• URGENT: Bill Gates, the world’s most dangerous centi-billionaire, proves he has learned NOTHING from the last three years

    Alex Berenson - Mar 20th 2023 7:47pm EDT

    Bill Gates is becoming a menace. He will not leave us alone. And he’s learned all the wrong lessons from Covid. At this point he is worse than merely clueless. As one of the world’s 10 richest men and controller of a $50 billion charitable honeypot, Gates has the power to drive public health policy […]

  • Please stop with the raccoon dogs

    Alex Berenson - Mar 17th 2023 11:48am EDT

    Last night, The Atlantic – of course it was The Atlantic – had BREAKING NEWS! And by BREAKING NEWS I mean yet another migraine-inducing story purporting to show that Sars-Cov-2 emerged naturally, rather than leaking from a lab. Before we get to the story, which takes about two seconds to debunk, it’s worth nothing that […]

  • Get yer free signed first edition of PANDEMIA*

    Alex Berenson - Mar 17th 2023 10:12am EDT

    I got caught up sending all the signed copies of Pandemia and Tell Your Children I owed folks, which means it’s time for me to remind you – If you are a founding member and would like one, please email me your address at signedpandemiacopy@gmail.com and I’ll mail one. It may take a couple weeks, […]

  • Capitalism, except for the capitalists

    Alex Berenson - Mar 16th 2023 4:13pm EDT

    Back to the banks. For a few hours on Sunday, they fooled me. At 6:15 p.m. Sunday, the government and Federal Reserve announced they would guarantee all deposits at the two big banks they’d closed, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank – removing the $250,000 limit on insured accounts to help prevent a bank run. […]

  • Covid: my struggle*

    Alex Berenson - Mar 15th 2023 2:12pm EDT

    Funny story about me and Covid: for the longest time, I didn’t seem to be able to get it. As I mentioned in PANDEMIA, I thought I had it at the very beginning, in March 2020. I went to a crowded party in Brooklyn and felt awful for about the next 10 days. But the […]

  • Berenson v. Biden is coming very soon

    Alex Berenson - Mar 14th 2023 10:10am EDT

    We will be filing in the Second Circuit. Obviously, New York is a very blue state, but Knight Foundation v. Trump is my new favorite decision. And Judge William Alsup was a Clinton appointee, and he gave us a huge win in Berenson v. Twitter. (I’d sign up for Alsup again any day – too […]

  • On bank runs, mRNAs, and existential risk

    Alex Berenson - Mar 11th 2023 9:43am EST

    On Thursday morning, Silicon Valley Bank was one of the 20 largest American banks, a solid, profitable financial institution with a market capitalization of over $15 billion. A day later it was gone. California and federal regulators closed Silicon Valley and seized its assets Friday morning, after a stunning bank run that threatens to spread. […]

  • Great piece from the Bad Cat

    Alex Berenson - Mar 10th 2023 10:12am EST

    I don’t agree with every detail, but his big takeaway – that we have VASTLY overstated the threat of a potential flu or coronavirus pandemic – is entirely correct. And by we, I mean the people whose careers depend on either chasing or “solving” the threat. Well worth your time. bad cattitude the greatest lie […]

  • And back to the potential perils of artificial intelligence…

    Alex Berenson - Mar 8th 2023 5:15pm EST

    The emails continue to flow after Monday’s pieces on ChatGPT and Bing, including this take, on the link between consciousness and conscience and why intelligence can exist without either. It’s fascinating, frightening and worthy of your time. I wanted to offer that, as I see it, intelligence does not equal consciousness. When we say “artificial […]

  • The China syndrome

    Alex Berenson - Mar 8th 2023 11:58am EST

    The mRNA Covid jabs just suffered their most devastating takedown yet. And they weren’t even being used. — Remember how China ended its lockdowns in December and Omicron ripped through megacities like Beiijng, causing hospitals to collapse and killing millions of people? How China begged the United States to deliver planeloads of mRNA shots overnight […]