seven daughters – six already university educated – are forbidden from […]

  • Ireland: 11 Arrested After Anti-Invader March in Dublin

    Daily Stormer - Feb 7th 2024 1:00am EST

    The pro-invasion protest was a lot smaller than the anti-invasion one, but you wouldn’t know it from the footage Eyyyyy. The Irish are going HARD. We’ve had enough of this shit. Irish Times: There was a large turnout of gardaí, including members of the public order unit, to police an anti-immigration march in Dublin on […]

  • UK: Football Club Bans Lesbian for Opposing Trannies on the Internet

    Daily Stormer - Feb 6th 2024 12:20am EST

    Linzi Smith, lesbian TERF Whether or not the right-wing should be allying with lesbians against trannies is not really an important question at all. The issue here is the question of how it is possible for a football club to be engaged in an intelligence operation against its own fans. What is the purpose of […]

  • Women Brought This on Themselves, Frankly

    Daily Stormer - Feb 5th 2024 6:34am EST

    One of the most important parts of the AI revolution is that it is going to make women absolutely obsolete. We’re a bit of a ways from actual physical robots, but that is really irrelevant. Remember in Blade Runner 2? The AI GF had no physical body. You don’t really need the physical body, if […]

  • Dad Spent Fortune in Court After Ex-Wife Turned 3-Year-Old Son Into a Tranny

    Daily Stormer - Feb 5th 2024 3:44am EST

    Dennis Hannon with his son. You must always remember: no matter what a woman says to you, no matter what you think she feels (or what she thinks she feels), no matter how much you love her, she can turn on you, and come after you with extreme sadism. There is obviously no statistical data […]

  • Canada: Women’s Volleyball Team with 3 Trannies Beats Team with Just 2 Trannies

    Daily Stormer - Feb 2nd 2024 7:19am EST

    You have to max out your trannies, or you’re going to lose. The team with the most trannies wins any women’s sports match. Literally, an entire team can be carried by just one tranny, in any team sport, because men are so much better than women at literally everything. If these sluts wanted to beat […]

  • Catholic University Invites “Abortion Doula” to Teach Students About “Pregnant Men”

    Daily Stormer - Jan 31st 2024 4:27am EST

    Rachel Carbonneau, abortion doula It just keeps getting worse. The Pope should really… oh, wait. Never mind. Life Site News: One of United States’ most recognizable institutions of Catholic learning has egg on its face after a self-described pro-LGBT “abortion doula” spoke at one of its classes apparently without authorization. Last week, The Daily Signal […]

  • NJ: Female Teacher Who “Had Sex” With Female Student Gets Slap on the Wrist

    Daily Stormer - Jan 29th 2024 10:00pm EST

    Christine Knudsen Maybe this is an admission that lesbianism cannot result in “sex”? New York Post: A New Jersey teacher who had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student evaded prison time last week after her former students sent letters of support to the court ahead of her sentencing. Ex-Fair Lawn High School graphics […]

  • After Democrats Start Three Different Wars, They Continue to Say Everything is About Abortion

    Daily Stormer - Jan 29th 2024 6:21am EST

    The GOP is on an abortion ban binge. They don’t care who they hurt along the way. It’s disgraceful. pic.twitter.com/EkuPHp6nJe — Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) January 27, 2024 Abortion should obviously be illegal and so on. However, it is very odd that this is the center issue of American politics, both parties taking the most extreme […]

  • Australia: Women and Non-Whites Protest National Day, Attack Monuments

    Daily Stormer - Jan 28th 2024 2:58am EST

    It’s bedlam on the streets of every white country! The white women have allied with the invading army of foreign brown people, and they’re going to start killing us VERY SOON!!! Nah, I mean. It’s cool. I don’t know when the killing is going to start or how bad it will get. But this is […]

  • UPDATE: Vince McMahon Forced Out of WWE After Accusations of Pooping on a Hooker’s Head

    Daily Stormer - Jan 27th 2024 1:12am EST

    UPDATE:  Holy shit. New York Post: Vince McMahon announced Friday he is stepping down from his position as executive chairman of WWE-parent TKO Group Holdings amid the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the wrestling world. According to Deadline, McMahon denied the allegations of a the lawsuit that was filed against him Thursday that accused […]

  • Civil War, Political Divide Between Men & Women, Ben Shapiro’s Cringe Rap Video – FF Ep244

    Red Ice TV - Jan 26th 2024 12:00pm EST

    Henrik and Lana cover some of the latest news in Flashback Friday January 26, 2024. This is the audio version of the show. If you want to watch the video version go here. We have RSS/Podcast feeds available here. Sign up for a membership at redicemembers.com or odysee.com/@redicetvor subscribestar.com/redice or redicetv.locals.com. Get full access to our extensive archives, watch or listen to all our shows. Stream […]

  • France: Constitutional Court Waters Down “Hardline” Immigration Bill

    Daily Stormer - Jan 26th 2024 6:07am EST

    The majority of the French, and probably most of the immigrants as well, think immigration needs to be shut down. But of course, France is a democracy, so a tiny minority of Jewish influencers in the court system are able to totally override the masses and force immigrants down their throat. You might think that […]

  • That B***h Who Murdered Her Boyfriend Sentenced to Two Years Probation

    Daily Stormer - Jan 25th 2024 12:21am EST

    Bryn Spejcher Women live their entire lives on tutorial mode. They can literally just go around stabbing people, and face virtually zero consequences. It wouldn’t be so outrageous if they didn’t constantly complain about how hard their lives are, and how they are such victims. That complaining really just makes men want to rape them […]